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  1. Hi there, I'm writing to follow up with similar questions about the sale of a residential property in the US. I've consulted a German tax accountant, but I'm not sure if his information is correct. Here is the info:   -I'm a US citizen, but tax resident in Germany, where I'm currently residing. -I co-own a flat with my mother in the United States. We've owned it for more than ten years and it has only ever been used as a residential property either by myself or my mother. My mother currently lives there, and has been living there since my move to Germany. -My mother wants to sell the flat. We will pay some taxes in the US if we sell. BUT, as I am co-owner residing in Germany, I'm trying to understand my tax liability in Germany, as there will be profit from the sale of the flat. -A German tax accountant told me that if we sell, we would have to pay 6% real estate tax (on the total real estate value of the flat), IN GERMANY, given that I am tax resident here. This, however, seems strange to me, given that the flat is located in the United States, and we are already paying taxes for the sale there. It may be that the sale affects my progression tax in Germany (based on other posts I've read by @PandaMunich elsewhere).   Any advice, especially as you seem to be the expert on this topic, @PandaMunich would be hugely appreciated!