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  1. Can a landlord give apt only to German speaking people

    But the other neighbours then would have noted and reported it and that would have been the end of such erm unruly behaviour isnt it?
  2. Can a landlord give apt only to German speaking people

    But then 20-30 year ago it was not uncommon to not welcome unmarried couples as well. Not to speak of same sex...   However I understand Kapils concerns. Stated this way it is off putting. Landlord could have stated Please understand that since I dont speak.... might have made it easier to accept. Anyway the immediate quest for do I have a legal point here makes me question kapils intention. So please everybody go slow and steady. It was a question. Question was answered. No need to point out other tenants with questionable behaviour linked to nationality. I got scolded for not taking my turn in cleaning the common stairwell some years back. No one had told me that the wooden thingy suddendly hanging from a nail next to my door indicated it was my turn. Can happen to everybody.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    I k
  4. What made you laugh today?

    surely made you forget any worries about your cough.
  5. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

    Not a single peep to be heard here. After doing some background research I was informed that in my place an alarm was sent out via katwarn app only. Well I can't see someones granny scrambling down to hide for she probably has not even heard about katwarn app at all.
  6. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

    In my place it was sent out via katwarn app only. Very secretive since I realised it only 20 mins. later. Guess I was in the burn them list as well😏
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    Afaik its also still used for treatment of  leprosy.
  8. House seller retracting his reduced offer

    That very much depends on what is written in the contract. If it says if payment is not done by date x then the contract is deemed invalid then yes. However more often it includes a term like "poenale"which means if payment hasnt been  done by date x you have to pay extra money.  But going back to original question. From my point of view there is no legal standpoint on messages going back and forth via email or other and a potential notary named. Even with a notary appointment date fixed usually the contract itself needs several discussions upfront regarding clauses and wording. I've seen contracts not being signed at the notary so literally last minute. Maybe your seller got a better offer?
  9. What made you smile today?

    That makes Magaluf a secure place.for vacation since they offer daily testing.
  10. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Note whatever you want. Its seems to be irrelevant what I actually said even less what I meant to say. I dont know Jeba from Adam und I couldnt care less. 
  11. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    He did not say that is was only the asshole part. Did you inquire about his religious orientation or his familiy background or anything else before insulting him the way you did? Or dont you need to do that since you are one of the Gutmensch and they are always right?  Go on dreaming getting the whole world united against the virus and stop insulting everyone.
  12. Riots in Stuttgart

    The people that were allowed in are not scum. Its was a humanitarian thing and at that stage the right thing to do.  Noone ever said integration is an easy path to walk. Takes good will from both sides.
  13. Riots in Stuttgart

    I kind of was thinking the same. Maybe it was fuelled by some sort of professional trouble makers who just needed to tap in a few youngsters open to a general idea of something happened to me and instead of thinking it through and finding the part where they went wrong (eg. not caring about schooling will potentially not let you end up in a well paid leading position) they rather hang it up to some unsorted idea of it only happened to me because someone else did not like my cultural ethnic or whatever background. 
  14. Noise levels

    If the "people over the road"(neighbours?) are waking up as well, maybe you can talk to them to find out whether they are disturbed and feeling the same way you do? If yes then you can make a case together when talking to the "village a elders" (mayor?). Then its not just you.
  15. Riots in Stuttgart

    Well thats the potential outcome