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  1. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    Why is HF 99 still here? Because he choose to only be nasty to Germans? Thats racism. Needs to be stopped same way as BM Murphy.
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    It'll be nice to see Britons travelling with a passpoert sporting "your mother was a hamster" printed on the front. Will that also be the watermark on each page inside? Just asking for a friend.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Plans for Lords Its got nowth to do with the renovation or  some EU Parlament moans  Just on of Boris specials.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Read the article under this link. Duchess of Saxony? Oh dear.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Checking out of a hotel but still wanting to use the rooms and amenities and breakfast only for free.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    He really did? I missed that somehow?
  7. Only in America...

    Interesting that the children from a fomer marriage get in unannounced and their mother reports it. Could be part of a war of roses.
  8. Worry about being made redundant in near future

    Thats not necessarily correct. As Krieg has pointed out only if the department is big enough. If there are no comparable places available in the company and they shut down the department where 1 person is working there wont be a plan and nothing else. Thus you need to speak to the workers council.
  9. Indeed better call them.today. when I had to take over they wanted to see the person giving me access to their accounts to avoid someone being pressurised to give you access.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Is that meant to say that J2, John g. And HF99 are the same person behind? Because right of the top of my head I remember  all of them were dubbed being alchies recently. 
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Thanks @Keleth for sticking with it and answering to all these insults with precise and valid reposts.   @SpiderPig while I agree to those posts being ridiculous sometimes I feel you are slightly overusing your accusations of people either being alchies or druggies if you dont agree to their posts. So far I havn't bothered counting them but maybe you want to go back through your own posts to check it out. You've been banned as well several times for your posts so you might want to start seeing other sides as interesting points instead of reasons to raise hell. 
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Plans to move House of Lords to York or Birmingham.  How about moving no. 10 to... ? Anyone?
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Seeing there are more and more lines coming in as blocked someone seems to be on a spree. So I take it nothing substantial will come in. Off to footie.
  14. Is Prince Harry revolting?

  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Ah darn. I put someone on ignore and blast someone else quotes. @john g. Please help. I fail to see HFs humour? Its maybe me being daft an all. Please enlighten me.