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  1. Is Quentin Blake still good school?

    Now I get it 
  2. Is Quentin Blake still good school?

    @Kriegis there someplace I can check the average AFAIK scores for each primary school? 
  3. Is Quentin Blake still good school?

    @anzuthanks for your first hand experience sharing, which give me more confidence to choose QB!
  4. Hello, everyone, Quentin Blake School offer my 9-years-old son a place at 5th grade if he can pass the English exam. I searched for the reputation of QB. It seems like quite good before 2014. Then, complaints started, especially for the teachers of grade 5 and 6. Even some bulling stories... Some disagreement argued that it was because QB began to give scores at grade 5, which made both the students and parents nervous. The latest comment was around Dec of 2016. It would be great if anyone knows 'what is new' at QB, especially for 2018 and 2019? Does the new principle manage to turn it back?  High appreciated for your sharing.