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  1. Freelancer Mum to Be & elterngeld

    yes we are realising this and we are quite worried we don't find a space... we've been around places and it's very scatty. From "not before baby is born but no space before 2022" to "we can out you on waiting list now and we will contact you in 18months if there is space", it's very complicated. We'll get there I hope =D 
  2. Freelancer Mum to Be & elterngeld

    If anyone has experience regarding vouchers for freelancing professionals, I would be very interested in knowing the outcome? Thank you very much!
  3. Freelancer Mum to Be & elterngeld

    Thank you @engelchen for your answer. She has filled up her 2019 tax return but it's not a lot of money... she probably made more in the last 4 months than last year altogether... I guess one way or the other, if it is based on a 12months basis and not on a 3 months basis then she will be on minimum. Would she be exempt from paying TK during the time she will be relying on elterngeld only (in the case she does no work at all)?
  4. Hello dear community,   my partner is a freelancer in the food industry, mum-to-be expecting in November. For the last 3 months she's been working as a freelancer (recipe developer) on a full time basis with an English company (UK freelancing contract). She has today been told they will reduce her hours from July... and between the lines that they will stop providing work in the near future.   As being 5 months pregnant, her chances for a company to hired her in the short term is close to null. And as her field is event/food related, even the one-off event/dinner opportunities are off grid because of Covid and the potential risk for her health.   It is quite a blow for us, as I was planing on taking the elterzeit as the father (I have a full time job with a German company, would have my job secured during the paternity leave etc...) and she would have been able to continue working as a freelancer. Now the situation has completely changed: I will be keeping my full time work and she will look at taking maternity leave.   This situation raises questions. For instance, the allowance for elterngeld is defined on the basis of the last 3 months salary, as far as I can read. By November, her last 3 salaries will prob be down to 0. Is there anyway she could ask to be based on the 3 months when she was working full time?   Second thing: we both wish to work full time. She will be starting looking at getting a full time job back as soon as possible, most probably when baby is allowed to go to Kita. Problem now is from 2 full time workers and the expectation of a "ganztags" voucher (so a 7 to 9h a day), we are scared that we won't get the full day care amount of hours anymore. She is a "full time" freelancer (even though by nature freelance work comes and goes), but is that enough to say it, or would they be looking at past work experiences to see how many hours she was working. Because suddenly it will look like she wasn't working much before the baby was born, and getting a half day voucher will be very critical financially if that prevents her from trying to get back into full time freelancer contracts.   Any experiences with this? Freelancers: how did you manage your elterngeld and your kita voucher hours?   Thank you for your time and help.
  5. thanks again @Santitas for your message. So so far here are the info I have regarding my initial questions:   vaterschaftsanerkennung - need to call the Jugendamt to get an appointment as nothing runs normally since corona - documents required includes anmeldung, birth certificate of both parents (possibly in German). All list here: https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/318991/ - Both parent have to be present - You need to have someone that can speak German with you. I've been told that you can ask for a translator to be there at the Jugendamt for the time of your appointment (and that it might be free?) - This document is necessary for un-married couples for the father to be recognised. This document is important for example to be in the hospital at time of the birth and to apply to father's rights (including Elterngeld) - Can be done after birth   Elterngeld - 2 different ones: basic and + - the basic is available for 12 months to be shared between both parents. The mother by law has to take a few weeks before and 8 weeks after birth off, which will be covered by health insurance and employer (Mutterschaftsgeld) - the basic 12 months of Elterngeld can start after that and is supported by government - documents in order to request this includes amneldung, last pay slips, work contract... - Is needed for anything related to financial support the birth certificate and the steuernummer of the child. Both things can be obtained after filling papers at the hospital after birth and can take some times to be received by mail (few weeks). - More info: https://www.berlin.de/sen/jugend/familie-und-kinder/finanzielle-leistungen/elterngeld-und-elternzeit/ and https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/326079/   Other questions: - It is written online the link https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/326079/ posted by @engelchen that there is a 2 month minimum to be taken by the parent. Does this apply for both? For instance, can I take as the father the 12 months OR the mum has to take 2 months and I take 10? - Where to ask for the Elterbgeld? It's not clear if it's a form online, at the Jugendamt, somewhere else... - The mandatory 8 weeks covered partially by the Health Insurance: does this count into the 12 months Elternzeit? - For the Mutterschaftsgeld, what happens if the mother is working as a freelancer for a UK company? Does she HAS TO stop working? Given the UK company will defo not pay towards this, does the health insurance still pay for half (she pays her TK insurance here in Germany)?   Thank you very much for the help so far, this has been very good and hopefully this will help other young parents!
