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  1.   Genau, das ist es.
  2. Agreed.  Who wants to pay out $800 for a RT ticket only to be denied at entry because the official interviewing you is not up to date on new exceptions for entry as a “long term partner” (aka #loveisnottourism) during COVID.   I can bring crates of WhatsApp and email printouts as well as photos but that won’t prevent me from being anxious on the 8 hour flight over the Atlantic   Thanks, everyone!  I was told to check out a FB page called “Love is not Tourism Germany” for more details info and stories.
  3. Has anyone here from a 3rd Country (re)entered Germany using the new “long-term partner” exception?  It appears to be gaining more exposure through various media sources but before I invest in a plane ticket, I need to hear some success stories and words of advice (for the process).  I have read the requirements but real life experience is more helpful! thanks, Jana