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  1. Worst jokes ever

    Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.
  2. Excuse me how do i vote up for you? I am still new to the site.
  3. thank yoo for the advice.
  4. That might be a  good idea, i dont know will they do it. they where surprised that she is abscennt as i am but i am going to try, Thank you Sir.
  5. I  apologise for quoting twice. . i an just getting use to this forum.
  6. Lisa you are right and i thank you for saying that.. We where good internet friends like i am vith many others on that site people consider me to be a valuble member and her as well .  Redmidge apology accepted the reason i started the thread is that i am worried sick about her because she dissapared suddenly and has biean abscent for a very long time that iis not like her) i am worried about a friend and was someone could help me or she could see this. the reason i did not write more details it that such a thing would realy be breach of prvacy and a violiation would it not?  
  7. Thank you for your "kind" words"  and i know about GDPr
  8. I wrote to the tv staion because they cover the area where she lives. if they find her they could give her my contact. And i am not stalking her and ifind such coments realy offensive. My only hope was that she could maybe respond. And i thank all the others for suggestion and help.
  9. Still no luck. i wrote today to NDR Nord Deutche Rundfunk North German Television they did not answer yet.
  10. thank you for the advice. unfortunately i dont use social media. that forum is the inly way . I am an "old school Bloke. thank you for your good wishes and help.  
  11. Hello i just joined here to try to find my friend Melanie. she lives in Celle near Hanover and she is a Brittish expat originaly from London. she was a menber of a Brittis tv forum. well respected by all kind and friendly person.  happily married  . employed as a stuardesse. then she stopped apearring on the site 10 months  ago. if anyone knows a person that matches the description please post  here. i am in bad health condition  and would like to know what happened to her , she knows this username. Magmax this might be inappriopriate but i am desperate because good friends are hard to find theese days . and she was a true and a good friend.
  12. Hello everyone i joined here to search for my friend who is a brittish expat  Her name is Melanie and she lives  in Celle. we where forum friends on a Brittish tv forum, she is a stuardeesse.. and then 10 months ago she stopped apearing at the site. I would very much like to know is she alive and well. she was a well respected member of that forum always kind and nice person if any of you know a person that matche that description. i would aprecciate any information. she is truely missed by her friends. And knows my username Magmax