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  1. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    My lawyer says the German citizenship papers for my family are now to come in one to three months. I really hope this is the end of the struggle. It will then be a total of close to 30 months. I will likely have to argue my case separately and am getting ready for it to take at least another year.   By the way, the process for people naturalizing as US citizens in the United States is typically 15 months (just for comparison), although I suspect that the process in the US has also come to a standstill. When we recently tried to renew a passport in the US they told us it would be 12 weeks, but only if we paid the rush fees. We ended up renewing our US passports at the US embassy in Berlin, and they delivered new passports and passport cards in 2 weeks with no rush fees, strangely enough. I guess you get priority when living abroad.
  2. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    I'm glad to see people posting about their success in applying for dual citizenship.   Unfortunately, may family is now in month 28 of the process with no end in sight -- for some reason it just isn't happening. I am guessing that corona is really slowing down the work for the Berlin-Pankow office. People are perhaps using their spare time to submit applications and that is just creating a longer waiting list.   The Pankow office is supposed to be slow (18-22 months for the entire process according to the survey conducted by the Senat), but it is mysteriously taking longer than it should in our case. No info from our lawyer or the Bezirksamt as to why they don't just finish up the process. Having this hanging over our heads, and particularly having it limit our options for the future, is very stressful. What I wouldn't give just to have this over with!    All of you who got this done in a year or less are really fortunate.   I guess I'm not adding much info in this post, but it's cheaper to post here than to talk to a therapist.
  3. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Anything can happen as far as how long it will take. I have been waiting a bit more than two years, and I always think that it's going to be over each time they contact me, but then it drags on for mysterious reasons. They keep asking for the same information every six months.