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  1. Applying for Arbeitslösungeld II without Rentenversicherungs?

    Here is a video (in English) describing the process. If there is a box to cross if you don't know your RV number yet (3.29 mins), I guess they know this is an issue.
  2. Applying for Arbeitslösungeld II without Rentenversicherungs?

    I can't really help you I'm afraid but they are asking for your RV number because that will paid for you by them while you are still claiming. They ask you for money that you don't have now but they might want it backdated after you get on your feet again. If this is your only option (and it seems like it is), your best bet is just to come clean. In my experience, the German authorities (at least here in Berlin- and in my experience) are usually willing to work with people to find a solution. I doubt it will to you from being able to claim.    I'm sorry I  can'T be of more help but good luck and I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. 
  3. @OpRez I'm sorry you are in this very difficult situation. I'm afraid I can't help but I can tell you they were tracking IP addresses. When I applied, I was having problems with my router. It would just drop them come back on again a few minutes later. Every time it can back on- I was still in the same place in the waiting line so they must have been tracking the IP. I hope you hear from the IBB soon.    I can't help with the ALG II either. I just know they are very strict (understandably). They are supposed to have made it a bit easier in these COVID times. Here is some info in English if it help.
  4. Receiving Corona Aid on Freelance Visa

    According to this website- no. Scroll down to the very bottom.