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  1. @zwiebelfisch   As the type of person arriving is changing, I suspect this is changing fast also. I don't mind the DIY art, everyone comes from somewhere. Though this doesn't really happen anymore as the rents are too high, these people have left as well, unless you're of rich background whether foreign or German. But yeh, I guess the myth will live on, 3 times the price that it used to be but without its core.   The Berliners who are left may be glad to see the back of the foreigners, the city cannot cope. 
  2. @fraufruit   You're right, the myth lives on. But those who have been here for a while are also leaving in droves for greener pastures.
  3. @LeCheese I have lived here a long time ago so I have a good understanding of healthcare and other pension. But not with all fine details regarding pension system apple today like they used to. When I lived here my occupation was not the same and so the same does not apply regarding pension contributions either. The country is not suitable for everybody, in fact it is terrible for the creative industries despite its international reputation. Maybe it was in the past but no more.
  4. Are your two links, and  not the same professions listed? If you do not earn 5/6 of your income through one client, must graphic designers etc, still contribute fully to DRV? Which professions must contribute full to DRV regardless of 5/6 their income from 1 client?
  5. @LeCheese Problem is that those payments (pension) still need to be made. It is not a free pension fund just because it reduces your tax bill. Your link recommends Rurup as a private scheme for the self employed freelancer. I understand this may be a better option, thanks for the info, but my post is about DRV specifically, whose rules force certain people to contribute a large % of their income when they may not want to. 
  6. @LukeSkywalker  Public, why is this relevant regarding my post?   There is still not the question answered for the 83.3% with one client. Is this guaranteed to happen? Do DRV find you, if so how, when? Or for instance if I were to go under the wing of someone like KSK or, would this mean I can work for one client 100% of the time for example?    Also any thoughts on the resident permit regarding all of the above on this very vague and complex matter?    Like many countries in the world, none of this information is clearly explained to you when you arrive. They spring it on you when it is too late, business business business!   Looking forward to hearing opinions. Thanks so far,   Jeremy
  7. Dear TT,   I am aware that there is ample previous coverage about contributing to the German state pension (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). But... this mainly covers teachers only. I understand some other professions are also required to contribute.   I need the facts answered clearly. I work 98% of the time as a photographic retoucher who works with photoshop, I rarely take photos where I receive money but lets say 2% of my income is through taking pictures. Must photographic retouchers who are self employed freelance workers working for different clients, contribute to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung? Does my profession fall into this category of those who must contribute or not? Does anyone have a current list of the professional occupations which are obliged to contribute? I want to see the facts.   As a mid 30's British person who is newly registered in Berlin, DE since 4 months, I am planning my future to potentially stay long term. I heard terrible things about the DRV, its horrendously poor investment value. I do not want to contribute. I also have the dilemma of dealing with Brexit. As a non EU person, will I need to prove I am contributing to the DRV in order to stay if I need a resident permit if Brexit happens? If if if... Or if my profession does not fall into the category which must contribute DRV, is a private pension sufficient for the visa office? Or can I carry on contributing only to my UK pension, would this be enough to retain my residency status at the visa office or must it be a German fund?   I heard that if 83.3% of your income is with one client that you must then contribute to the DRV regardless of who you are or what you do as freelance worker. Is this the case? I may be close to the 80% by the end of the tax year, my regular 'main' client is not German, Is there no loophole around this? I worked for about 10 clients this year so far, so I am definitely 'freelance'. But my main source is from the regular client who I do not want to lose. Is there no way I can still legally please the visa office with my contributions but avoid the DRV? I understand the KSK as an option for 'artists'. Is my profession acceptable for the KSK to cover me? If the KSK cannot cover me are there any other options? I heard about this. If I was covered by either of the 2, would this void me having to contribute to DRV if I work more than 83.3% with one client? I cannot lose my main client.   Germany is certainly not the freelancer friendly at all. NOT AT ALL. Is there anymore hidden horrors I should uncover before I decide to settle further?   I look forward to hearing your advice on how I should go forward before I am too far 'into' Germany. I may decide to leave the country purely based on potentially having to give approx 19% of my income to a terrible fund. And I cannot lose my clients.   Thanks TT   p.s - I already fully contribute to a German healthcare fund.