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  1. Moving from another city to Munich, I could not apply drivers licence and it took another month in Munich to sort out appointment. It added further time to request erweiterte meldebescheinigung from previous city. I already registered fahrschule and got ready as soon as possible but TUV yet to send confirmation to fahrschule.   I did all I can as fast as I can but caught up with bureaucracy. I badly need to be able to use the car.    Is there a possibility explaning this to TUV and ask extension of validity another 2 months?
  2.   Ok I could not use the letter I took with me with old PZ, it only worked with new address.   I had no way of registering previous address and pay 3 months - system did not allow. I did register myself for my new address though. I submitted online and received nothing in return. What happens now the first 3 months I spent in Germany and did not pay anything for.    Is there a way for me to check debt?
  3. Hello, I was offered a position through an agency to work as a civil engineer. However they say they will not be involved with anything and I have to be a freelancer. I found below statement online and range of technicalities involved is far more complex for me to have a rough idea what sort of tax, insurance and other expenses involved in freelancing.    I need to give an offer hourly rate.  How much of an expense I should add over my net income expectation. I am 31, married (non-eu married to EU national), no kids, currently unemployed, civil engineer, living in munich.   Later, you will need to register your business with the tax office (Finanzamt). They will decide if you are a freelancer (Freiberufler) or a tradesman (Gewerbetreibender). The difference is very important. Tradesmen must get a trade licence (Gewerbeschein) and pay a trade tax (Gewerbesteuer). They must also be listed in the trade register (Handelsregister) and follow different accounting rules. You must do these things before registering your business with the Finanzamt.
  4. Background: I started to work January-1 and signed up myself and mywife for TK Non-contributory Dependants Co-insurance / Family.    Unfortunately, I had to quit my job end of march - terrible office culture. Funny enough my wife found a job in Munich and started her work on 15-April.    TK Insurance reapplicaiton over wife I explained the situation to TK and they said we are covered about a month so we put insurance start date 1st May. However, the period without employer contribution (April-1 to April-15) and insurance start date made me worried that we might perhaps be invoiced some cost...   My question to good people of TT,  a) are we going to end up with an invoice for period: - April-01 to April-15 (no employer) and/or - April-15 (work start) to May-1 (insurance start date)     b.) shall we change insurance start date to April-15 instead of May-01    
  5.   Forms are addressed to our old apartment in Stuttgart we we lived 3 months before we move to munich couple days earlier. I brought these forms along with me. In this address, landlord was not supposed to pay and I need to cover these due payments.    GEZ cost covered only for new apartment here in Munich.    Am I correct in my undertanding that:  For new address in Munich: I go to the webpage register our new address, and once the forms arrive to new address, I check the box include the account number of landlady and send these forms back. Old address that I have due payments: I filling out the forms I have as per the conditions in time we lived in Stuttgart and wire the cost of due tax for past 3 months. It could be very useful actually if there is way online checking what exactly the due payment in case some interest they put on them.    
  6.   This is one of part I was getting confused about and I can surely ask "account number and name of the person who is paying for GEZ" (thank you for this info).    Now that I know how I can declare for new apartment in Munich, the querries I am left with: a.) how to pay due GEZ in previous city: I still have the forms (both for myself and my wife). January to March and second set of letters saying pay in 2 weeks. Should I use these forms (considering my meager German, this would be challenging) and transfer amount for 3 months (January to March) using banking details they give? b.) where to declare fee is paid in Munich: should I wait for new forms or is there a place or else a way for me to transfer this information to authorities that amount is paid by landlady.  
  7. After staying 3 months, we just moved to Munich. New apartment furnished and listing said radio TV fee is included.   I received the letters but by the time I figure out registration and payment process, we already left.   Now, I have 3 months debt and supposedly this fee is covered by landlord. How can I go about paying due payments and register for new apartment?