  6. @Santitas thanks for the long message. Very helpful!   So my understanding is that you contacted offices for the Kindergeld and Elterngeld after giving birth. So that's not something to start as a process before...   The Geburtsurkunde is obviously one of the most important document, I thought you'd get that from the hospital straight away I must say. It sounds like it wasn't your case. I'm not sure what the Versicherung or Arbeitgeber has to do with the Kindergeld/Elterngeld. Can you explain a bit more?
  7. We started already looking. It's a hugh mess, places run on limited staff, when they are not closed altoghether. It's an entire other level of stress and one I'm trying to tackle now but really none of these processes are easy on a "normal" way but these days it's really distressing.    
  8. Thank you El Jeffo for your advice.   I am going for the vaterschaftsanerkennung for now though =)   As for the Elterngeld I didn't there were 2 different ones to choose from! I will have to look at this a bit more in depth. I would most probably take something like 10 to 12 months (until we can use a Kita), but if that means half the benefit then it's not an option. So with the "normal" Elterngeld could be my partner takes 2 months after birth then I pursue for the 7 months afterwards, up to a total of 9 months, which would be close enough I guess. Then I would have to look for private nannies until a spot at a Kita frees up...   So yes I have to tell at least 7 weeks before due date about my plans for parental leave. Now to decide which Elterngeld to pick, what is the process? When do we have to choose? Where do we apply?
  9. That's a really good point... as of now it's impossible you are correct. Hopefully in November things will change for the best. I would be very sad to miss this =(   That's another reason on why I'm looking at some feedback from recent experience...   Thank you for your interest!
  10. Hello and thank you for your answer.   Yep read all that, also read the page for Jugendamt for my neighbourhood here in Berlin saying only emergencies and on appointments are allowed. This page doesn't say anything about being able to sign the vaterschaftsanerkennung at the hospital, nor the list of hospitals that offer that kind of things etc... that's why I reached out to hear from recent experiences as with Corona, things are not the "usual way" anymore.   I'm French, my partner is English and was never married before, our German skills will defo not be enough to keep up with a meeting like that for sure.
  11. Hello dear community,   I am a father to be and have a few questions to the young fathers (and mothers) out there to help me out finding grounds on the different aspects of what's coming towards me.   My girlfriend and I are expecting at the end of the year, we live together and are not married. The first question I have is related to the vaterschaftsanerkennung. This is a document to be signed by both parents to declare who the father is (this is needed for unmarried couples). I heard there are a couple of ways to do this: - I have to register at the jugendamt, which looks like nowadays quite complex (corona times) and we will have to have a German speaking person alongside us. - An acquaintance managed to sign this at the hospital a day after their baby arrived, without appointments.   Any recent experiences with the jugendamt or hospital registration? How hard that is to get an appointment? I would want to do this document before baby arrives because I will be the one taking parental leave and my partner will get back to her full time work.   Which brings me to the next questions: in order to take parental leaves (Elternzeit) and access parental allowances, I would absolutely need to have this vaterschaftsanerkennung I presume, correct?   I work currently at a German company and they have to allow me to take paternity leaves. How long is the "default" parental leave for a father? I wish to extend this to the full 12 months parental leave (the one you can split between the both parents). Is this something my company will be dealing with or is there something specific I need to do on my side?   Finally, I would have to file for parental benefits (Elterngeld). I know you can have it for a year max, is capped and proportional to your salary, that you can also have a reduced Health Insurance cost during that period etc... My questions are more around timings, and practicality: when, where and how is the process to claim this?   Thank you very much in advance for your help!   Keep safe and courage to other parents (and parents to be) in these pandemic times.
  12. Hello and thank you for your answer! we will be talking to her then, hopefully she speaks English. Any idea if staff at Saint Joseph’s speak English?   Also, congratulations! From your message: I guess you should be a very young mum!   Thanks again.   Any other recommendations welcome!
  13. Hello dear community,   old thread but can anyone recommend a hospital (or geburtshaus) and an English speaking Hebamme in the Neukolln area? We are just starting our research and would find it a lot reassuring to have a direct recommendation.   I would also be curious to hear experiences in hospital vs geburtshaus (TK health care covering level, presence of doctors onsite in case of complications etc...).   Danke!
  14. Working as a Occupational Therapist in Berlin

    ok thank you for your answers that link is very useful.
  15. Working as a Occupational Therapist in Berlin

    hello @engelchen and thank you for your answer. Either way really, super open to understand options. Do you know what are the complications that a recognition of foreign professional qualifications implies? I guess same question when it comes down to private clientel  can you privately practise as a British NHS registered OT?