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  1. Hi Lalena, generally it takes 4 weeks. And you are right, many cities will not ask for something like that. The law which asks for that also has a exclusion clause. I hope you get it soon now.
  2. @LahwfI understand your problem. I believe it depends on your visa officer, he can ask you that. If you try to argue they won't give you time much to continue. Better to take the test. The questions are not that difficult. Trust me if you prepare for this 310 questions, it will not be very difficult. Wish you the best.
  3. @optimista, hi. Talked to the visa officer today and he confirmed I dont need an integration course certificate. Sometimes we can't understand who the beratungsresistent is. Thanks again that you understand.
  4. @NarjizI called today and luckily found the visa officer. He agreed that I dont need an integration course. I work in an international aerospace company. I learn german not for job but to learn it by heart.
  5. @lunasuenos,the test is in german. But its extremely easy although I am not asked for it. I am asked for a whole integration course. No law has changed. It's always the same. Please refer to the previous posts. You will find the references.
  6. @engelchenthank you for your answer. The thing you misunderstood is, ABH is not asking me for an exam rather asking me to take the 6 months course from 8-12/13-17 hour 5days/week.  You are very right about the little bubble and it's really very easy to pass the Einbürgerungstest.  But the law 18c what you quote is clearly mentioned about only showing B1 level German.  Also my understanding is Section 8 gets deemed for me based on Law 44 where it say with B1 level german, there is no requirement for integration course. The Ausländer living in a small bubble are often facing different experiences based on such issues. No one from the small bubble I know had to show integration course certificate. May be I am wrong totally. And now tired to explain it to ABH umpteen times.
  7. @Narjiz, you actually never know what can be asked. I am a sufferer you see!
  8. @DuBa, this rule is not valid for people with Blue Card. Please have a look at rule 18c. Lebel inDeutschland is needed for people with no blue card. And yes, they asked me for that course certificate. Now they are not replying me after quoting them all the rules.
  9. @catjones any people with sense can understand that a german university graduate working for 2 years in germany with blue card should not be asked for more integration while he even possesses a B1 certificate. I don't know how they could ask me that where the law clearly states of no requirement of integration course for B1 certificate holder.
  10. @syedalisajjadThank you for the references. I wrote a mail to them by mentioning all the clauses where it says:   1. With Blue card there is no requirement of integration course 2. After completing B1, such a requirement of doing integration course does not exist   Most people understand the law, I hope they will stop pretending not understanding it.    
  11. @alderhill, can you please share your opinion on law 44 where it says there is no obligation exist of integration course if someone has sufficient german language knowledge? Can the visa officer still force me? As per their given paper, i need integration course for no skill in german language. After providing B1, does that ground still exist?
  12. @syedalisajjad, thank you for the reference. Exactly what i was saying that with Blue card i don't need integration. Last year I requested if they can give a paper with which I can do integration to learn german at half price. They give me the paper with law clause 44a that I have no german language skill. But now i have that with B1 certificate and as per law 44 there is no requirement for me when I habe B1. I am afraid that the visa officer will try to force me to make it my fault. It happened before and I have no idea what I should do in such case!!
  13. I am certainly also looking for that. I have provided the law references to the visa authority. Want to understand how they response.
  14. One important point: the Bestätigung for integration course was given based on rule 44a satz 1 - Keine einfachen Sprach-kenntnisse (mentioned in the paper). Not for orientation.  If we even forget the law of rule 44, after having B1 certificate is that 44a rule valid anymore? Am I understanding it wrong!?
  15. @alderhill, Thank you for your reply. I already replied Panda Munich. In addition to this want to clarify that, I am a graduate from Germany University, had Arbeitsuche Visum, then got the Blue Card after getting job with required salary.