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  1. Hello dear community,   My partner and myself wish to start a family here in Germany. We arrived over a year and a half ago and we like our life here: I work as a full time and she is a registered self employed auto entrepreneur.   We don’t know many couples with children that we could ask advice to, and we are reading articles on the internet which sometimes contradict each other.   My partner registered her business earlier this year, and will declare for the first time her income at the end of this year.   We were wondering if for a case like hers there is some parental benefits. This article looks like it is answering some of our questions: https://www.germanguide4u.com/parental-benefit/   According to this article, it says financial support (67% of salary) can be available based on salaries from the last 12 months. It also says it’s available for self employed person, which by default don’t really have an employee status. As she has started her business recently, she would have been declaring her first year as self employed by the time we become a family.   Does this tax declaration this upcoming December as a self employed/small business count as the required 12 months of activity mentioned above? If so then does that mean she qualifies for some financial support (which will most definitely be the minimum: 300euros)?   I also wonder how the article mention Elterngeld as a 3 month allowance, while later the article says it’s 14 months that can be split between both parents.   I finally have questions regarding self employment specificities: The health insurance company covers a Mutterschaftsgeld for employees. She is registered with TK. Would this work with a self employed status? It is possible to work part time while in parenting leave. What if she continues working a little on her business during that time? Where do we draw the line between part time and full time when it is one/off contracts?   If you have great documentation regarding all these, specifically documentation tailored for the self employed/small business status (ideally in english) it would be amazing. Or if someone has some experience to share it would very nice.   Thank you very much in advance toytowngermany!     PS for whoever seeking similar information: when baby has arrived, info regarding kindergeld -->> https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/247159-kindergeld-for-foreigners/
  2. Declaring "revenues" from a rent from a flat abroad

    @PandaMunich this is an amazing, clear and detailed answer! Thank you very much! Hope this topic will be helpful for others.   Thank you again and have a great day!
  3. Hello dear community,   it looks like that soon I will be for the first time owner of a small flat in France \o/   My question is: if I decide to rent it (the monthly amount will entirely be used to pay back loan taken from a French bank), do I need to declare the rent money (which would prob end up to my French bank account) here in Germany? If so: how and when? I'm wondering if this revenue should be declared then taxed in France or Germany basically.   A bit more context: I have a full time job here in Germany and 0 other income in France.   I guess the topic is quite complex so maybe it is easier to go and seek advice from a Finanzamt? Maybe someone here has a good experience with a specific one in Berlin with English speakers? Any suggestions welcome.   Vielen Danke.    
  4. I got it indeed! Thanks for the red flags, we are sorting this out.
  5. Thanks John. I just mentioned EHIC car in my previous post! I think you are right with the part time job. For the health insurance it will be of great help.
  6. thanks lisa13 for sure Brexit situation is not ideal. We are following this closely be sure. FYI actually if anybody reading this want to have news about this:   https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/faqs/EN/themen/migration/brexit/faqs-brexit.html   I personally have doubt that Germany would stop British people to stay if they don't work in a job with "general shortage of German/EU applicants, and/or is somewhat specialized in nature" like you mention. Not saying you are wrong, it might be after all, time will tell. It actually turns out her business she is developing falls under the type of work Germany is actually looking at having.   A bit out of the initial post focus but all very interesting and constructive. What comes out of this is the obvious need to sort out the health insurance situation. Just to add that my partner is registered here, has registered her business in Germany and has a valid EHIC card. I understand the urgent matter of the health insurance so we will sort this asap and leave family talks for another day.   Thanks again for all help and responses!
  7. thanks someonesdaughter for your answer. We will look into this very quick!
  8. Thank you very much for taking time to reply, this is very helpful. Starting a family is something we started to discuss quite recently, so any info is really much welcome. If the situation here is not great for us we always have options to go back and live in the UK but we really like it here. Just trying to get a grip on how things work here. Thanks a lot!
  9. haha yes I meant permanent residency =D She is registered here with anmeldung and all but the status of permanent resident is a bit different than just newly resident.
  10. Hello all and thank you for all your responses.   RedMidge/dj_jay_smith My partner is on her way to get a health insurance but it's not straight forward as a self employed person. Private ones are a trap and public ones like TK are expensive for self employed/small business. We are still looking at the best solution.   lisa13 I think it's a bit too soon for residency here in Germany as we arrived not so long ago. The terms of Brexit have not been settled yet so you are right if it goes bad, but hopefully the consequences won't be catastrophic. For the second message: of course she is looking at making stable income. I am not saying she should need a job for for benefits. What I am describing is the situation where I am lucky to be able to support our living here while she tries to develop her lifetime dream business. As mentioned, she is self employed and is trying hard to make a living from it. The problem and source of this question I asked you are mentioning is because I read on the link I pasted that maternity allowance seem to be not allowed to self employed persons. I wanted to hear from people who are self-employed here and if they faced a situation like this one before. The suggestion of her getting a stable job was in the case a self employment status is making it very hard for support in general. My question was that maybe then she should better "pause" her newly started business for something stable in the case we decide to have a family, nothing more.   dj_jay_smith thank you very much for your message. We will look into this asap.
  11. Hello Towtown community My partner and I arrived a little over a year ago. I (French) have a full time job with TK health support, my partner (UK) is trying to start a business (still needs to register for health insurance, which is very hard with no stable income). She is full time self employed but makes little/no money for the moment. We are not married. In the case she becomes pregnant, I understand as of right now there is very little help in terms of maternity money support. I read here https://www.howtogermany.com/pages/maternity_allowance.html that mandatory maternity allowance support is available for a few weeks before and after due date, and not available for self-employed persons. It does seem like it’s available for unemployed women though ( https://www.workingmother.com/this-is-what-happened-when-germany-paid-women-25k-more-during-maternity-leave#page-2 )! On this article https://uol.de/en/iro/international-researchers-and-staff-in-oldenburg/bringing-your-family/family-benefits/parental-leave-and-parental-benefit/ it says it is relevant to your salary (65% of you salary and capped) and can be asked for as long as a year. I am just scratching the surface and would love to hear from your personal experiences, or good explanatory links (in English better haha).   Would you recommend for my partner to take a full/part time job in order to have a record of stable salaries? Does someone has experience as a self employed person on what type of help you can get? What about unemployed women here? Can you have the unemployed status when all you tried to do since arriving in Germany was to self start up a business? Who pays the maternity allowance? Part employer/part government? The health insurance (TK for instance)? Would it make sense to get married/lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz (possibility to extend my TK health insurance to her for instance)?   Thank you very much in advance for your help and advice.