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  1. Hello dear community, I am going to loose my job as a full time employee (worked for more than 12 months as a full time). I am also on top of it doing very little work under kleinunternehumung. When I'm gonna be unemployed, I will register for having access to Arbeitslosengeld. To my current knowledge: - I should have 67% (I'm a parent) of my income (with a cap at 2237euros) for 12months - TK and pension should be covered by Arbeitslosengeld As I am also registered as a "kleinunternehumung", I would like to know what will be the impact of this on the previous 2 points mentioned above: - do I still keep 67% or 2237euros based on my salary as a full time employee or do is it different on the basis the arbeitsamt consider I can make money on the side? - the pension is still paid by the Arbeitslosengeld but with kleinunternehumung I will need to cover my own TK insurance. Is this statement correct? Another question: what happen if I do a little job (1 day of work) under kleinunternehumung while on Arbeitslosengeld? I've been told that I would have to mention it to finanzamt and they will deduct the equivalent of a day of Arbeitslosengeld money from the total at the end of the month. Thank you very much for your help. This is not the most common case so I would like to know more about this particular situation.