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  1. Tax return calculation - strange refund

    Thanks for your answer. No, my workplace is not that much far... only 1000 Euro default amount is reduced in my case... I have been always hearing that 'angestellter' who work for öffentlichen dienst, receive around that amount of money after every year. I also did the steuererklärung for 2016, and i got around 900 that year...  (i used same website , steuergo.de ...)
  2. Tax return calculation - strange refund

    Thanks for your responses.  @Krieg : Those expenses are not that much in my case. My Brutto is around 40k. 1000 Euro is the default value which is reduced. But after that, the websites show me the refund of around 10 Euro... @RedMidge : No, i think these kind of questions won't be responded by them...
  3. Tax return calculation - strange refund

    any answer would be really appreciated...
  4. Hi,   In whole 2018, i had a 75% tvl13 contract(class 1). In my yearly statement, brutto and paid taxes are exactly as it is written in https://oeffentlicher-dienst.info/c/t/rechner/tv-l/west?id=tv-l-2018 , so everything is simple...   To do the 'Steuererklärung' i entered my data in different website(like steuergo.de), but all of them showed expected refund of around '10 euro' ! Is there here any point i missed? Because i expected to receive around 900 Euro refund (consider that i wouldn't declare any cost or expenses)   thank you in advance for any reply.