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  1. To answer my own question, short answer yes one can keep the car after abmeldung / deregistration from burgeramt.  KFZ Zulassung apparently nothing to do with deregistration from Burgeramt.  Burgeramt also does not care if you keep your car or not.  It comes down to Insurance and foreign address can be registered with them as well - German car is still good and can be insured up to 1 year.   Remaining risk is not being able to getting post e.g. a traffic violation. Normally in EU ticket finds its way to address.       
  2.   That could help if i was going another EU country with little to none import issues. Outside of EU, it is extremely costly to get new plates.
  3. I thought about this at first but then found out I can't take a car to my country on somebody else's name. Different set of complications. 
  4.   I have to move out of the house - no new address also the payment of health insurance etc would be too much to stay angemeldet. 
  5. It looks so simple. But I am almost sure I miss something here.  I need to leave germany what I estimate for max 6 months. I try a way to avoid selling in Germany, buying when moved and repeat when returning Germany.    But not sure there is a legal way to do this. Please direct me.    Here is what I know: I understand after deregistering from my address, German car insurance soon will be void or problematic even though I do not deregister the car.   I cannot get new plates in my home country but I can buy insurance so it is covered there. I can also make sure, German insurance is valid until I drive to my country. On return to Germany, I can drive the car from my country with an insurance valid also in Germany (hopefully there is such thing otherwise I need to perhaps first bring papers and drive later).   So is there something in the process I do not consider that makes keeping the plates not possible? 
  6. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

      Thank you @jeba this is good news.   These updates left me with following questions if you guys could help me understand please  In my last Verdienstnachweis, there is an amount next to "Rentenversicherung". Is this the pension fund amount we can ask for refunded? Follow up on this, we can also claim the same for my wife (she worked 2019-2020 like 9 months before leaving her job)  For tax return, 2019 + 2020 (partial) we can apply for refund before we leave. Am I correct? As my last question, are these all of tax relevant items we need to pay attention before we leave? and what kind of service / person I should look for to prepare these applications for us?  
  7. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

      Thank you for summarizing. What I understand one should work at least a year to apply to unemployement benefits. We didnt work that long. I am not sure if any of the insurance / tax payment can be requested when leaving Germany for good.
  8. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

      Himm so you could not think of any reason why a couple prefer to stay together (financial, health, marriage issues, perhaps children etc.) and nothing came out of google searching ups and downs of long distance relations. I understand some people invisible off-line to community, find online voice they may use to such a temerarious extent but not only it is personal also irrelevant to the thread.   thanks for the answers, I guess it is candidates must be very careful what they are signing up for. Auf wiedersehen!
  9. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

      sure they do, and they should, for the benefit of everyone. We cannot dismiss existence of corporate culture. There is an awful lot of research in this field : "organizational culture" .    There is nothing wrong with that however saying we are open minded, looking to hire the best and grow in a strictly hierarchical company is a bir paradoxical. Seeing no one can even attempt to have a discussion about the wrongdoing is beyond my understanding. US/UK companies are more open in this regard and you can easily have a conversation anyone in any position and he would not feel threatened by this. 
  10. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

       If all your answers to life are of this quality, please try to keep them to yourself. 
  11. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    Yes, unfortunately this is the case. We both feel we could use a fresh start.  Working with US/UK companies, I can clearly see how coming from creative/collaborative company cultures to that of controlled in Germany is diffucult to cope with for me and will never work. I was very suprised to see how desperate and feeble my boss and HR were. Fascinating it was to see how my boss portrayed the whole thing differently when he was in front of his boss. HR despite asking confidentiality had to play a hitman who cannot form opinion and try to solve this for the benefit of both parties.    Nevertheless I wish something could be done against the competency of 1 person - not just for candidates but also for the company. After all so much time effort hiring someone went into smoke.
  12. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

      Yes we had to move to other city. I was told by my manager and assured by others, I have long years ahead in company.    I wouldn't even ask if this was somehow company decision for whatever reason however this is all one man's doing who is supposed to be busy with more important issues, leaving my boss in charge or applying general company guidelines on these reviews. Seemed wrong to me at every level 
  13. I've read a few posts that during probation employer does not need a strong reason to fire. I thought nonetheless asking this question as things happened to me feels seriously wrong and should not be happening to someone else.    I was hired to a large company in a manager role. Leading figures of the company was so pleased with international experience, range of tasks I did earlier, and the fact that I constantly improve myself. Easy onboarding process and was pleasant experience during taking up contract.   However things got weird in no time: - 2 weeks no real responsibility, despite asking several times. - 3. week I had the onboarding talk with my boss who normally sits elsewhere. When I asked, any performance metrics, reviews, he was cool about it and told me after 3rd month he will check in with my supervisor if something needs improvement.    -  1 week later boss of my boss scheduled a sudden review session, summoned 2 people in my department, one of 2 is supervisor who barely know me or see me doing any task yet. It was absolute HORROR, I heard so much critics starting from my age to experience. Things basically were already on my CV, this was particularly hard as I was totally new, speaking little german, and moved to a different city with my wife who left her job for me.  - Somehow I managed to put this behind and start focusing on work, putting things together that were all over the place.  - then another 2 review sessions within weeks, all without a specific reason why we do these, and how they should help and despite asking my boss, and others, nobody could change anything - you know how Germans will never go against their bosses. My boss could not do nothing and when I spoke to HR, asking advice what is happening she simply transmitted whole conversation to this leading figure. So much for confidentiality.    I finally asked myself how long they want to carry on doing this and when I can feel myself part of the team or receive feedback in a specific, measurable manner so we can actually check my performance.   They said that there is no hidden agenda this reviews normal (no one had this many without reasons and at the request of big man nobody can say nothing against)  Basically this guy made me a side project that was failing miserably because he had no idea what he is doing and or he simply did not care.    I was still working and could not really care this nonsense but then I was summoned and said that they will let me go. I am still waiting something in writing but the whole ordeal is pure nonsense. You should not hire and fire someone.    To my question, given all of this happening within 3 months of my starting (another 2 months notice period will continue). My wife left her job, we have to now leave Germany for good and so much more trouble. This guy should not be allowed to play silly games and ruin people's career and personal life. Is there a legal action you would recommend in this case or probation period no reason required rule still apply ?