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  1. I stayed in an Airbnb in Germany and while opening the shower, one pannel of doors shattered to pieces (most likely from the overuse by previous guests). As it was my 1st time experiencing something like this, in utter schock I had absolutely no idea what to do so I didn't claim a refund on the stay or anything.   I reported the incident to the host but he denied responsibility and demanded money for a new shower (same type as the original) and repair costs (approx. 400€) through Airbnb. I've paid the amount to close the case.   Now he wrote me again demanding a lot more money because he couldn't find a handyman who would assemble such a 'cheap' shower for him. I have turned to the Airbnb help centre and they assured me that under their policy I'm not binded to pay the host the full reimbursement. As I'm only a poor student I needed to make sure.   T L ; D R   What does the law in Germany state in cases of damage? Do I have to pay the value of the damaged thing (ie. the value of the doors) or I have to pay the complete process of repair, replacement etc.?   If he has my personal information, would it be easy for him to take a legal action, in case I'd refuse to pay?   I understand him on his part but it's ridiculous that I have to pay for whatever the host comes up with - that is a new shower of different type and labour of a value much more expensive than of the original one. (The original shower was small and not that complicated to assemble on your own)   Thank you soo much for any of your help.