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  1. Why are you happy today?

    Welcome to Croatia H H Sailor and enjoy. Yes Rogoznica marine is quite famous.  
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Hello my friends. Happy Saling  Fraufruit and do visit Croatia it is lovely and tourists are wecome. Bans are lifted but caution is advised. No new covid 19 cases for days.
  3. Jil Gascoine actress best known for police drama series  Gentle Touch.
  4. Facebook

    I dont think  i it is good for anyone young or old. That is why i never joined.
  5. Facebook

    Me too John.
  6. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    i am happy for you John.
  7. What made you cry today?

    Manly386 i dont know you but i am realy sorry that you are suffering so much.
  8. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Glad to see that you are getting better  John g Rest and stay safe.
  9. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    good luck john g sorry caps  not working.
  10. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    i wish you speedy recovery john g,
  11. John g i heard of Spinalonga my pen friend fron Crete knows a lady whio wrote two books about the history of the place.  
  12. I understand the words Helenic Democaatic GReek name for Greece otherwise it is all Greek to me.
  13. Coronavirus

    Good evening everyone. Have a great and safe trip John g.
  14. Nations League fixtures just announced!

    Realy you played for England?