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  1. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    Have you read  "The Cultural map" by Meyer? Some points I find really useful and I really feel these differences. Just need some time to get used to them...
  2. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    @zwiebelfisch Thanks for the reply. Very informative! I'm working in IT too and this is my first job in Germany, so I'm pretty annoyed with these Zeugnisis etc.  
  3. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

      True, but I think it is more a formality or the first step in the hiring process - you just have a nice one and go further or you have not so nice zeugnis and rest in bin...IMO, of course.
  4. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    I wish it was true, but really this thing (Zeugnis) has been widely used 
  5. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    Hey, alderhill  and engelchen ! Thank you both for the replies. I've asked already for the German one and mentioned the part about my non-existing employees. I agree that this artifact doesn't make much sense in English.    My responsibilities were described before, I decided to skip them. I think I will wait for the German version and then will show it here. As far as I understood - the part with "performance" description is always like this with no specifics at all. All specific information is listed only in responsibilities list, doesn't it?
  6. Hello dear people!   I need your help. Some time ago I asked my employer for the intermediate performance review (Zeugnis). And today I've got it. Could you please clarify - is it good or bad? Even after reading to this website  https://karrierebibel.de/arbeitszeugnis-formulierungen-bewertung/  I couldn't determine it.   Would be extremely grateful! (it is only in English as a company consider itself as multicultural) Also, they wrote "her employees" but I don't have any because I'm not a manager.     XXX possesses extensive expertise, which she uses effectively and successfully in her work. She is able to impart this expertise to her employees. Due to her exact analytical abilities and her quick comprehension she finds good solutions, which she consistently and successfully puts into practice. We would like to emphasise her well-developed ability to work conceptually and constructively, as well as her precise judgement. We are pleased to confirm her high level of economic competence. Her well-developed entrepreneurial and strategic thinking and actions earn her the greatest respect amongst management and her employees.      XXX demonstrates a high degree of initiative and completely identifies with her assignments as well as with the company. She also impresses us with her great motivation. Even under great pressure, she keeps her grasp on the situation, acts thoughtfully and accomplishes all tasks well. XXX always works very prudently, conscientiously and precisely. Her working methods are marked by trustworthiness and dependability. Even for difficult challenges, she finds and implements very effective solutions and always achieves good results.   XXX always completes tasks assigned to her to our complete satisfaction. XXX gets on well with all associates and always meets them in her friendly, open and accommodating way. Her behavior towards superiors, colleagues and customers is always flawless.   XXX receives this interim reference in the occasion of an exchange of her supervisor. We thank XXX for her very good work and are looking forward to a trustworthy and long-lasting collaboration with XXX. We wish this good employee all the best for her professional future and personal well-being as well as further success.