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  1. Selling a flat - recommendations on a Makler

    No, I think we might be able to find both specialties within a single agency... We will see! Thanks for commenting.
  2. Selling a flat - recommendations on a Makler

    Thanks.. I was also wondering this, but I guess I'm a little nervous about the process and doing everything correctly.
  3. We will be selling our Altbau in Cologne, and I'm curious if people think it makes a difference to choose from a local Makler (in the same neighborhood/quarter) or one that maybe specializes in "higher end" Altbau Wohnungen? I guess ideally, the Makler would be both local and a specialist.. but any thoughts on this? Would we be better served by one over the other? Maybe one knows the local market and buyers better versus the other who might know people looking for something in a higher price range?   Or maybe I'm just looking at this all completely wrong.. Appreciate your ideas.
  4. Capital Gains Taxes on US$100k+ profit

    Thank you! I didn't realize the conversion takes place on date of activity... will be interesting to see what the outcome is. Thank you! For that reason, it's probably smart to transfer the money from US to DE around the same time to make sure exchange rates don't have unintended consequences.
  5. Summary: US Citizen living in Germany and selling stock with Long-Term capital gains over $100k. I know I file in both the US and Germany, but I'm wondering if I'm overlooking anything.. I pay the 26.38% cap gains tax to Germany. Simple as that?   Is anyone aware if there are limits or other (higher) tax levels when going over certain amounts. Or will the US also come calling for their share of the tax?   I'm trying to understand how much I need to set aside for taxes so that I'm not surprised... thanks for your help!