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  1. Finding a house in Mannheim

    Hello, I am moving to the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area in first of July for a new job. I am actively looking online for an apartment but so far I am not getting any replies and the posts themselves are not plenty. I am using sites like immowelt, immobilienscount and wg-gesucht and facebook market.   any tips that someone can help me with? I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. I got a niederlassungserlaubnis for a short time, and I am planning and changing jobs. possibly to another state. NRW to BadenWurt. is most likely. its the first time I do that in Germany so I am confused about what to do. whom should I inform? any special procedure I should go through?
  3. I have an upcoming "Leben in Deutschland" exam in the NRW state. Does anyone have an idea of how much time (min to max) does it take for the results to come out?  
  4. I have an EU Blue card now and I am going to switch to a niederlassungserlaubnis (Permanent residency) in the upcoming month. My question is the following: what is the difference when if I become jobless when I possess the permanent residency and when I possess the blue card? I really can't understand the difference between the 2 in terms of my own benefit.