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  1. Streaming Laws in 2019

    I guess the question is '' is watching films and sports through kodi legal? '
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    I was by my local Ausländeramt last week to ask about my situation. I've lived here for 27 years and married a German girl here in Germany 27 years ago. My 2 children are German and I have my own house and have always worked. There is no way I'll pass the B1 test as I have never had any need to write correct German as I am a mechanic and work with my hands. I was informed by the Ausländeramt that until brexit happens they can't tell me anything because they don't know themselves. My Aufenthaltserlaubnis was stamped back in 1996 as unbefristet, does this still count? Who knows? 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    I believe most that most Brits didn't know how deep and involved it is to leave the EU. I for one didn't and strongly believe that a second referendum would have a different outcome now that we all now know.