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  1. Popping in to voice a view from the States (while I wait impatientlly to return to DE).  Here we only get 3x5 white cards with brief innformation about ourselves written on the lines to confirm that we had 1,2, 3... vaccines.  The same card is used for all type of covid vaccines here.  All, except Pfizer BionTech, provide stickers for these cards which verify the bottle number. I was told that Pfizer does not provide stickers because 15 doses can come from one bottle. Pfizer does not provide 15 stickers per bottle. When I questioned the authorities at the vaccine center, they told me they log in every vaccine online  and that I should go to the website, pull up my chart, and show that documentation to anyone who needs such knowledge. Saying that, there are some places in Europe testing an app called Common Passport which allows you to log in your info that you uploaded from your Apple health app. Of course you  must first upload the info from your vaccine center to the Apple health app.   In  the States, the Common Passport app is only being tested by a couple airlines. However, it is easy to upload your vaccine center's immunization record to this Apple health app; your center must be participating though. The whole procedure will certainly bewilder those who are not tech proficient and, if required for flying, will anger many travelers.   MY POINT:  you vaccine card is not the only document you can use to prove you are vaccinated. There are official online records. These same online records can prove that you are also Covid negative.