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  1. Thank you for the positive words. I will soon visit my house doctor and get the paper from her for the cardiologist.
  2. I had physical job in the past but currently I do computer related stuff which sometimes is stressful and involves a lot of sitting.
  3. I will disucuss this with my house doctor because she checked my back and told me your left side is a bit weaker than the right side. But to my surprise she did not recommended anything which I will discuss with her in the next appointment. 
  4. Thank you for the replies. I will soon visit my house doctor again and will ask about a cardiologist so that I can take the appointment. The reason why I posted here because I am an international student here I can not disucss this with my family they will not let me stay here and will say just leave your studies and come back. So I wanted to know if someone had similar issue and what they did which will help me too. Also I am new to the German health system my house doctor told me when she did the ekg that you will not get the appointment of cardiologist in a year in Bamberg so it's better to look in other cities.
  5. Hello everyone,   A few weeks ago I went to my house doctor for my checkup. I had a dull chest pain which I was experiencing a few times a week which is attached to my emotional behaviour. I wanted to know if I have any heart related problems. The doctor did an ekg and she told me that you have left ventricular hypertrophy which means that my left heart chamber is bigget then the right heart chamber which made me quite worried. She told me that maybe the ekg is not correct becuase sometimes it can be incorrect so you should go and visit a cardiologist. She did not gave me any medicine as I was quite worried and my pain was not reducing I went to the klinikum and told them about problem. They again did the ekg and some other test and after a few hours and told me that you have no heart problem. Maybe its your muscles or something like that. I told them that it's related to my emotional behaviour in return they told me just relax and don't take too much stress. It's been a few weeks now I sometimes still have the same dull pain and with my left hand too. I am still quite worried and planning to visit a cardiologist. Anyone here have experienced the same or have some sort of knowledge I have my test reports I can share them too. The pain is often associated with stress at work or when I am exited. It's not a huge pain but it's a dull one which you can differentiate.   Thank you
  6. sorry but i still have not got the answer which will clear my confusion. As i am a student i can work upto 20 hours per week but as my 1st job is a mini job i only work 45 hours per month so i still have 35 hours left. And the for second job i only work 20 to 30 hours per month. I want to know that the 20% amount that is deducted from my salary is the correct amount? Because i don't work more than 80 hours per month.    
  7. But i already pay my health insurance every month. And many of my friends are doing jobs like this but there deductions amount to 10 percent not 20 percent like me.
  8. Hello, Sorry if this question was asked before. I am a international student studying in Bamberg currently i have a mini job of 450 with that i am doing another side job but every month i receive my payment 35 percent tax is deducted from it which i believe is too much. Please if anyone have the correct information and give me an answer so that i can tell my employer to correct it. I have attached the payment slip below. Thank you