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  1. Doing Taxes for Multiple Gewerbes + Employment

      Okay, super thanks for the info.  
  2. Doing Taxes for Multiple Gewerbes + Employment

      Would i then need to fill out two different Anlage G, one for each of my Gewerbes?   I am a Kleinunternehmer, so won't do a VAT return.     
  3. Hi,    I would greatly appreciate some information regarding my tax situation for year 2018. Over the course of the year i had 3 different sources of income:   Freelance cleaning Gewerbe from January to November 2 months employment in November and December Freelance massage Gewerbe from September to the end of the year (still current)   I am familiar with Elster and used it to file my taxes last year (2017). I would appreciate if some one could tell me which forms i would need to fill in for my situation. Will i need to separate Gewerbe tax forms? And a separate one for my earnings from employment? Thanks in advance.     Kind regards,     Fred    
  4. I have been looking into Shield GEO services for a similar situation i have found myself in (offered a job by a US company, who initially wanted to hire me as a contractor). They seem very reputable, however their serives fees are quite expensive. But, if you said the company is "willing to incur some costs to set it up the right way in order to make it work." is could be the easiest and fastest solution.
  5. Gewerbeschein

    Hi, i have searched endlessly for an answer to this question, but to no avail.   Can someone tell me whether it is possible to work self-employed in two different fields, with the respective two different Gewerbescheins?   Or do Finanzamt and Ordungsamt get funny about that?   I am currently working self-employed as a massage therapist (for which i have my Gewerbeschein), however i would now like to top up my income with more side-line self-employed work as a cleaner. I realize i need a Gewerbeschein for this. Is it a matter of just applying for another at the Ordungsamt and filling in a new Steuererfassung?   Alternatively, could i just have both services put under one Gewerbeschein?     Thanks for any info and advice.