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  1. Bike locked up

    Thank you so much! Will do. One question though, is it certain that the train station management doesn't do this, like at all? I was just wondering if it was locked due to being abandoned for more than 2 weeks.
  2. Bike locked up

    The thing is, we don't have purchase receipts as we bought them second hand. Does having the keys to the lock prove anything? (The bike lock we used to bind the bikes to the metal bar) Oh, we also have photos with the bikes from last month so...
  3. Bike locked up

    Oh no! I've seen other bikes there too with the same lock. Has anyone experienced this too? Can the bahnhof employees do anything to help me?
  4. Bike locked up

    Hi I've been living here in Germany for 7 months now and been a long time lurker here in the forums. On 01.05. my roommate and I went to Offenburg to meet some friends. Since we don't have a car yet, we went to the train station by bike and parked them at the Fahrradparkplatz. Later that night, as we arrived at the station and ready to get the bikes, I realized I left the keys at my friend's flat! I didn't get the keys back until more than 2 weeks later. Yesterday, when I was ready to get the bikes back, I noticed that the rear wheels were locked. Since it was already late there were no more Bahnhof employees around to ask. Now I'm not sure what to do. Do i need to pay some fine for leaving the bikes there for a long time?