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  1. First World Problems

    WAG is short for wifes and girlfriends off footballers and rich and famous.  
  2. Fawlty Towers quotes - What's your favourite?

    I  agree vith alll the people on this topic because all the lines are hlarious.  THis is a rat" Manuel you have rats in Spain or Franco had them all shot? or this is pidgeon Manuel much like your English
  3. And to think that i only know Kalimera Kalispera  Avrio Kalo Orexi and Entaxi in Greek language lol..  
  4. Punography - Favourite Puns

    "Viagra will not make you  James Bond but it will make you  Roger Moore"
  5. Good evening. In Croatia it is very usual to ask someone where is he from. Like some of you said it is not racist Croats ask each other that in polite conversation meaning for vich town do you come from etc just polite chating.
  6. UK Sky tv

    good evening , asaba i could be anything lnb cable receiver you should check it out first. you will probably need new equipment.
  7. Why are you happy today?

    I am still happy for the same reason i was before. :)
  8. Fritzbox 7590 and BBC iplayer

    I dont use VPN but i see on tv that  Nord is advertized.
  9. The age of internet forums, is it over?

    i donr think they will vanish for me presonaly joiniing one forum was the start of some beautyfulll friendships.
  10. dekbert i am glad we agree. and you are still here.
  11. Actor  Aron Eisenberg died September 21st he was best known for the role of Nog in the Star Trek DS9  series may he Rest In Peace.
  12. we should all try to show some tolelrance towards each other.
  13. why delbert what  did you do
  14. i miss the greatdevide he greated me when i came here and sad he hopes and wishes that i find my friend his words where prophetic i visited his profile  to thank him and tell him that found my friend but he last visited 2 months ago. i hope he is ok
  15. Why are you happy today?

    i have found my dear friend  Melanie and that makes me happy. and i would like to thank all the nice people onTT For tryng to help me.