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  1. @OpRez I'm sorry you are in this very difficult situation. I'm afraid I can't help but I can tell you they were tracking IP addresses. When I applied, I was having problems with my router. It would just drop them come back on again a few minutes later. Every time it can back on- I was still in the same place in the waiting line so they must have been tracking the IP. I hope you hear from the IBB soon.    I can't help with the ALG II either. I just know they are very strict (understandably). They are supposed to have made it a bit easier in these COVID times. Here is some info in English if it help.
  2. Receiving Corona Aid on Freelance Visa

    According to this website- no. Scroll down to the very bottom.
  3. The Burgeramt can certify your passport at a much cheaper rate than a notary- 5 Euro per document as opposed to the ca. 20-40 Euro from a notary.   No one will certify a utility bill, however, as it is a print out and not an original copy of something with a stamp and signature. (Or something like that) I ran into this problem last year. I'm guessing the UK is asking for a utility bill as proof of address (It was a UK company asking me too) which works there but not here. I eventually got them to accept my Anmeldungsbescheinigung (and I didn't need to have it translated either) as proof of address- which you can also have certified at the BA cheaply.    Sorry about your father. It must be hard.