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  1. How NOT to begin a new job

    Erm I remember trying to call a company in Switzerland (French speaking area). I wanted to enquire whether they do offer jobs to students. My French being far from perfect I rehearsed a few opening sentences to make sure I can at least ask for someone to talk to (not in French). So phone rings someone picks up greeting me in French and me beeing quite nervous blasts out "Bonjour madame, parlez vous francais?" Err yes. Thats how to not get an interview.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Well 73 of them are the British ones. Edit: at least this is my guess. Nigel and consorts would be voting against it hoping that this way EU solves BJs dilemma in not giving Britain a prolongation thereby making Brexit happen without BJ beeing responsible.
  3. Probezeit with illness problems

    Make sure you ask them for a Zeugnis. Will do you lots of good to provide it to future potential employers.
  4. Afaik she should have called the police and it should be covered by Privathaftpflicht. My kid had such an accident (7 yrs, only mirror damaged) and I did call the police and when they did arrive I apologised that they probably had better things to do but they said that I had to call them else it is Unfallflucht. But we never heard anything from the owner of the car.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    To me its just the same as with these child beauty pageant contests  Dolling them up for what? Children should be covered in mud. Be screaming screeching banshee slide and swing playground users instead of beeing dressed/dolled up like parrots and then having to parade in front of spectators. Irrespective of their gender and way of beeing dressed up. 
  6. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

        I was just wondering what these other countries might have said if Germany had increased the military budget some years back just so they are perfectly strong with super modern equipment. You know - that Germany where some time ago everyone had agreed that no German soldier ever should be wearing a weapon ever.
  7. Hamburg Cruise Days warning

    Its widely known but so far none of the cities wanted to loose the tourists. Palma even enhanced capacity recently  
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    His curry?  RReReaRealReallReallyReally?
  9. Vegan coming for dinner

    There is a difference between vegan and vegetarian, isn't it?
  10. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Schuldnerberatung will help you getting it sorted and recommend a solicitor and bis to apply for support.
  11. Twat of the day

    Didnt read it in the newspapers but think he is right. Whatever issues his mom had in the past its none of our business.
  12. Hamburg Cruise Days warning

    Well spotted. Hadnt seen this. But the non governmental way of writing gave it away.  
  13. Experience with kids learning German

    Per my understanding you should only speak the language at home if you do speak it correct. I got the recommendations to not even try reading books to them in any other language I am not fluent in.
  14. Train line noise in residential areas

    If possible ask your husband to visit the place at night. Freight trains are usually running at night and general noise level is lower. Ask him if he still feels its ok. And afaik there is a good MSComunity in Germany. For Frankfurt try here MS society Hessen. Maybe they can recommend physicians.  
  15. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

    Why would someone go on a 2 day trip to deliver an item personally if there is something like sending a parcel available? Its a 4 hour tripto Bern one way. If it is at the far end of Switzerland even longer. 
  16. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    What if the model leaks gas?
  17. Town pigeon numbers hit hard by renovation

    Reviving this topic. Has anyone recently checked the pigeon population in cities in Germany? Was standing on a platform today where these lovely animals have found a way to live right above the platform in a space between the ceiling and the roof. Since the ceiling consists of metal slats with small spaces in between this was extremely disgusting. Wherever you are standing on that platform there's a constant tippling noise above your head  dirt and small feathers are hanging from the roof, and to top it their droppings are falling from the ceiling through the gaps. A lady standing on the platform just a few feet down had a dropping missing here by inches. She did look up aghast realising her luck and the pigeons above here. She then was moving away a few meters not realising that they are everywhere in this ceiling. I spoke to a few guys wearing sort of a uniform of the train company and asked why this can't be stopped. It is really digusting and smells and is yukky plus you can't avoid it. You walk up the stairs and end up under this ceiling and wherever you go there are these animals above waiting for their next target for their dropping (except if you want to walk on the rails that is). Never expected to see such sight in Germany. One of these flying rats did not even care about anything at all landing a few inches away from my feet trying to pick its lunch from the remains of someones breadcrumbs. Anyway it was really disgusting in sight and smell and is basically a hazard to health. Will take a picture next time and post it. If you've got birds of prey which need feeding go there. Ample buffet available.
  18. Brexit: The fallout

    Its like watching Downtown Abbey or upstairs downstairs. You can't miss a single episode because you might loose the plot.
  19. Brexit: The fallout

    7. Blame it on the EU. Maybe BoJo needs to read this excellent books about how to make good deals. I think it is called the Art of the Deal? 
  20. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    I am not a big supporter of placing children in front of tv but here I'd suggest to buy a few DVD ( or library) and let your  lill'un watch it. Reason is that in Kindergarten there are certain films/characters that all children do know and refer to. That way he picks up a little German and at least has an idea whats going in if he is beeing greeted by a töröö and will unterstand why so many kids here answer the question what noise an elephant makes with töröö. For a start let him watch a few Bob Builder or Caillou DVD he already knows in English now in German. Then checkout Benjamin Blümchen. Then maybe a few Conny DVDs. I also support the recommendation of putting him into sport. Kinderturnen, footie, whatever he likes. Gives him a chance to meet his classmates and pick up language en passant. 
  21. Great villages near Munich with good transport and schools

    Maybe you should also consider whether you want the kids in a public school or preferable keep them within an English curriculum (there is a St johns school), or may be an international school? These are the questions that will make a selection of places to live much easier. Munich North/East is considered slightly cheaper in housing but then its the wrong side of getting towards the mountains as they were depicted here. Holzkirchen seems to be very nice but since everyone knows this housing costs are darn high. Starnberg even worse but has an international school. Munich international school is outside North of Munich. Freising is often praised but I've never been living there.
  22. "Untranslatable" German words

  23. "Untranslatable" German words

    I'd go for 'never mind'  
  24. Only in America...

    In UK they are considered family dogs. The reason for their aggressive behaviour mostly is at the other end of the leash.
  25. What made you smile today?

    Err leaving Europe? Erm. How are you going to do this? 2 ships hooking up the British Island and steaming off to US?