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  1. A world without rules?

    Exactly my point. No rules means no cougar. If there is no rule what age group your partner (usually/unwritten) should be you can't have cougars/cheetas/sugardaddys/trophy wifes.
  2. A world without rules?

    Wait.I am confused. Cougar here meaning a situation where a lady gets entangled with a way younger rascal. Where exactly is the cutoff date? 2 yrs.? 5 yrs? 10 yrs?  
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Leaves you with a fine healthy salad only option.
  4. A world without rules?

    I may be mistaken but my understanding was that the article refers to unwritten rules in people interaction?
  5. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    If you follow your reasoning through we all need to take more care of each other in real life. If someone is lonely there often is reason and warning signs. Why didnt anyone bother?
  6. Young Man Loss of Health Insurance / Job

    I really see why you are on minus 100 even though the minus button is gone a while.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Absolutely after the financial crisis in 2009 it took until 2015 to be back to halfway before it went down again.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Indeed it does make a very good progress. Last 5 years of pound vs euro to be seen here. The big dump is 2016. Dunno what happened there.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    I like the way the perspective of the picture does give away BJs intention. Countrywise
  10. Young Man Loss of Health Insurance / Job

    I am sorry to hear about your son. Has he always had that depressive streak or is that a new thing? Maybe you dont want to answer this here since ist very personal Information. If you possible try to get him outside as much as poasible for walks. Any sports is helpful against depression. 
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    But he is aware that many jobs are still leaving the country which is only not relevant since Germany currently does not have enough employees anyway? It is a quite simple minded was of saying leave me alone I do have a job. This is arrogance towards the jobless people and the future. It is a WTF Germany have you completely gone gaga situation. Btw that exactly was the reason why Berlin airport has so many issues opening up. Some simpletons putting their private comfort above country prospering. Cause I have a job and a house and am settled. 
  12. What made you laugh today?

    Was looking at the map of Hongkong for some reason or other and stumbled about "City One - Shatin" and right next to it "Shatin Wai" and they are connected via "Belair Gardens". Sorry but it made me laugh.
  13. Gymnasium vs Gemeinschaftsschule

    Well in our case I am still happy kid 1 went to Gymnasium. Around mid term grade 6 something in brain went click and since then kid is showing that being in Gymnasium was the right decision. Sometimes we have fights about amount of learning needed but kid feels that even there in Gymnasium sometimes other pupils are slowing down class unnecessary. Any other school would have made kid unhappy kid thinks now. But in 4rth grade teachers were all over the place telling us Gymnasium for that kid not the best way to go. 
  14. Very much depends on your age and your preferences innit?
  15. There's a saying. You loose them the same way you get them. So wrench him out of an ongoing relationship and be prepared that there are way more single ladies out there pouncing on a guy in a relationship. So once you are old news you'll likely be exchanged in just the same manner. If he is interested he will have to get his ducks in line before moving on with a new relationship. Look for a serious guy not being in a relationship (but depending on age may have baggage attached in form of prior wives and maybe kids).
  16. Tax on meat for the sake of preventing animal cruelty

    Why not just instead buy more eco food. Where proper keeping of animals is included. No need to set up extra taxfunded bureaucracy.
  17. How to react if black sports stars are abused by fans

    Here Anybody heard anything whether he is coming back? Was supposed to be in spring 2020?
  18. Tui Travel refusing to refund me despite hotel no longer existing!

    But why then do you want to cancel? Unless you found something less expensive it doesnt make any sense to me? But then I am probably just not getting the point here.
  19. Private Schools Mannheim

    Yep that was the reason my kids ended up in private schools in Germany. Unfortunately not in Mannheim/Heidelberg area so I can't be of any further help here.
  20. Opinions on International Primary Schools in Munich?

    Its depending on your longterm planning. If you want to stay here longterm a school teaching English and German might be an option. If its just a stint here following an other curriculum might make sense.
  21. British mum Munich dad

    I am not going to ask how a person you dont know well got to father your baby then. Interestingly your account which was  opened up 16 hrs ago says you are located in Seefeld/Bavaria. Where exactly is that in UK where you claim to be living happily. Go tell your stories somewhere else.
  22. Severe Weather Warning - Sunday (09.02.20)

    Or just offers a thorough rinse cleaning of all evil attracted while being part of EU.😬
  23. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Love that picture. Can see them dropping out. Have you ever had that moment when unpluggibg a radio and the plug is out but radio plays a millisecond on before dying? Can you see the last tiny electrons  jumping to catch the leaving plug swinging themselve up and disappearing into the wire sort of like jumping ship last moment. I can hear them running towards the radio saying whoa that was close.
  24. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Am I still allowed to use a pet peeve?
  25. What's got you flummoxed today?

    And it helps if one of them gets sea sick while floating along. They can always stop and take a rest with fresh air before travelling on. Poor little buggers always on the run.