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  1. New appointments for a blue card?

    I got an appointment a few days ago for picking up the blue card. I am not sure If we are in the same situation. Since I graduated in Germany, the student department handles my application which was submitted in Jan 2020. It was completely silent and my Fiktion already expired in June. I haven't heard anything until this appointment which is a huge relief.
  2. A false debt ( buying online )

    Hi,   I would like to ask for some suggestions regarding a false debt.    I ordered a computer accessory from Bit-electronic (a seller) on Rakuten (a platform).  The seller shipped the order, using GLS service.    The GLS delivered the parcel to an unknown person whose name is not found in the building I lived in. The name was clearly shown in the GLS tracking system and it was not my name. In addition, I didn't give my consent to leave the parcel to any neighbor or any other place.  I made a contact with the seller and Rakuten. The communication was just poor. They rarely responded to my emails and the issue and finally concluded with the shipment status from GLS that the delivery is successful. To me, their intention is very clear that they were not going to take any responsibility for the lost parcel (which is uncommon to my experiences in online purchasing)  Since I paid for the order by Paypal, I contacted Paypal and disputed the transaction. I have explained to Paypal what happened and submitted some evidence of communication. Within a week, Paypal decided in my favor and issued a full refund to me.   A few months later, Rakuten sent a bill asked for the same amount ( about 40 Euro ) for the order. I sent an email repeating the story. Of course, my explanation to Rakuten was useless as it was before, then there was a second notice. Since I cannot speak well German, I asked my boss to speak with Rakuten on the phone. To solve this problem, Rakuten finally sent me a form and asked me to fill and sign that I had returned the order to the seller. I refused to do so because obviously it is not true.   Weeks later, I received a letter from Coeo Inkasso asked for the order amount plus collection fee ( now about 100 Euro in total). Again, I didn't ignore it but disputed this bill by explaining for like a hundredth time.  They had gone back for a month and came back, referring to the GLS confirmation on the successful delivery which is just false. My last response to the Inkasso is an insisting that the receiver's name in GLS's record is not my name.   Am I going to get a court order? What should I do next? Thank you in advance for your answers.    
  3. Disputing bill

    Hi, I would like to ask for some suggestions regarding an unrecognized bill.  I registered a course at a school (MVHS) (if you are familiar with MVHS, it is the signing up in the last class of a course to continue to the next course) and I didn't pay for it because I would like to cancel and didn't want it anymore. I didn't attend any class of it. I just thought based on common sense that the registration couldn't be complete without the payment. Many months after, because I didn't officially cancel the course with the school before the course started, the school sent me an invoice and insisted that I have to pay the bill which I refused to do. Currently, I get banned from applying for any course at the school because of this false debt. I have tried to explain to different staff from different departments.  Last week, I have received an email from a financial person offering that I can pay half of the course fee plus a small additional late fee within one week to settle this bill. I saw the AGB ( The payment is a part of registration, isnt it?  Should I pay them?  Thanks in advance for your answers