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  1. Non-EU Student pregnant with a German father

    No no..Am not bothered okay 
  2. Hi,

    I have a question. I am in maternity leave until 2020 but the problem that i would like to go back to work on sept but I will not able to manage my life and my baby i have no one in Germany and he has no place in the kita!, my work is 40 km away and i dont know where to leave my baby, I absolutly have no choice. I thought that I have to find a new job where I live, the issues that i dont want to cancel my contract by my own because i will have the 3 months of sperre. I wan thinking if i can suggest aufhebungsvertrag to my boss?

  3. Non-EU Student pregnant with a German father

    I know right..Because the people I know are in the illegal status who gained this benefits but since an a student everything is confusing and it seems the Ausländer are not open to us after we had an appointment with them..
  4. Non-EU Student pregnant with a German father

    Just confused and asking people who know my situation but it seem new to people and we have been to Donum Vitae counseling and they also saying different thing all together..We wait on your appointment then we book an appointment at Jugendamt too..Thanks 
  5. Non-EU Student pregnant with a German father

    I suggested we see a lawyer but he doesn’t agree with that fact simply because it’s expensive and am not illegal..I think i will go for a lawyer consultation alone and see how to go about that..We also booked an appointment at Caritas so we wait on them too for a reply..Thanks soo much
  6. Non-EU Student pregnant with a German father

    Okay thanks..Will do exactly that
  7. Hello everyone..Am from a Non-EU country who came with a student visa and currently pregnant with a German man.We broke up before I realized I was pregnant so he then lives with his new girlfriend now whiles I still study and live in a student Wohnheim..I have got more than a year for my Aufenthaltserlaubnis to expire..Now back to my problem  Having the baby in the state where I study is not where I really want to be anymore because I don’t want my baby to come in between them at that youngest age..He has agreed to let me go to where I got my family members so they can help me out.  Secondly i got a mini job doing which I don’t know what happens when I deliver the baby in another state.. Am I qualified for any benefits and also what happens to my Aufenthaltserlaubnis after I have the baby because am still on Paragraph 16 which means I don’t qualify for any benefits..My baby father is been supportive but he doesn’t know much of all these because he’s a 1st time father  please help me because am confused..Sorry for the long message