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  1. übergabeprotokoll changed after signing

    Thank you all for your reply.  I am going to write to my landlord and depending on the reply plan my next move. I will update once I have this solved. 
  2. übergabeprotokoll changed after signing

        Thank you for your reply.   The agent know that we took pictures and it can be clearly seen that things have been added to the same page.   
  3. Hello,   We have a problem, we had a übergabeprotokollon recently. the agent was happy, and i signed the document stating all was i.o (in ordnung) and i took a pic of it (agent dint sign in the picture) .   but to our shock we received a document with stated n.i.o (nicht in ordnung) and many comments added to the same documents which i had already signed.    it looks like they are trying to put the whole renovation cost of house on us.    1. is our photos legally enough to claim that we are not responsible for extra things added? 2. we had a German neighbour who helped us and was present for übergabeprotokollon, will her statement hold any good?