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  1. Hi everyone,   Time: From Monday 27th of May until the 29th of May.   Location: Frankfurt am Main.   Organizer: DGB Bildungswerk Hessen e.V.   Cost: 100% free, includes free coffee and free lunch (compliments of Land Hessen).   Seminar Name: So funktioniert Deutschland   Link: I am not sure if it’s allowed to post link here. You could easily google the organizer and on their main page click on Bildungsurlaube im Rahmen des Projekts "Demokratie braucht politische Bildung" The name of the Seminar is: "So funktioniert Deutschland - Nützliches Wissen und Tipps für den Alltag“ You can register online.   As a foreigner and a public servant, I will be sharing some basic information about the German government and some tips how to deal with the bureaucracy. I have attached flyer, however feel free to call DGB Bildungswerk Hessen e.V. if you have any questions.