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  1. Driver's License

    Hello All,   I live and work in Brandenburg but not registered there.I am officially registered in Heilbronn, Baden Württemberg.    I wish to make a driver's license in Berlin -Brandenburg where I am currently working . I wish to find out if that is possible without a registered address at Brandenburg. If that is possibe, I would like to know the steps I need to take.   Thank you all in advance for your input  
  2. German B1 certification

    Hi Karl, if I understood you perfectly, you need the German B1 Certificate to apply for a permanent residency in Germany, right. If that's the case I would recommend you take the TELC exam  at the Hartnackschule in Berlin, specically the DTZ-Deutschest für Zuwanderer/Intergrattionskurs.   You can get some preparatory materials from the telc website.    I strongly recommend you use the +Babbel Application. It's not a free App. But I would say it's an excellent app. Give a it try. Approx. 56 € for a six months subscription.   All the Best!