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  1. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Establishment of the “general” case, rather than waiting for two years in each individual case, might be a political decision. It certainly makes sense to establish a general case, but I would guess that Germany might also be within the law to tell us to apply for renunciation for the next two years, since there could be a change in policy that could sweep the backlog of US citizenship renunciation applications away before 2024.   I personally wouldn't ever submit a renunciation application, for fear that they would approve it.   Edit: Although I guess I could always skip out on the exit interview. I doubt they would approve anything if you didn't show up.
  2. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    I guess it really does depend on the jurisdiction. Some of the German naturalization authorities might just acknowledge the reality of the situation and approve the application with no waiting, and some might force you to make a sincere effort to renounce for two years. It likely depends a bit on the political leanings of the individual government -- do they like dual citizenship, or do they want to prevent it with all measures available to them?
  3. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    I'm not sure, but the individual jurisdictions are dealing with the consulate in Frankfurt and should be well aware that it is currently impossible to renounce US citizenship and that any attempt to do so would be met with a delay that could be several years. I can tell you that in my case, the naturalization authority representative brought the point up with me, not the other way around.
  4. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    WASHINGTON POST: HOW THE CORONAVIRUS MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RENOUNCE U.S. CITIZENSHIP   This is relevant to this thread, since the fact that it is impossible to renounce US citizenship is now apparently being taken into account in many jurisdictions in Germany. This means that people who previously were not able to attain German citizenship without surrendering their US citizenship because they earn enough that the $2350 renunciation fee is not considered a hardship by Germany can now argue that it is unreasonable to ask that they give up their citizenship since the US government is too slow in processing applications for renunciation. It has been two years with no progress in processing renunciation applications and the backlog is now enormous. Anyone wanting to renounce US citizenship should now budget several years for the process. This is good news for many seeking dual US-German citizenship even before German revises its law to permit dual citizenship for all applicants.
  5. einburgerung

    B2.2    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Du kannst zum nächsten Level gehen. Your score is 84% GODDAMMIT
  6. einburgerung

    Now I'm ready to hang my head in shame. I just took the C1.1 exam and scored just 83%. German language, you have me beat. I guess will have to step back to the B level to get a perfect score, and that's kind of depressing. What have I been doing for the last 30 years?
  7. einburgerung

    Now I stepped back to exam C1.2 and scored 96% and apparently missed one question! I guess I'll have to go to C1.1 for a perfect score. I still found many of the C1.2 questions pretty challenging, right at the edge of my knowledge.
  8. einburgerung

    I just took the next exam down on the site, C2.1, and actually scored a bit worse - 80%. However, I recommend the C2.1 exam on the site -- very entertaining and difficult questions that make you question your abilities. I was smiling throughout.
  9. einburgerung

    I just ran across this site that has free placement exams for German courses. The C2.2 exam on the site has a few idioms that stumped me (despite a BA in German, learning German for 30 years, living in Germany for 16 years, passing a PNDS exam many years ago...):   I got 17 out of 20 right and I was sure going into it that I would have been able to get all of them right. Not sure if the exam on the site is realistic, but I found the most advanced exam sufficiently difficult. 
  10. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship   Above is an op-ed suggesting that Berlin accelerate its naturalization processes. I'm all in favor of that, but it depresses me that the author talks about applicants waiting for up to two years to get their naturalization certificate after they submit all the paperwork. I found that more than a little upsetting, since I have been waiting for two years and seven months with no indication that the waiting will be over soon.   I understand that Brexit and Covid were a one-two punch for some of the Berlin districts tasked with processing naturalization applications, but I have lost all patience with the process. Are they really going to make me wait three, four, five years after submitting all the paperwork? It's just absurd. I'm afraid I will lose my job or something in the meantime and then not even have a chance anymore.
  11. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Watching the Berlin Abendschau tonight -- I started wondering if the massive computer problems of the Berliner Justiz might be holding up naturalization applications. I know that they need to be sure that you have not been sentenced to a crime that would be associated with a maximum prison sentence of six months. Would the computer problems mean that Berlin applications are now impossible to process? Or do the districts get their info about prison sentences elsewhere?
  12. Travel to the US and back.

    I'm glad to hear this. It is kind of telling that Spahn acted as if no foreign residents of Germany exist and did not immediately correct his tweet. But why did so many news organizations just quote what he said with no fact checking? Do foreign residents really not exist in the minds of the average German? There are more than 10 million of us. Or do people like Spahn just like giving the foreign residents a good scare? I don't want to read too much into this, but it seems telling that his tweet went out within a few days of the declaration by the new coalition that Germany is an Einwanderungsland.
  13. Travel to the US and back.

    This has also been making me angry. They are claiming that it is too difficult to dose 18 doses or whatever from the current formulation, but it seems like this new formulation for children is only there to ensure that Pfizer can continue to charge 15 euros per dose.
  14. Travel to the US and back.

    Thanks for the tip! I just signed up with the site they referenced.
  15. Travel to the US and back.

    The 5 to 11 year olds are not yet being vaccinated  in Germany. They are waiting for the latest data from the US. If it looks good, they will permit vaccinations around Dec. 20. However, they still need to get specially dosed version of the vaccine, and so I don't expect it to be widely available in Germany until March or so. They also will likely limit the first doses to high-risk children, then open it up later to anyone who wants it.