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  1. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    He did not say that is was only the asshole part. Did you inquire about his religious orientation or his familiy background or anything else before insulting him the way you did? Or dont you need to do that since you are one of the Gutmensch and they are always right?  Go on dreaming getting the whole world united against the virus and stop insulting everyone.
  2. Riots in Stuttgart

    The people that were allowed in are not scum. Its was a humanitarian thing and at that stage the right thing to do.  Noone ever said integration is an easy path to walk. Takes good will from both sides.
  3. Riots in Stuttgart

    I kind of was thinking the same. Maybe it was fuelled by some sort of professional trouble makers who just needed to tap in a few youngsters open to a general idea of something happened to me and instead of thinking it through and finding the part where they went wrong (eg. not caring about schooling will potentially not let you end up in a well paid leading position) they rather hang it up to some unsorted idea of it only happened to me because someone else did not like my cultural ethnic or whatever background. 
  4. Noise levels

    If the "people over the road"(neighbours?) are waking up as well, maybe you can talk to them to find out whether they are disturbed and feeling the same way you do? If yes then you can make a case together when talking to the "village a elders" (mayor?). Then its not just you.
  5. Riots in Stuttgart

    Well thats the potential outcome
  6. Serious concern with the current tenancy situation in my apartment

      On 10/10/2018, 2:40:57,shapebuster said: All this socialist bias has fuelled my motivation to get the tenants out.   Can't wait to rub it in all your faces.  
  7. Another fine example here.
  8. Serious concern with the current tenancy situation in my apartment

    This is actually one of the reasons why sometimes I find reading posts on TT very frustrating. So many posters trying to get help for non real or plain nasty reasons thinly covered by half hearted stories. People trying to evict elderly couple just for profit, trying to veil it with flimsy story of their children wanting to move in just fit in nicely.   
  9. Financial compensation of remaining vacation days

    Erm. Afaik if you leave before june 30 the liability is only up to the number of vacation days that accumulate until your leave. For example 20 days total per year and end work in June (mid year) you can only claim 10 days (minus the ones you have already taken). The correct calculation is 1/12 of yearly vacation for each month until June 30. after Juli 1, you can claim for the whole year the legal minimum vacation 20 days (minus the ones already taken). If your contact states more than the minimum 20 days for a 5 days week for the surplus days it very much depends on what is stated in the contract regarding the year of leave. Runs under the name of  „pro rata temporis“.  
  10. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    It must be an ongoing nightmare for the parents. Losing your child that way and then never be sure where she is, having to ask yourself whether she still is alive or not. I really do hope that this case will now be solved. Best scenario this girl still there (some might remember the case of the girl abducted in Austria returning 10 years later) or if that is not the case at least some final Information about her whereabouts. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  11. Coronavirus

    And why would that be important to know?
  12. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

      Well google did not point out why your wife could not be bothered to keep her job until you are safely fixed in your new position. Please enlighten me.    
  13. Coronavirus

    Each bloody reservation in any given restaurant, any given pizza order, cinema tickets.. has taken note of your name and phone number within the last 20 yrs. Living in a police state... Well you obviously never have experienced living in a country where you try to speak up and are not criticised but seized away from the street and never been seen again.  
  14. Coronavirus

    Freedom to buy as much toilet paper as you want? 
  15. Coronavirus

    Which freedom exactly are you missing? Please specify.