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  1.   In my case, it's not a cop-out lol. I have no problem admitting when I've done something wrong, was mis-informed due to personal mistakes, etc. I guess if I think about it, I could say that I don't stay on top of the news much, so the little bit that I did catch was all negative.. and a lot of it was family members sending me articles from Spiegel, etc. So the part where I dropped the ball then was that I didn't look into it more myself, and didn't seek out a greater variety of news sources. I tend to not be a big fan of the news as I don't find it very believable, thus my lack of interest in pursuing other news sources and my preference of finding a forum to discuss with people, instead.    I have 0 romantic ideas of Germany. As I've already said, I lived there for 8 months in 2012 and had a job, etc. (though 8 months is a very short period of time for such a huge change, which is why I came on here to talk to people who have been back in Germany for much longer than that). It was long enough, however, that I dealt with all (most of) the wonderful Buerokratie, being employed there like I said, having a family doctor, and so on. I very much expect reverse culture shock to hit me hard once I'm back again. It was weird just going grocery shopping in Kaufland or wherever the first few months.. everything felt weird. And I'm also very familiar with not feeling like I belong. I have felt that way for 20 years here in Canada, and I felt that way in Germany in 2012. My sibling, however, who lived in Canada for 17 years before moving back to Germany (so they've been there for just over 3 years now) said that their feeling of not belonging vanished after about 2 years. I'm hoping for the same luck, but who knows- everyone is different :-) I was always "The German Girl" in Canada, and in Germany I suspect I'll be the "Canadian Girl" for a while.. that's just how it is. I'm in regular contact with relatives in Germany, etc., etc., we subscribed to German TV here and watched it and so on, so I'm not 100% in the dark about the culture change since I left freaking 20 years ago, but am also not stupid enough to expect that that's actually enough to have legitimately kept me in the loop.  The first 6 months in Germany in 2012 I absolutely loathed. The last few months I began having weekly nervous break downs, which is when I decided to move back. However.. I was younger at the time, pretty stupid, and the move had been completely unplanned and very rushed.. almost over night (you can see how "smart" I was in planning such a massive move almost over-night). I was also running away from a traumatic loss (family member had died 2 months prior) that I hadn't given myself time to process. Aaaand I also had little work experience and 0 post secondary education. Without getting into more details, it was mostly the lack of post-secondary and my job situation that screwed me over. Everything else besides work (LOL), I absolutely loved. Since then, I've added on to my work experience and have post-secondary education, and my husband also has a career.. and yes, we've checked with the Agentur fuer Arbeit that our degrees will translate smoothly and be valid in Germany.    I fully expect to miss parts of Canada and hate parts of Germany. I already noticed in 2012 how things had changed, and I know that since then, many more significant changes have taken place. I find that now with internet culture and other changes, most 1st world countries are becoming more and more similar. So I expect a lot of the same issues I have here, to follow me to Germany, along with some "Germany-unique" issues to crop up as well.    Yes, I am new on here. Brand new. Second day. So I wasn't aware at the time of my post that I can't have moderators remove trolls. But I did find the lovely "Report" flag, as well as the option to ignore users. And as you can see, I have 0 problem "snarling" back :-) 
  2.   It IS an extremely open question. Very broad, very dependent on each individual. But I still got something out of your response - I appreciate you giving me a new angle on this question. I love a good "mulling things over" session. 
  3.   Had 0 trouble with that in 2012 as we are both German citizens (just landed immigrants here in Canada) and we were both employed. Are planning on finding jobs from Canada before even moving, as that's what the Agentur für Arbeit said they would help us do.    If something has changed or I'm overlooking anything, please let me know.. I'm definitely not up to speed on all the details. 
  4.   You don't like how others speak, others don't like how you speak - get over it. Stop harassing people and get a life. This thread is meant to be peaceful and differing opinions and views are welcome. 
  5.   You don't like how others speak, others don't like how you speak - get over it. Stop harassing people and get a life. This thread is meant to be peaceful and differing opinions and views are welcome. 
  6.   How is it racist to ask a question? Imagine the media sells you this image that there's a wave of criminals - you would show 0 concern? Obviously I wasn't born yesterday, and know that the media will ALWAYS make a big deal out of something little, or portray it in a highly biased, negative light. That's why I came on here to ask a question. It's this nice little thing called "freedom of speech"... being allowed to ask questions without having someone call you names or assume things about you when they know exactly nothing about you as a person. I know that's how the internet functions now, but that's now how I am. I still believe in mature conversation with adults, where thoughts and opinions can be stated even when they are unclear, or even if, heaven forbid (sarcasm is a beautiful thing), I disagree with them. 
  7. Thanks! That's helpful info :-) And yes, I assumed the whole migrants/refugees thing wasn't being portrayed realistically - I know the media does a lot of fear mongering, so I appreciate the info here from "real people" rather than from the highly biased media. 
  8.   LOL wow. I'm not anti-immigrant. I've lived in Canada as an immigrant myself for 20 years, as I've stated clearly. And no, I would not be an immigrant if I returned to Germany. I'm a German by birth, from many generations of Germans. I lived in Germany for 7 years as a child as well before leaving the country with my parents. It's impossible for me to be an immigrant in Canada AND in my home country... that would leave me with 0 countries in the world where I would not be an immigrant. I'm sure almost all of us were immigrants at some point if we knew our detailed ancestry from Adam, but that's ridiculous and not at all the point of this thread. Please engage in helpful, mature conversation or find a different thread that's more the type of conversation that you are looking for. Thank-you! 
  9.   I should've clarified that I don't mean rural, per se. I mean more like a small town close to a larger city. I've been a little sleep deprived thanks to a bad cold, so my wording might be a bit wonky :-) Towns are certainly much closer to each other in Germany than they are in Canada - here you can drive for hours without ever stumbling upon a single house. From living in Germany as a kid + those 8 months in 2012 as an adult, I did notice how easy it was to quickly access surrounding cities.  But yes, doing my homework on that is definitely important. Thanks for that reminder :-) 
  10.   Thank-you for the normal, mature answer lol. Good to know. 
  11.   ... literally just asking a question. Not sure why you would get your panties in a bunch (based on your other posts in this thread as well). I've been living abroad since 1999, so yes, some of my questions may appear ignorant - that's precisely why I'm on here: to get the actual facts. The news obviously only focuses on the negative, and I'm well aware of that.. that's why I don't want to get my entire image of Germany based off of the news. I've also heard negative things from relatives who have lived in Germany all their lives (as we are all German - just my family left), but I realize that their areas may have been hit harder by the negative aspects of the "Flüchtlingskrise" than other parts of Germany. So again.. I'm working with limited and biased info here, which is precisely why I started this thread. 
  12. Hi all,   I know similar threads are up but 1) they're either out-dated or 2) they are asking for help with the move, etc. and I don't actually need help with that. I'm well informed and I already returned to Germany for 8 months in 2012, so I've been through the process and imagine not much has changed about the actual process of moving.  I'm more curious if there are people like me out there who lived abroad for a very long time (I've lived in Canada for 20 years, since I was in elementary school. My German is still near-flawless, or so I'm told - we were "forbidden" to speak English at home so we wouldn't forget German :-)), and who are returning to Germany. I'm curious about those specifically who have moved back after the whole 2015 thing, as I know Germany went through a large shift/change again after that experience (or so I'm told by extended relatives who never left Germany).    Some think I'm crazy for leaving Canada and wanting to go back to Germany... I just feel ready. I'm also frustrated by the lack of good doctors here as I deal with multiple chronic conditions, and have yet to find 1 good doctor who will actually help and take me seriously. My husband is German as well, and we've never stopped thinking about it since our failed attempt in 2012.  Has anyone moved back recently after being gone for a very long time? Do you regret it? We are hoping to move to a small town. We want a quiet, boring life out in the country. (We're young, but we're old at heart :-P.) Just hoping to be able to have a random conversation about this, as the wheels won't stop turning in my head :-) Also, the move is still about 1.5 to 2 years away, and I'm growing impatient. I'm wrapping up my BBA before we move.