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  1. How do I go about employing someone as a midi job?

    Thank you both so much! Looking into Lohnburos...
  2. The situation is this: I am an EU citizen, currently registered in Berlin, and I would like to hire a friend (also an EU citizen, not here yet) to help me with a project. And I would like to do this as legally as possible.I know I have three options:-- Giving him a minijob, which seems rather trivial to set up, from what I have read online. The problem with this is that I would like to pay him more than 450EUR (maybe 600EUR).-- Asking him to become self-employed, which is also well-described online. The problem with this is that (I think) he would need to get private health insurance, which can get pricey (he has a pre-existing health condition).-- Giving him a midijob. This sounds ideal, but I cannot find any guides to the process of hiring someone. (I know I will need to make extra payments on top of the salary, of various kinds, and have even found calculators -- but no idea as to where/when to send the money. Also, don't I need to register the employment contract somewhere?)I would welcome any information, advice, links to documents! I can read German pretty comfortably, but (clearly) lack the correct vocabulary to do the right internet search.Maria