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  1. Good evening! Exactly, I'd like to have him on my health insurance since he's not yet earning. Is that possible if we don't live at the same address?    Thanks for the replies!
  2. No, we will be registered at different addresses. Unfortunately, due to living situation it's not possible that he registers where I'm currently living.
  3. Hello TT community,   I'd like to ask for your help on the following topic:   I'm an EU citizen and my husband is non EU. I'm already living and working in Germany and now he would also come to live here, but in a different city. We'd like to get the residence permit sorted out, as well as have him on my health insurance.   For the record, we've been married for several years and previously lived together in Germany and he got a 5y residence (which expired).   Is there any issue that we now live in different cities? Where would he have to apply for the residence? Do we both need to be present?   Thanks so much for reading this and for any advice on the situation!   Peace & love!