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  1. Coronavirus

    Getting is is not yet sure. Its rather 2 to 3 weeks after starting to show symptoms?
  2. Corona

    My understanding was that suicide is excempted in general? I know of at least one incident where that was the reason for non payment? But it was some years back so maybe this has changed.
  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    And pasteis de belem.
  4. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Well if I remember correctly the potential post Brexit strawberry pickers were the retired  people who just werent aware that they were strawberry pickers. Here we go. Lots of asparagus cutters available. Watch for the next ivitation to a senior citizens outing.
  5. Coronavirus

    I found some instructions on how to sew  your own mask. Mind its not ffp 2 or 3 so its not for treating sich patients - buuut if all were wearing them the protection just would be better for everyone. However you will need more than one since you are supposed to wash them at 140°F after having used it outside.
  6. Coronavirus

    I was just wondering. Unless you are seriously sick is there a need of testing without symptoms? Afaik the test can be negative one day even though you are infected. It can take up to 14 days to show symptoms. So virus does not seem to be very fast in replication sometimes. Which means if you were to be tested negative today 2 days later virus has done enough replication to show up in test. But you still feel ok and are wandering around happily because your test was negative, infecting everybody around you. Isolation after being in contact with a person tested positive being the word of the day?
  7. Coronavirus

    @Krieg see the whole world uniting in fighting Corona. It is so embarassing he did not offer a huge amount to help them develop the product for all. No it needs to be tied to a US only request.
  8. Coronavirus

    Very  much impressed. After school closure it took our school just 2 days and now kid has an education plan. Tasks in maths, latin, even arts and crafts. Including day when they should be doing it. All put into a school owned program where we log in and have to work on it. 
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    I Love the background signage saying WAY OUT A1306 (to the right) way out all other routes (left). 
  10. Parking ticket from private firm

    Just a small idea that crossed my brain. How about the biomarkt trying to do that themselves? Sort of: I am annoyed that people are using our space so I set up signs and send out fines under some companies name?
  11. Parking ticket from private firm

    I second dodgy. Probably already the biomarkt being scammed. Did you point out your concerns regarding their dodginess to the biomarkt?
  12. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    Well. At least the anti vaccers wont need to be considered for any Corona vaccine once it it out there and everybody is trying to get it first.
  13. Coronavirus

    Dont think the virus is crawling up high in the air to meet 10000 feet flights. Irrespective of how strong the cough has become.
  14. Parking ticket from private firm

    You mentioned you were going to ask the biomarkt about them. Any answer so far?
  15. MVV Isar Weekly Card Validity

    Well. You have to look at the months were you are on vacation as well.