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  1.   That's actually an interesting idea. Not sure if they'd go for it, but it could be worth a shot.
  2. Thanks for the responses. That sounds horrible. Is there anywhere that would offer advice for free? I'm from the UK so have no idea where to look and she's a student with essentially no income other than Bafog. Surely we could contest this with her not being in the country for a year to receive any letters. 
  3. Hi   I've had a good look through the forums here and have seen a lot of posts about Waldorf Frommer but I couldn't really see any that are exactly the same. My friend received this letter recently (attached). She has previously received other letters from WF but has ignored them and since she's been out of the country for a year she didn't see a letter about going to court. From my understanding it seems like they've taken the case to court and it's been decided on, but I'm not sure if that's true. The part which is worrying is the "die gerechtliche Auseinandersetzung wurde abgeschlossen".   Can anyone advise on if and how we should respond? If she ignores this letter will it become a criminal case or will they forcefully take the money from her account? It's got us both really worried. Is this just further scare tactics?   If I'm posting this in the wrong area please let me know, I'm new to the forum.    Thanks, John.