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  1. Climate change discussion

      True that.
  2. Climate change discussion

      True that.
  3. Climate change discussion

      Big people talk about ideas and small people talk about other people.
  4. Climate change discussion

      Don't Darwinists believe that the dinosaurs all turned into birds or something like that? I am sure I have heard them say that before..
  5. Climate change discussion

      Hurrican Florence was not the result of climate change. Your link is propaganda.
  6. Climate change discussion

      The point is that the idea that mankind is in grave danger because of climate change, is an imaginary thing. The G20 summit was real, however.
  7. Climate change discussion

    That's a good point about online meetings. All of the nastiness involved with the last G20 summit in Germany could have been easily been avoided via Skype. Think of all the millions that could have been saved. Such a waste..
  8. Climate change discussion

      When I lived in Michigan as a kid about 30 years ago I remember once it got so warm just a couple days before Christmas that everyone was wearing shorts and grilling burgers and such out on the sidewalks.   Climate alarmism is a feel good campaign, nothing more. We reject the charge that God has on us and instead we make for ourselves imaginary problems and solve them with imaginary solutions so we can pretend we are good people.This is the real danger.
  9. Look mom! The racist lefties are making fun of people because of how they look!
  10. Gender neutral toilets.

    I would prefer not to have to share a toilet with women. Spent years working in restaurants and hotels while I was in school and I can tell you the women make far more mess in the toilet than men do. They dont flush the toilet, They get pee all over it and blood and leave their used tampons on the floor and all kinds of crap.
  11.   I don't take orders from racists like you.
  12.   Liberals are racists who have perfected the art of posing as benefactors to blacks and other races.
  13.   Liberals are the real racists.