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  1. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

    Is OP a stable genius?
  2. Employer not paying sick days

    This really does sound serious. You mentioned a new boss. Did that start with the new boss? What did they answer in that meeting that your rather have them firing you than treating you like this? Is there any chance of changing the department? They can't fire you as easy they need to follow rules. As for my recommendations I would start applying somewhere else. Today.  Like now. Ive been through this (after 9.5 years in that company with excellent reviews, and I didnt have a single day of sick leave when they started) and it can break a person. Do your job as good as possible and dont panic.  Also take care that there is not a single day of sick leave without a doctors note. Just in case  
  3. Thing with hot is you get used to it. In India it took me a while to get used to the spicy food. After 2 weeks I thought I had gotten the idea and went to buy from a street food stall. Felt like my ears were having to let steam go and my brain was trying to escape like a pilot with an ejection seat. Long story short. When returning to Europe be prepared to find any food tasting a little lame.  
  4. Interesting spam e-mails received

    I am not a tecchie but it definitely is possible to break into your device and take pictures of you. So thats the reason why you should always ensure your camera of phone/laptop/computer/whatever is covered unless you want to use it.
  5. Interesting spam e-mails received

    Oh. Since you decided to share this gem I am urgently waiting to get your film sent by whomever. Its described like watching Goggle Box then but in one screen. Yaie am really interested to see what some others are doing at home. NOT.
  6. Employer not paying sick days

    Let me try to understand that a bit better since your different postings confused me slightly. In June you post a message that you are concerned about potentially not getting a promised raise after end of probation period (so I take it you still were in probation at that stage). You seem to be keen in getting a blue card where you currently are below threshold regarding income. You state that you urgently want to come on fast track for permanente Aufenthaltserlaubnis to make your stay in Germany a fixed one. In August you ask for advice on  going to part time under  EAT (which definitely wont help reaching the blue card yearly income). And in November you post that your employer has been harrassing you for months now to quit and you have been sick for 15 or maybe 42 days this year. Your employer says 42 and you say there were only 15 days but your doctor mentioned is has to be 6 weeks in one go. I do not get how you need to get Information about 6 weeks sickness leave and after that who is going to pay if you had only 15 days sickleave all in all and why your employer says it were 42 days so far.  Max. time for probation is 6 month in Germany (unless it is prolonged with reason at which stage you better get not 1 single day sick). This means worst case you started in Januar thus ending probation in June. So you had the 15/42 days after end of probation? Cause getting 15/42 days sick leave starting during probation would have made many employers sack you during probation. Plus a few days off for vacation which you are entitled to but wasnt paid as you claim. Seems to be like you  were 1 month off out of 4 month past end of probation (15 days plus a few days off)? If your employers calculation is correct you were even 2 months off out of 4 months after end of probation ( 42 days plus a few days off)? Please enlighten me with more background to allow proper recommendations.
  7. Childminder mileage charges?

    Ill second that. Its not only fuel but wear and tear of car (for example sooner mileage reached for next inspection, tires...). Else they should be offering to her to use their car. If you were doing a busines trip for any given company you would ask for compensation if you drove with your own car. So there is no difference when working as nanny? Its a job at an employer und driving to some place during that job is to be compensated.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    I am not sure about that no plan bit for Germany. So far Germans have always surprised me with having detailed planning before even starting the discussion.
  9. How to separate and maybe divorce

    Yep. Maths can be conquered. Especially girls need to be supported during the phase when it starts getting a little tricky for the first time. You know that moment when its more than 1 + 2 =3.  I was really annoyed when my daughter came home from school end of 3rd beginning 4rth grade. Homework did include some dividing and a little need to think about what is to be divided and maybe afterwards some plus and minus things to be considered and as a new item it wasnt plain but needed a short think. So instead of saying oh its tricky she stopped and said I can't solve this cause Henry (some boy in her class) said girls can't do maths well anyway. Up to that stage I had never even considered offering her any help because she was doing fine at school. And for sure our home is not a place where a role model of women can't do science is presented. So it was simple peer imprint (which seems to have been present long before we noticed). Took me around three months sitting down with her to make her see sense in maths and nonsense of Henry und Co talking rubbish. Great luck her 6th grade maths teacher was brilliant and female. Somehow my boy never came up with this not beeing able to do maths. Just needed help at that stage cause it got a little more tricky. My learning. If ever someone comes up with telling me well I can't do XYZ cause girl/boy I first check whether it may just be a little nudging of well try it out first. 
  10. Why do people explode so easily here? No one is forced to read Information from others. See instructions on how to ignore users. Some people tell from their lives others dont. Some people think sports team are important others dont. If you are not interested dont read it. There is no need to generalise and state things like "thats sick". It may seem sick to you but unless its obviously illegal or life endangering let everyone be. So here is someone who asked himself is it only me or do others feel as well bothered with whatever. Why can't we just answer what we think about it instead of getting snarky. Then someone comes up with something he experienced theb for that beeing challenged by to a can you stop talking for one day and off we go into "how dare you" abuse and insult hurling competition. Just Stop it. This is Not Kindergarden. Ist only for grownups who should be able to tolerate answers and stay friendly.
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Cybil this is  really difficult situation. Keep going offering help without beeing too intrusive. Some elderly people need to know they get attention. Go and ask her. May have been just a cry for help as she felt overwhelmed with her task caring for someone with dementia.
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Wasnt today but I needed a few days of getting my head around it. So this is what happened. Train station. For some reason unbeknown to me there werent any trains running for some time so people had gathered waiting for a train. Platform really crowded. At the back of the platform there is a small place in front of the elevator which is not as crowded as the main part running along the tracks. So in order to have a little more space to myself I did retreat to that part instead of hungrily waiting at the front ready to raid the next train. So there is another guy leaning relaxed to a handrail just waiting. And a 3rd Person enters the scene. Having rolled himself a ciggy asking the relaxed guy for fire. Once the ciggy is lighted he turns to me literally blowing the smoke into my face trying to strike up a conversation about the potential reasons for the delayed train. Just did pull a face and turned my back to him. Am not interested in not well mannered ashtrays. At all.  
  13. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    I am thinking that if they build a new factory from scratch here they will most probably build it with state of the art robotic/automatisation thereby reducing number of needed unskilled labour. There probably will be a high demand in medium level technicians.  Catchment area is not only towards Franfurt/Oder but also down to Dresden. They will get enough people with a solid education in that area.  
  14. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    Uhmm I am not sure I am getting the gist of your comment. Baukindergeld is not for the children to build a home later but a support to parents. 
  15. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    That is really interesting. How about cobalt? This is needed as well and currently mainly comes from sources in places where environmental issues and children having to work for it are quite common?