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  1. Ikea gas hob

    What type of gas is used in Germany?  And yeah in India and Europe no difference in volts..  I looked for online and adapter is available..  Is there any thing need to checked regarding gas flow in pipes attached to stove? 
  2. Ikea gas hob

    Any info needed to answer my query? Thanks everyone.. 
  3. Ikea gas hob

    Its connected to (Liquefied petroleum gas) type of gas
  4. Ikea gas hob

    I am very sorry.. Here are all details.. I am planning to take it to India.. Its eldslaga 5 burner gashob... Just a adapter will work? Or there any other complication to take into mind before buying it?  And moreover this hob is not available in IKEA in India..   Its not fixed connection... The gas cylinder is replaced by a authorised company once it becomes empty..  Moreover its connected to liquid petroleum gas LPG.. 
  5. Ikea gas hob

    I am planning to buy eldslaga 5 burner gas hob not camping stove..   
  6. Ikea gas hob

    Does German gashob works in other countries? 
  7. I just want to know whether gashob bought in Germany works in other countries? 

  8. Hi everyone