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  1. Need ELSTER online help

    That's good news about the corrected VAT announcement.  I'll do that.  I'm not sure what you mean by "If you do it his way, you have a result other than 0€ in the VAT tax return, and that's a red flag for the Umsatzsteuer-Sonderprüfer." My monthly declarations are currently zero (no VAT paid, no VAT deducted); I was planning to declare the VAT deductions with my annual tax return.    
  2. Need ELSTER online help

    Oh right. No, it's not the same Steuerberater.  The first guy was pressuring me to pay him for every bit of information, which I found offputting.  I found a second guy, but now I'm worried that he doesn't know what he's doing, or that he made a mistake and is trying to cover it up.  He also said that I don't have to report my VAT-deductible business expenses every month; I could do that when I submit my annual tax return.  On my monthly VAT declaration, he told me to input "0" in Field 66: Vorsteuerbeträge aus Rechnungen von anderen Unternehmern (§ 15 Absatz 1 Satz 1 Nummer 1 UStG), aus Leistungen im Sinne des § 13a Absatz 1 Nummer 6 UStG (§ 15 Absatz 1 Satz 1 Nummer 5 UStG) und aus innergemeinschaftlichen Dreiecksgeschäften (§ 25b Absatz 5 UStG) Is he correct?  I would prefer to compile all my deductions at once for the year, rather than do it every month.    
  3. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Also: I can't recall exactly now, but I believe we received the Steuernummer for the LLC within 2 weeks of visiting the Finanzamt. Red Tape Translation did a great job with our partnership agreement, which was accepted without issue.   
  4. Need ELSTER online help

    Thanks so much, PandaMunich!  Is it possible to go into ELSTER and revise the past VAT declarations?  This would be for May-July 2019, my first three months living in Germany.     Can't believe you remembered me from my last mini-crisis! : ) I'll follow up on the previous case in the original thread.      
  5. Need ELSTER online help

    Hi, this is an old thread but maybe somebody can advise me. I live in Germany and perform video editing services for clients in U.S. I transmit the finished videos online. My Steuerberator submitted my monthly VAT declaration on Elster. He listed income in field 60:    60: Steuerpflichtige Umsätze, für die der Leistungsempfänger die Steuer nach § 13b Absatz 5 UStG schuldet  In a followup conversation on how to fill out VAT declarations myself, he said it didn't matter whether I use field 60 or 45, because "the result is the same."  For my situation, field 45 seems more accurate: 45: Übrige nicht steuerbare Umsätze (Leistungsort nicht im Inland) Is it really possible that the two fields have the same result?  My American clients don't owe VAT; how could they?  I don't understand how this is possible, and he won't explain it to me.   Should I be worried?   
  6. Residency Requirement for German Driver's License

    That's good info Buzznut ... the driving school was making it sound like I couldn't apply ahead of time.  Did you already have your 2-year residency permit when you applied for the license?  
  7. Residency Requirement for German Driver's License

    Good point, Percy, about the start date.  I've asked my car insurance company, since I figure it affects my coverage.  And your other tips sound great as well!    
  8. Background: I immigrated to Germany from U.S. two months ago.  I have an EU spouse and am in the process of doing paperwork to get my long-term residency permit.  It's going to take a few months because I'm applying to KSK to meet the insurance requirement. Auslanderbehorde gave me a 6-month permit while I wait for KSK.  In the meantime, we're on Mawista.     I went to Burgeramt to register for conversion of my NY driver's license; there's no reciprocity, so I'll need to take driving and written tests. Burgeramt person said I need my long-term residency permit  before I can apply for the license. The 6-month permit I have is not enough. Does that sound right? I don't speak German and the whole conversation was through Google Translate.   I called Fahrschule Oscar (English language driving school) and got a different answer: I need to have lived in Germany for 6 months BEFORE applying for license, AND have a long-term residency permit. This would necessarily leave a gap where I can't drive since the application takes 4 months, and my American license is only good for 6 months after start of my Anmeldung.    So ... What is the actual residency requirement??? KSK application can take several months. I would even consider getting private insurance so I can apply for the residency permit and start the driver's license process right away, to minimize the gap when I can't drive.  But if I need to first live in Germany for 6 months anyway, then private insurance would be a waste of money.   
  9. VAT deductions - Monthly or Annually?

    I recently registered a GbR here (freelance film production, company is wife and myself). I am now doing our first monthly VAT report on ELSTER.  All our current clients are in the USA, so we don't have any income that is liable for VAT.  All those fields will be zero. However, I understand we can report expenses accrued in Germany and get a refund for VAT. I'd prefer to calculate expenses yearly, that's what I did in the US. - Do I have to report these expenses monthly, or can I just wait for my year-end tax return? - If monthly, do I have a chance to revise the monthly figures at the end of the year, in case I miss anything? - Since our VAT balance will be negative, when will we get the refund?    
  10. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Just following for posterity ... We went to the Schoneberg Finanzamt with an interpreter; the Finanzamt guy was surprisingly nice and laidback (!).  We got our LLC registered as a GbR.  We received only one Steuernummer, for the GbR.  Our Steuerberator told us to do 100% of our business through the LLC, otherwise he'd have to charge us triple the amount for profit-loss calculations (one for LLC, one for me, one for my wife).  We submitted the Steuernummer confirmation to Gutschein office and got our full-time voucher right away.  Thank you PandaMunich for all your help.  Now I have to figure out monthly VAT statements, will start another thread ... 
  11. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    PS I see some English guides online for filling out the Fragebogen for individuals ... Is there a guid for filling out the Fragebogen for partnerships?  
  12. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Sorry for delayed followup.  Since my last post (two days ago) I actually moved to Germany!  Very Hectic. Going to Finanzamt tomorrow with an interpreter and hopefully get some clarity. The only Steuerberater who was willing to talk to me did not seem eager to look over my Fragebogen, he made it sound like no big deal. Nobody else would engage with me.  I guess they are busy.    Great info about the VAT, thanks so much PandaMunich.  After weighing various factors, I've decided to go forward with registering the LLC. I got a certified translation from Red Tape of our partnership agreement. I'm filling out the Fragebogen now for the LLC. First question: "1.4 Legal form of the company" The options are:   GbR OHG KG Grundstuckgemeinschaft Atypisch stille Gesellschaft Erbengemeinschaft GmbH & Co. KG Partnerreedereien Sonstiges   Of course we want to be classified as Personengesellschaft ... so which one do we choose?  GbR?  As members we have limited liability under US law, but the liability aspect is not critical for us. 
  13. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Yes, he does show up on that link. He doesn't really inspire confidence, though. All I can think to do is to fill out every configuration of the Fragebogen (with/without LLC) and bring them to the Finanzamt.    
  14. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Followup: I spoke to a Steuerberater who gave me totally different advice. He said we only need to file one Fragebogen for the LLC, and that my wife and I would be included in that Fragebogen. He charges about 135 Euro to review the Fragebogen.  He also said that if we got lucky, we might get the Steuernummer the same day(?!) at the Finanzamt.  I have no idea whether this guy is trustworthy or not. I found him through referral of Greenback Tax Services, an expat specialist back in the U.S. that advertises a lot.  Confused!!        
  15. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Huge huge thanks, PandaMunich! I think we will avoid doing further active business through the LLC, at least for this year.