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  1. Weekend job for only 4-6 weeks

    They call it a black job. You can do security job at parties on weekends or carry things, etc. You need to know someone who can refer you to the right people though. 
  2. Kindergarten staff negligence

    If only it is not a crime, it would be good if you can slap the doctor’s report to that kindergarten staff and make her eat it.    My German workmate’s son lost 2 front teeth in a kindergarten when he slipped and fell down the stairs because the floor was slippery and he was asked by a staff to get something outside alone when kindergarteners are supposed to never be by themselves unattended. It was apparent neglect. You know what my workmate did? They let it slide because they don’t want to find another kindergarten for their child.    Forgive me for saying this but many Germans don’t mind taking crap and they just let crap keep coming to them without fighting back. It’s fascinating in a way. This is why there are too many impertinent workers in general or neglectful kindergarten staff, because they hardly get into trouble for not doing their job. 
  3. Is it possible to sue DHL for their terrible customer service?

      You can just write a tweet about your concern and just write @dhlpaket anywhere in the tweet. They always respond when they get mentioned. Check their twitter page. They responded to many complaints. ?
  4. Is it possible to sue DHL for their terrible customer service?

      It’s @dhlpaket
  5. Is it possible to sue DHL for their terrible customer service?

      Ha. Tell me about it. No offense to the Germans as many of them are nice and friendly too, but a lot of their workers also act like they are the customers and the actual customers need to be the ones to give them good service. Usually the courteous ones are the Ausländer. 
  6. Is it possible to sue DHL for their terrible customer service?

      That would have been automatically with insurance. Tag them in twitter. I did it before. They usually reply. And email them as well in a nicely worded manner as what @dj_jay_smith said. If you call their customer service, you’d mostly get rude representatives who hung up when asked to have a manager on the phone. There seems to be a lot of these kinds of people in Germany to be honest. Over the phone, in grocery stores, front desk of clinics, etc. It’s like their parents never taught them to be courteous in general. Normally, the dead end for complaints is the CEO, l but here, you’d be lucky to even speak to an empathetic chef.  
  7. Is it possible to sue DHL for their terrible customer service?

      Was it sent with insurance? I sent around 2 packages without insurance and they were lost. I was told if it was päckchen, then it’s gone and there is no way I can be compensated for it. They are also rude in acknowledging customers’ concerns. I have always sent with insurance since then, no matter how little the package is. 
  8. If it’s financially a struggle to build your work experience here and the feeling of being with family and friends outweigh the urge to make some use of your recently attained German degree, then go back to the US. Build your career there and still go on vacations in Europe. When you are ready, you can always apply for a job in  Germany. Your German degree will usually be given great consideration and you being a resident here and being able to speak the language proficiently will always be a good factor. 
  9. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      Jeez back at you @Marianne013. The OP said the child speaks English. 
  10. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      If it were me I’d have asked that child if he/she can speak English and then tell him/her that my child can speak German, English, and other languages. It would not be right to talk to a child like that, but this thinking that little children must be taught the German language first before any other language is ignorant. Children who live here will eventually learn the language when they go to kindergarten. This is how language acquisition works. But many Germans seem to not know this. And they pass on their ignorant beliefs to their children. Same goes to racists and those who discriminate. It all starts at home. 
  11. How can I Kündigung the contract with Vondafone?

    According to Vodafone, as quoted in a forum:   “We point out that a proper termination is possible only at the end of the agreed contract period. The expected compensation payment is made up of the contractual residual maturity in months multiplied by the monthly basic fee less a discounting factor. The compensation payment is listed on the final invoice. If a customer wishes the untimely ending of the contract, Vodafone suffers a financial damage for which we calculate a compensatory payment as follows: The monthly basic fee as well as the package price, from the point of termination up to the regular end of the contract term. We will deduct Euro 1 per monthly invoice for minor administration expenses and have taken the deduction of unaccrued interest p.a. into consideration.”
  12. Complaining to a watchdog/newspaper about a firm

    I have a complaint about a hospital. Does anyone know the exact link of a particular newspaper site where I can write to?
  13. Landlord wants to sell house - Negotiation Advice

    You are renting the apartment from someone who actually owns it. The owner wants to sell it. You either buy it yourself or look for another apartment. It can be tough. The owner offers you 10k to move out, no hassle, no need to worry about any obligation. You can just leave. You want more money. Your desire to demand more money is probably justifiable, probably not. But, If you refuse to move, the owner can take you to court. If you still do not come into an agreement, the court will decide on your case. If the owner wins, you have to move out and you will be evicted within months. If you win, then the owner will have to wait until the time that you have chosen to leave. Although there have been several cases that the court is in favor of the landlord.  
  14. Help - need Vodafone voicemail number (non-German speaker)

    @Sadok you are not wrong. It’s usually those Germans who can not speak and understand English who are reacting negatively to non German speakers. Many tend to be condescending. It’s probably the feeling of why they have to struggle to communicate in English when it would have been easier if the other person can speak German. Usually, they would ask how long one has been in this country and proceed to make a big deal why the person still can’t speak Deutsch. It happened to me when I was still learning the language years ago. A Hausartzt repetitively asked about my ability to speak German and how she made such a big deal about the language my child speaks and where my child grew up. So I told her off and gave her 1 star review.    But they are not wrong to feel frustrated though, as speaking Deutsch (although not mandatory especially for those with professional degrees) really is quite a big deal in this country. It’s a means for effective communication after all.