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  1. Hello,   I'm renting a first-floor apartment in a building that is not block-shaped: the ground floor is bigger than the rest of the floors. This means my bedroom windows and the bedroom windows of a neighbor have access to a sort of terrace. There is no railing, and it has gravel on it. No one is currently using it, but it has holes on the side where I guess one could fix railing. Who would I have to ask for permission to put a couple of lounge chairs there and some potted plants +/- railing, except for the neighbor with window access to the same terrace?   Is it possible for the owner to ask for extra money for using it?   P.S. Previous tenants have definitely made use of it: they left an umbrella stand there--but I'm not sure whether they did so legally. P.P.S. From this post, it seems I would have to ask all other tenants and the owner--but I'm planning to make smaller changes than the ones mentioned here: