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  1. US Presidential Election Fallout

    A lot of them are incapable of seeing the truth, and even less capable of being embarrassed
  2. As far as I am aware, you had until 30 June (except in Berlin where they have extended the time) to change from a UK to DE license. You were allowed to drive on a UK one while part of the EU, but when they left you had 6 months to do the change. You do not say when you started the process here, but since there is currently no agreement, if you did not start the exchange before end June then yes sadly you will need to take the test again here.
  3. It looks as if you have linked to your google (email?) account, so nobody else can see it. Can you download it and put it on as an attachment?
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Congratulations, as long as its in German, clearly states the titles, and has your photo on it I doubt anyone will ever look closely at the rest of it 
  5. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Confirms what a lot of people already thought, although personally I am more interested in knowing what appendix 5 has in it that may explain their hold over him, and yes I am a bitch at times 
  6. Do you know if this person had funds available to pay for a funeral? Is it possible that they had nothing other than day to day money and there is no estate to claim against?
  7. Politics Gen XYZ

    Interestingly the cases were filed at near enough the same time Ghislane Maxwell had all/some of her personal/private documents ruled to be revealed by the court. It may not be anything about him but he was known to attend private parties with them.  I think (stand to be corrected though) that before he won the election there was something about a case against him and Epstein by a girl - could that be ressurected?
  8. Coronavirus

    Page 2 gives the requirements,   
  9. It is crazy, but (from a totally selfish and personal point of view), it does mean that after school holidays I can possibly have a 2/3 day trip to UK, see my mother and 2 friends, do a late night shop and return without quarantine. This will involve camping in a feiends garden, carrying 5l more fuel in cannisters than is allowed so that I only need 1 fuel stop, taking the train and using plastic gloves for handling the passport and other papers, but it is now doable with probably only being in contact with a few people other than those I will be seeing.  I can easily stay away from people this end for at least 7 days after returning possibly more since I am antisocial at the best of times, but I will at least see them.
  10. Early settlement of mortgage

    At the end of the term you simply pay whatever is remaining. The mortgage will go to their variable rate if it is not repaid which will not affect you since you will be repaying it. To repay you simply advise the bank and transfer the funds to the IBAN of the mortgage.  
  11. Of course it is seasonal, when it is holiday season and people get together the cases rise. When it is colder and people stay inside together the cases rise. When it is school time and children get together and mix with other families cases rise - all seasonal
  12. Lesson number 1 in how to drop dear daddy in the poo 
  13. It will be interesting to see which banks around the world are (legally) able to call in their loans. I would expect many of them to be secured on property so there could be some big losses approaching for some banks thats for sure.  
  14. Police brutality in the USA

    Good news, Chauvin has been sentenced to 22 years. I hope it may make some others who let the good police down think twice about their actions