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  1. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

      Unfortunately I don't know yet! I've heard it ranges between 600-1000 euros. My surgery isn't until July, and I first have to get a Zweitmeinung (I dunno the exact regulation, but my obgyn said that because I'm under 30 and childless, I need a Zweitmeinung - but she offered to find a doctor for me), then go back to my obgyn for a final consultation before the surgery. I was planning on asking about the cost then. I'm still deciding between getting my tubes cut and cauterized and getting them removed completely, so I'm sure the cost differs depending on which surgery I decide on. I PM'd you with some more direct contact info of mine - happy to get back in touch when I know the cost and keep you updated if you want.
  2. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

      Thanks so much @lisa13! I'm thrilled - and very happy to hopefully reduce the work that other young, childless women (in Berlin, at least!) will have to go through to get this procedure. I myself was feeling very hopeless as I couldn't find a single report of a young, childless woman in Berlin getting sterilized. Finding this doctor has been life changing in the best way.
  3. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    @KateNatalieB  I just wanted to pop in to update this older thread and share that I, a 28 year old childless woman, was just approved (with no pushback) for a tubal in a few months. My doctor is in Berlin-Hellersdorf. I've had her added to r/childfree's list of doctors here: