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  1. Complaining to a watchdog/newspaper about a firm

    I have a complaint about a hospital. Does anyone know the exact link of a particular newspaper site where I can write to?
  2. Landlord wants to sell house - Negotiation Advice

    You are renting the apartment from someone who actually owns it. The owner wants to sell it. You either buy it yourself or look for another apartment. It can be tough. The owner offers you 10k to move out, no hassle, no need to worry about any obligation. You can just leave. You want more money. Your desire to demand more money is probably justifiable, probably not. But, If you refuse to move, the owner can take you to court. If you still do not come into an agreement, the court will decide on your case. If the owner wins, you have to move out and you will be evicted within months. If you win, then the owner will have to wait until the time that you have chosen to leave. Although there have been several cases that the court is in favor of the landlord.  
  3. Help - need Vodafone voicemail number (non-German speaker)

    @Sadok you are not wrong. It’s usually those Germans who can not speak and understand English who are reacting negatively to non German speakers. Many tend to be condescending. It’s probably the feeling of why they have to struggle to communicate in English when it would have been easier if the other person can speak German. Usually, they would ask how long one has been in this country and proceed to make a big deal why the person still can’t speak Deutsch. It happened to me when I was still learning the language years ago. A Hausartzt repetitively asked about my ability to speak German and how she made such a big deal about the language my child speaks and where my child grew up. So I told her off and gave her 1 star review.    But they are not wrong to feel frustrated though, as speaking Deutsch (although not mandatory especially for those with professional degrees) really is quite a big deal in this country. It’s a means for effective communication after all. 
  4. Gender neutral toilets.

    I had a transgender workmate who identifies as female and used the toilet for women. Then my workmate decided to identify as bisexual and started dressing as male because he said there are more men available for bisexual men than for transgender women. So he then shifts from using women’s toilet to using the toilet for men.  
  5. Something in meat that is not available from other food

      It goes the same for people in other professions. Many of them would have been good at a certain fields of study but they take up something else instead because money always comes first and so they end up hating their jobs and they are incompetent. Many lawyers are only in for the money and if they do not get much from a client, they’d just give mediocre service. 
  6. Something in meat that is not available from other food

    It’s the lack of B12 @SmurfLee. This is why vegans take B12 supplements. If you are low on it, it will cause dizziness.      In our family, our child is the only one who is pescetarian. Always fit and always recovers fast from any sickness. 😊 yes, fish is meat. Animal flesh is technically meat, except to Catholics who for some reason do not consider fish as meat. 🤷‍♀️
  7. snakes in Munich - 3 found near schools..

    It’s not uncommon at all. There is also a thread for this:
  8. Question for people who wear glasses

    If you are doubtful and need assurance, go see an ophthalmologist. I wear glasses and I used to think I needed to up my grade. If I visited optical clinics first, they would most certainly tell me to change my glasses but someone advised me to see an ophthalmologist first to assess my eyes as I was also having headaches and I was told I don’t need a change of eyeglasses and they also examined the condition of my eyes and advised me what to do. 
  9. How can I find a doctor accepting new patients?

    Did you search “Hausartzt” through google maps? I always do this using the google maps app on my phone. You can call them one by one. The results would show the ones nearest you or you can filter it to show those with good reviews. If you really can not find anyone, you can go directly to the hospital as outpatient. 
  10. Why are you happy today?

      Only selfies with ballots, no. And it’s posted after.    Wähler sollen nicht beeinflusst werden dadurch, dass sie erfahren, wie andere abgestimmt haben.
  11. Why are you happy today?

    Today, we had our cat in our minds when we voted. 
  12. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    Take for example moving to a different address within Germany. You just have to Ummeldung or register the new address. You do not need to even deregister since, as what the second official you talked to told you, Abmeldung usually means moving out to reside outside of Germany. You will only be on a vacation and will be away less than 6 months.    You have a certain form of residence permit. You are given certain number of months to stay in Germany as a resident. You are a resident registered to that address. Also, as a resident you are also entitled to go on a vacation. Basically, what you are doing is just going on a vacation for about 4 months. As a resident, you will then go back to your registered address after your vacation, just how it is when people go out of country for a trip. Deregistering is not needed.    If you are in doubt since the 2 officials you talked to have different answers, talk to someone else in the department you went to. 
  13. If I cancel anmeldung, do I lose my visa?

      Pompous. I suppose the TT community will die without you since you are a highly esteemed contributor that’s why it’s ok for you to snap at people. 👍 again, who hurt you?
  14. If I cancel anmeldung, do I lose my visa?

      You are always hostile. Who hurt you? 
  15. Streaming Laws in 2019

    Everything is still the same. There are also very recent posts in the same old thread.