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  1. ETF Sparplan vs. ETF Rentenversicherung

    Just as an update - Alte Leipzige calculated annual cost of around 1.2 %. Although I get access to DFA funds, think I'll just stick with ETF sparplan as advised - thanks again all for inputs. Over ~15 years that 1.2% really REALLY makes a big difference. Over the years 16% of my final capital goes to AL - ouch !! (7% growth vs. 5.8%). Gotta love these compound interest apps :-) Cheers John
  2. ETF Sparplan vs. ETF Rentenversicherung

    @starshollow - great feedback, many thanks. Lots of food for thought. Alte Leipzige working on a Basis Rente model for me just now (good to compare costs with my SIPP too).
  3. ETF Sparplan vs. ETF Rentenversicherung

    @dj-jay-smith. I just try to keep it as simple as possible with an ishares core developed world etf (75%) and an ishares core emerging markets etf (25%). Basically covers the world for around 0.2%. I'm getting ~8% return so far - better than zins in my current account. No trading - monthly direct debit set it and forget it for next 10 years or so.
  4. ETF Sparplan vs. ETF Rentenversicherung

    @ChrisMarston - many thanks for reply. Just got an info pack from Alte leipzige... yes it looks very complicated compared to my Sparplan. No idea what the charges are either ... hidden in the 20 page appendix somewhere :-)
  5. ETF Sparplan vs. ETF Rentenversicherung

    Hi All   New to site so hello :-)   Just wondering if anyone has experience of setting up a Rentenversicherung in Germany ?   I have an ETF sparplan with Commerzbank but trying to work out the pro's and cons of shifting to a Pension Plan instead (tax advantages/ disadvantages).   (I have heard Alte Leipzige are a pretty decent bunch and offer a useful selection of ETF's.)   Many thanks for inputs. John