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  1. Hi all of you new & old to Munich,    we're starting a new Munich Night bike tour and are running a free session Wednesday 11th at 17:30, just to give it a test ride. The weather should be better by Wednesday, so it'll be a nice way to welcome back the sunshine.    If you wanted to bring yourself or bring your friends, or bring your friends of friends, you'd all be most welcome. Please fill out the form below to join the group!   https://forms.gle/bwZwCjDYtkKTsYx47   ...or you can call me on 089 23 88 87 98 to make your booking, which is also totally fine.    Maximum 15 guests in the group. Normally the tour costs €32 per person, but it's free for you, because we like you a lot.    To see what the tour entails, here's a link: https://www.fattiretours.com/munich/tours/night-bike-tour   It'll be fun, do come!