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  1. You really should not try to (for the lack of word) manipulate anything with the intention of being able to live in Germany. It will really be a lot of trouble for you and your wife if you get caught. The government is really pretty thorough in digging for information especially when it comes to giving permits.    Your situation is somewhat discussed here:   I know you have already given it a consideration but just really do it. Apply for another job ASAP. Make as many applications as you can. There was one here in TT who did the same thing after being relieved from his employer and he was able to obtain a new contract. You take it from there. Also, my friend who was here on a tourist visa last month, applied for a job during the stay, and was given a job offer that will start in June. When you get hired, you might be given an earlier date since you are already here. 
  2. Tax Refund shows negative number!

    You can also directly inquire at the tax office about this or just file an appeal if you really believe there is something off with the calculation.  Many people who are not required to file income tax returns choose not to do it. Unless you receive a letter from the tax office and you are asked to file your tax return for whatever reason, then you need to comply. 
  3. Tax Refund shows negative number!

    The same site also mentions the possible reasons why you received less or even a negative amount as opposed to what was shown when you made the calculation.   This thread also mentioned why the OP got big refund the first time that he/she filed his/her income tax return.  
  4. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    Is Weinsauerkraut safe for children? 
  5. How about if we can’t stand someone or if we dislike them in anyway, we just ignore them and not have to make comments to intentionally belittle the person? We don’t know what they are going through. How is it so easy to make a gibe at someone we don’t even know in person? Or is it the fact the we do not know someone personally that makes it easier to bully that person?
  6. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

      If you are referring to a buyer, no, not at all. Even Amazon has this option. Different delivery address and invoice will be sent to another address. If you are really worried, check when the account of the seller or the buyer has been active. Those who have been active for years are “most likely” legit. 
  7. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

      Not really. I suppose it depends on what is being sold. How long the account has been active is also a good factor. I have been building and selling for years now. Unlike with regular eBay, if you buy from me, we don’t need to exchange names. If someone is interested to buy, I give them my number, they call when they are outside and I open to let them in or I bring them what they want to buy. This way, they don’t have to ring and disturb my family since I have children. Those who are really interested to buy can come and those who aren’t, at least I did not give my name. Even with just selling used household items, there has been no problem. It has always worked without any problem, at all.
  8. German English Exchange

      Fluency in Business English would have to include both speaking and writing since it’s a specialized area of English that involves structure and vocabulary used in business. Even native speakers would have to learn or study it. You can just say you are fluent enough to make casual conversation in English. That would work too. 
  9. Advice on moving (back) to Germany from Singapore

    As far as I know, the years that you resided here in the past no longer count since you already left and that’s that. If it makes it easier for you to move here through your current employer (work visa processing and all) then it might be a good option. Then you only have to process your wife’s Visa.    My friend came to Germany on a tourist Visa for about a month, then applied for a job during the stay here. My friend was hired and was given a start date, which is flexible depending on when my friend will receive the work permit. I am not certain if it depends on the home country but my friend needed to go back home and apply for the work permit there. If you want to seek for a different employer to get a better position, you might want to just do the same during your stay here. 
  10. Sharing address on ebay kleinanzeige

    Next time, just give your address. No name. The pickup buyer doesn’t need to know your name. Just tell the person to call you and tell you if he/she is outside. Then you can just go out to either let him/her in or you can bring the item you are selling outside to give to the buyer. 
  11. German English Exchange

  12. German English Exchange

    Technically, the OP did not break any community guideline.   TT has over a thousand active members. There might be 1 or more who would be interested in his offer.    It’s sad how to many, it is so easy to be unkind, partial and prejudiced. 
  13. German English Exchange

  14. German English Exchange

  15.   Are the bank details where to pay not in the letter? And just go to KVR to register.