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  1. Good/Bad Areas in Wiesbaden

    Thanks to the advice of everyone in this thread, much appreciated! We found a great place in Nordenstadt, looking forward to moving in in August and getting properly settled here!
  2. Good/Bad Areas in Wiesbaden

    @hzoi we are currently renting a temporary place right on the edge of town on the 455 (closer to Erbenheim actually but counts as Sudost), but we are looking at places either in Nordenstadt or Bierstadt. My wife is in love with Globus Nordenstadt so that is the current preference. Hoping to move by the end of August!
  3. Thanks, I'm actually staying for 3 months initially though, with an option to extend. So I don't think the holiday home classification applies anymore. Also just found that Wunderflats specifically has this on their FAQ: https://wunderflats.com/de/hilfe/mieter/dein-vermieter/kann-ich-eine-wohnungsgeberbescheinigung-oder-andere-dokumente-vom-vermieter-bekommen   So I will try complaining through them first.
  4. Champions League in Wiesbaden

    Thanks! Not a huge fan of sports bar food so I will probably just stand with my drink!
  5. I'm going to piggyback on this thread rather than starting yet another "Anmeldung" thread.   I have just arrived in Germany, and for my first three months during which I will apartment hunt, I booked a flat in Wiesbaden through "Wunderflats". I explained to the agent that it would be a temporary accommodation while apartment hunting, and I checked the option that there would be a potential extension of stay (if I don't find another place).   Now I've arrived (move in today): I requested per email to get a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" but the landlord refused! Reason: "Aus steuerrechtlichen Gründen ist es nicht möglich in unsere Ferienwohnung ihren festen Wohnsitz anzumelden".   This sounds like BS to me... Is there such a justification for tax reasons? And isn't the landlord legally required to provide me the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung? I have a full rental contract that states nothing of the sort. And I'm paid up for the first 2 months so I can't afford to drop this place and move somewhere else.   Besides, I start work on Monday and *need* the Anmeldung for my tax number, bank account, health insurance etc.   Really appreciate if I can get some advice!
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions where Brits might be watching the Champions League final in Wiesbaden?   Spurs fan here who just arrived in Germany yesterday.
  7. Hello Toytown!   My wife, 2 year old son and I will be moving to Germany in June. I will be working in Hofheim, and from what I have researched Wiesbaden seems like a nice place to live within reasonable reach of the office. I have searched this forum a lot, and found recommendations in Wiesbaden for following areas: - Sonnenberg / Nordost (Nerotal) - Rheingauviertel / Mitte - Bierstadt The above, while nice, seem to be pushing what I think we can afford. I'm looking at <EUR 1500 for a 3-bedroom apartment hopefully.   Some posters have mentioned Biebrich. Both as "good" and "bad". Conclusion seems to be, there are good and bad parts of Biebrich. From what I can see on immoscout, Biebrich is a little more affordable than the above areas.   Can anyone help me to understand which parts of Biebrich are the ones to avoid? Is there a certain street beyond which things take a turn for the worse? Or any resource (German or English) that can give me an idea?   Thank you!