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  1. Tips for passing a practical driving test

    ALL I HAVE DONE TO PASS MY PRACTICAL TEST / MUNICH   I have passed my test early morning. This post and links given within has been of great value, so contributing to knowledge - keeping it as short as possible:   A) BEFORE THE EXAM: make sure you can tick of all 4 below know all applicable traffic rules and signs by heart.  practice extensively to an extent to develop sharp focus and situational awareness unlearn what you knew before and switch on the "Exam mode".  Learn/memorize the potential route(s) of the test - helps a lot. (speed limit, possible pitfalls, signs, etc)   ADVICE: I know driving lessons are money, so prepare as much as you can at home, don't try to learn everything with your instructor. In my case, I am still first 6 months of arrival to Germany so I could drive car and I did, learning the path, practicing, switching exam mode and actually realizing what I am missing out.    SOURCES: (lots of video) (german words - just basics sufficient, nothing complicated language wise) (I really liked these videos) Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany PDF (   THE EXAM:  Technical Questions: Everything you need in this video: - It is in German but open Auto-captions/translations - he speaks clearly so sufficient. Stay alert and Relax: I cannot tell you how you can achieve this but this is just another topic you need to learn / practice. Search internet what works for you. I was not excited at all and despite constant chatting of instructor and examiner, I was fully focused to road Think Ahead: this works well. So you are crossing light waiting for green light, dont just wait for the light look ahead what is going on. Lanes change? are there people perhaps crossing the street? Speed limit? you dont want to be caught unprepared and panic.    C) WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY TEST EXPERIENCE:  It took exam a near 45 minutes in the city and autobahn with variety of obstacles. This is WHY I listed the 4 reasons at before the exam part. Some of the issues came up We went around very narrow streets so much that there was no way 2 car side by side fit to road so I wanted to be the on (as i do normally) give road to oncoming traffic by swerving into parked cars. I had bicycles again on similar road, seeing they cannot leave 1.5 m (not even 50 cm), I came to a complete stop and wait them to pass. I don't take chances with pedestrian and bicycles  Children came out of nowhere riding bike right on the road (if I just kept going forward, bum!), I wish I could have a chat with their mother.  Shulterblick is absolute must? why it works! I noticed a bicycle when emerging with 45 degree to main road. He was no where in the mirrors!  I had to park in front of fahrschule very busy avenue and managed to get the car into a space max 1.5 size of the car at first attempt.   My examiner was OK, he asked everything (except emergency stop) but wasn't necessarily tough. However I believe my exam would fail quite a few people.     Overall I would say PREPARATION + KEEP POSTURE DURING EXAM / ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE + TAKE IT EASY - It is not rocket science but do not ever think it is walk on the beach because you drive for X years already.    Good luck to all !