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  1. Following on on this post... I have been waiting to receive my formal notice in the mail (I work remote), and I have not received it so far (today is last day of March). The company emailed me notice on the 27. March.. This is important for me for a couple reasons: With appropriate notice, as per statutory requirements, last day was supposed to be 30. April I was told that because I was given notice during the financial quarter (1. Jan - 31. Mar), that I did not qualify for my quarterly bonus If I were to be the "by the law" person, if I receive my notice in the mail on 1. April, I should then be given notice through 31. May and then I also wasn't in my notice period when the quarter ended? So then I should qualify for my bonus?   Last question.. is it legally possible under German Employment law to agree in your contract to not need notice in writing? or is that a guaranteed right on matter what?   I really hate this whole situation, but the company is playing very tough with me, and so I'm just trying to understand my rights. Thanks!
  2. What's the difference?
  3. I'm a little baffled to be honest.. I've never been terminated before, but I always thought having a German contract, even if it's all just statutory minimum, somehow protected you against being terminated when you've done nothing wrong... I mean, what's the difference between a US contract and a German contract, besides 1 month notice and 0-2 weeks notice?
  4. I read some other posts around termination and coronavirus, but I thought my situation was different enough to post a new topic.   Was recently (today) terminated by my company (Czech company but with German contract) because they are afraid what might happen in the coming months- slower sales/less revenue. So they have trimmed some management, myself included, and left my team intact. The CEO told me that he would like to scale back, and therefore cutting some management roles, also including my boss, the CRO. Reporting looked like this: Team > Me > CRO > CEO   The CEO also told me that he asked one of my team members (without me knowing of course) to step into my role, being responsible for my old team, and report directly to him, cutting out myself and the CRO (New structure: My replacement > CEO). I asked the CEO, that if he did see the value in having the management level, why shouldn't I just report directly to him and cut out the CRO. His reply to me was that they are preparing for reduced revenue (even though that hasn't happened yet) and that he could hire 7-8 people in Czechia for the salary of me (and maybe including the others because I don't make that much money).   It just feels wrong that he can do this to me legally, but maybe I'm mistaken.   I don't know if this can be classified as being made redundant, but in my experience, that usually requires not re-filling the position immediately afterwards. I have never had any negative reviews or any personality/operational issues.   Of course, I need to review my contract in more detail, but in general, should something like this be allowed? or maybe it is given the coronavirus situation? Thanks in advance.