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  1. DHL sent my package back

    similar idea, i had a package arrive the day i left for vacation. As such it waited at the post office for 7 days and then was returned to sender. I actually don't know what it was and love to know what it was to attempt to get it back.  Does anyone know a way i can track the package that was returned to sender?
  2. Job ending and looking for advice

    I have heard examples like this countless times, this is why i need my qualifications recognised and beef up my conversational german
  3. Job ending and looking for advice

    My German is quite spotty, i have not been doing any formal testing or classes. But i had heard that they will do anerkennung with a B2 rather than a C2 which i think will take me many years
  4. So I've been in germany now for three years. I've worked full time at two different international schools, one for one year and the other for two years. Quite soon my contract will finish and i have been unsuccessful at getting another. I have three questions:   1. I have had a residence card/sticker that was dependent on my job. Will i be allowed to stay for a longer period whilst i look for another job? 2. I have applied for ALG1 (online), am i likely to get it? i was hoping to use the time on ALG1 to boost my german language skills by completing intensive courses, will that be allowed or dare i say it paid for? 3. I do have a joint bachelor degree in Education and Mathematical Sciences from Australia and am a registered fully qualified teacher there, what is the anerkennung process like? and am i likely to be able to complete it without and more study or observations?   My girlfriend is a teacher here, having finished her referendariat and nearly her finished herprobezeit, so i dont really want to be forced back out of the country.   What are my options?