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  1.   Grounds enough to refuse entry
  2.   Didn't say you did, I was quoting your post for the  general consensus. Peace brother!
  3. Seems bizarre that people who do not speak German would be refused entry to a nightclub for this reason. I guess all the non-German speaking bands should refuse to play Berlin then. That'll learn them.
  4. I have never known a bouncer to be hairist. Except to gingers. Then rightly so
  5. Best not to on a public forum. You have to be ITK!
  6. Interesting topic. I think it is all about cultural differences and accecptance.   I have lived here since 1996 and STILL can't get used to some of the rudeness I encounter. I don't think we can generalise and tar everyone with the same brush. And I never assume someones nationality.   How I deal with rude people depends on my mood and how rude they are to me. I have taken the passive aggressive stance, the "give as good as you get" stance and the "Romford" stance (not advisable, however it has never failed me).   At the end of the day, there are rude buffoons everywhere, we just have to step back and look at the bigger picture. What we may concieve as rude, is probably the norm.
  7. Should I tip the Umzug workers?

    If you are happy with thei service, why not?
  8. What made you smile today?

  9. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

    I think without the facts (checking the actual Arbeitsverrtag), we can only summise as to the whys, wheres ad wherefores.
  10. What was your first car?

    My first car was a Volvo which I purchased for 400 quid in Hull, the day after I had passed my test at ASMT in Leconfield. Suffice to say it gave up the ghost a week later whilst on route to Dover.