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  1.   As promised, I am coming back with the outcome. First of all, as you can see, it has only been about 2 weeks since we applied. Yesterday, we got 2 letters from Bezirksamt, addressed on my wife and myself, with date 22.11.2022! I have never had any other experience in Germany when it comes to bureaucracy that was as fast as this. So thumbs up to Bezirskasmt F-hain/Kreuzberg, especially to the person who handled the case.   The letter addressed to me is more or less clear - I will get paid the expected amount for the 2 months that I took and that are in 2023. Sehr gut.   As for my wife, they ask her for this additional document:   "schriftliche Erklärung, dass Sie den Antrag für den 1. Lebensmonat zurückziehen (Dieser Lebensmonat gilt als verbrauchter Basismonat, da Sie in diesem Monat Mutterschaftsgeld erhielten. Sie erleiden keinen finanyiellen Verlust, da bei Anrechnung der Mutterschaftsleistungen der Anspruch 0€ wäre.)"   So if I understand correctly, they just need her to write some kind of a withdrawal for the 1st month (since she was late with the application I guess), but it will not result in any "missed money" because that was anyways paid with Mutterschaftsgeld.   Is there any special way, or maybe templates, how this Erklärung should look like , or simply repeating i.e. "Ich ziehe den Antrag für den 1. Lebensmonat zurück" (in a bit more formal and official way of course) with signature and date is sufficient?
  2. Hi!   In 2 weeks, my wife and I have an appointment for our newborn baby's first Aufenthaltstitel (since neither of us is German). We both have valid residence permits (mine being NE) and all 3 of us have valid passports.   2 questions: 1) Will we be able to travel outside EU/Germany right after the interview/appointment (not literally, but like few days after)? I.e. will our kid receive a paper that serves (for a limited time at least) as a proof that it has a valid residency in Germany, in case the officers ask on the way back ? Normally, we got it on several occasions when we needed to apply/extend our own permits, and they were usually valid for almost 3 months.   2) Will the baby get NE as well (since I have it), or both parents have to have it ? I.e. she receives the temporary permit instead.    Thanks in advance !    
  3. Will do! Hopefully it works out!
  4. Hi! I understand that, but i am interested in Elterngeld here, cause you don't have to necessarily apply for Elterngeld while on Elternzeit... But yeah, it's confusing, or maybe I am just not yet German enough :)
  5. Sorry for coming back again to this topic, but i just realized that I forgot to mention some specifics, that may be relevant.   I (as a husband) DID NOT yet take the Elternzeit. I am planning to take 2 months off, but next year. My wife is taking first 12 months of our childs life. However, because first 8 weeks after birth are covered by Mutterschaftsgeld (and she already got that money by our insurance provider) does that mean that maybe we haven't missed the deadline just yet, cause we have those extra 8 weeks (almost 2 months)? 
  6.   Bummer, but thanks for a clarification Panda. I don't know how I missed this information, perhaps Kindergeld deadline is more talked about (albeit, it's more relaxed than Elterngeld deadline). Again, bummer.   Does that mean that If I apply right away (my kid is 4 months plus few days), we will miss only the first month? 
  7. I have another question related to the Elterngeld.   I have read that there you should apply before your child's last day of 4th month of life, to get full benefits of Elterngeld (i.e. get all the months in past paid retroactively, not just the last 3 or so). However, my HR told me that in her Bezirk (Treptow-Köpenick in Berlin) the deadline is 6 months.   Does anyone know where I can check the deadline for Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district (where we live), as my child has already turned 4 months, and we still haven't applied?   Also, in case we missed their deadline, is it worth trying to argue that we waited for die Geburtsurkunde for 2.5 months + also my employer's HR was slow to issue the permission to take die Elternzeit ?   Thanks!
  8. One-month driving ban and fine for speeding

    Walked to the nearest police station, submitted my driver's license and it worked like a charm. The policemen were so nice, that I almost walked out happy from the station, but then quickly remembered that I got my license taken away with a point added to it.   I thought about your option, but please understand that sometimes German officials don't have too much patience when your German is broken. Getting there face-to-face usually yields a better outcome, but it's also not always practical (when you have to face long waiting times and/or if it's on the opposite side of the city).
  9. One-month driving ban and fine for speeding

    I live in Berlin and got also a driving ban for one month. I would like to hand over my license in person, to minimize the chance that it gets lost. Per this page , I should be able to submit it at this location: Magazinstraße 5, 10179 Berlin Postal . However, on google maps it says that it is permanently closed. Alternatively, this page suggests that I can do it in any police station. Could someone confirm any of these information ?   Thanks in advance
  10. Getting birth certificate of my child takes so long

    Thank you! Your input actually made me  move something from the dead spot
  11. Getting birth certificate of my child takes so long

    The lady at the Standesamt was super nice, and we finally got our birth certificates this morning !
  12. Getting birth certificate of my child takes so long

    Just a little update on this. We wrote an email yesterday almost begging them for the certificate, since it's now more than 10 weeks since we didn't get it. The lady replied with an appointment for this coming Monday. However, she asked us to bring our original marriage certificate with translation and apostille (we have it), residency permits+passports (we have) AND both parents' original birth certificate, plus my wive's needs to be with apostille - I have mine, but my wife doesn't (she only has a copy with certified translation to German), so it would have to be shipped from her country of origin, and then we would need to do the apostille. In short, impossible before Monday. I don't understand why are we asked for our original birth certificates - the marriage certificate contains information about our birthdates and countries of birth, it's translated to German and apostilled. Also, in hospital they told us that we don't need to submit even copies of birth certificates if we are married (and can prove it, of course). I was thinking to write this lady an email regarding this, but then I think it would be easier for her to reject us via email, then if we are there physically, with a baby. It is really annoying that after 10 weeks of waiting they ask as to bring some extra documents on a short notice. If we knes this earlier, we would be able to prepare everything. On top of that, she told us to bring interpreter if needed, and pointed out that "electronic help" is not permitted. Since I am around B1-B2 level of German, this now puts me in doubt whether we should go without the interprerer, although I would have normally done it. Very stressful situation, and all that only to get something that is a basic human right.  
  13. Getting birth certificate of my child takes so long

    I cannot believe things like that work in Germany 2022. Thank you very much for all the information.
  14. Getting birth certificate of my child takes so long

    This is just so bizzarre and frustraiting. Thank you for your helpful insights.   Do you by chance know if there are some Vollmacht templates for these kind of things? I guess you then need to go to Lawyer or Notar with your wife to get it stamped.   Final thing - I am wondering what did you say to the guard and amt employers as the reason for your visit? You already applied for the certificate, so I am just wondering if "hey I need this urgently" is good enough for them to not tell you to "just wait, and it will come when it comes".
  15. Getting birth certificate of my child takes so long

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, this is exactly what I was looki g for!   I am wondering, how did you know that the guard will be there at 4.30 am, giving away the waiting numbers? Is this an official thing, written on their website, or someone did it before you and told you?   Second, did you have to bring your wife and child? I guess not, as they already had all the documents that you've sent weeks before.   PS Unfortunatelly, I know that it would be better with Standesamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - we have 2 couples who got kids there in the past 2 years (when Corona situation was way worse then it is today), and both got them within the course of 2-4 weeks (they dont remember exactly when, but they remember it was "fairly fast"). This aligns with estimation from the article I posted.