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  1. It is very simply so I can gaffer tape a phone in position to make sure something does not lean over too far for a few weeks, and if it does I get a call so I can check it is not going to be in a dangerous position instead of relying on someone being there, or most likely nont bothering to look. 
  2. Thanks all for your thoughts, as I said above, the fall alert is the closest to what I want, I did not want it for any person to carry, simply to know when something tipped to or beyond a certain point, so no data problems at all, and it is now only for my use - false alarms are absolutely no problem!!  I was simply trying to get an idea of what would happen if at some point in the future it was something that would be marketable, I have spoken to a few people today, and have decided that for a couple of reasons it is not going to be something marketable, but I will go ahead with it for my own use I had not even considered adding any advertising to it, and had doodled on my list of t hings to think about and discuss with the person writing it  
  3. Thank you, thats a very good point about the length of time it been since it was looked at.  I think I will go down the route of having someone to do it from scratch, as that way it should be clean and exactly what I want rather than trying to adapt something written for a different purpose  
  4. Thanks, I think from the answers above I am best to try the fall app tonight to see if it would theoretically work, and then write exactly how I want it to work and adjust that over a week or so in case I have missed something obvious, then contact someone on the freelancer sites, and get it done for me to play with and if I need any tweaks they can add them later   In my head it is "simple" as I wrote above, but as seems normal for me I was probably not clear enough   (imagine you are holding the phone facing you to take a portrait selfie) Phone upright or tilted backwards or forwards nothing happens, then 1 of 2 options can be chosen 1, it tilts 30 degrees or more left or righ for more than x seconds - it rings the set phone number (possibly also sends a text), if no anser it rings phone number 2 or 2. If it tilts 85-90 degrees left or right for more than x seconds - it rings the set phone number (possibly also sends a text), if no anser it rings phone number 2 x being changeable   BUT the fall apps have a light or beep in case its a false alarm, so has button the person can push to say they are ok, I do not want this at all, no noise or lights from the sending phone.  As I say, in my head it is simple, but obviously from your reply I am better to talk to someone who knows what they are doing.
  5. Not on the bathroom floor, and not for a fall of a loved one, no way would I do that to anyone!   I only mentioned the fall alert app as an example because it is closest to what I want, understandable, and it is the app I will buy to try out later to see how practical it would be..  I have no idea of any of those things, hence me thinking that doing it myself would be beyond me, and so asking about a freelancer to do it who needs work, and for advice on here first before I go merrily leaping into something that is not possible  
  6. Thank you very much, that makes total sense. I know it sounds stupid, but I was probably going to contact an app developer who charges very little, as it seems they are very poor, (most are from India, and I know a lot of others are poor as well but some are obviously desperate for some work), so I could probably feed a family for a few days with it.   I am guessing I would want fiddly bits of  the engine out, and plain parts in to replace them, and a new exhaust fitting  Probably best for me to zoom to town quickly for a sim card, then buy an old smartphone  and use an app that is like what I want and ask someone to do it from scratch, as I suspect things that send my head round in circles would be ABC to someone who knows what they are doing, at least I now know what an accererometer is!  Link to the sort of source code I was looking at What I am looking at is for the phone to ring (or send sms) when it is at 30 degrees tilt for more than x seconds, and at 85-90 degrees tilt for more than x seconds. Possibly to more than one phone if there is no answer. No option to stop it sending, and no noise or light from the sending phone. If it comes back to upright then it resets itself and automatically calls again if it gets to whatever angle is set.
  7. I will look later, but have a feeling it will be beyond my capability to even start on that one!!
  8. I am thinking/musing about getting an app written or whatever its called in the app world, but I am confused (no change there from normal  )   I have seen some open source ones that do part of what I want, but not quite all of it, so I would like to have someone change the code slightly(?) to take out the parts that are not needed, and add a few bits that I want it to do. Now to me that sounds relatively simple, but my main questions are 1, how legal is it to do this? 2. can these be done for both android and apple phones, or are they totally different so need separate apps? 3, I have seen sites like freelancer and truelancer, how safe are they to use, as in would the person doing the work put a virus in it or something?   Its a sort of fall alert type thing that would phone 1 or more numbers if the phone goes from portrait to landscape if that helps   I am going to get a throwaway phone at the weekend and a sim to try out a version of the app I am looking at to see how it may work in reality, and I am not looking at it being a huge business or anything like that, but thought it would be good to ask here as there is guaranteed to be someone who will know something  
  9. That is correct, I only worked in the UK (35 qualifying years), retired early on a personal pension, and live here with private health insurance.  I am trying to think in advance, and making sure I have as much information as possible, hence searching threads on here.   That is what I had thought would happen, but I wanted to make sure before I did the wrong thing!    Many thanks for that, it is not in my file and I can move on to something else.
  10. Income tax declaration 2018

    Can you access them from a laptop, or is it one that needs a phone app? 
  11. I know this thread relates to planning, and my question is partly planning so thought it was closest considering the information above from the wonderful Panda Munich. I took early retirement (allowed under the scheme I was in) and the % lump sum that was allowed at the time, several years before I moved to DE.  I have private health insurance (bad advice at the time, but thats another story), and I have never worked in Germany, so there is no German pension to apply for (not sure if that makes a difference). The pension I drew was paid in tax free for over 15 years I am due the state pension in 2023 and will probably have it paid to the UK bank account.    I *think* that the following is correct Pension income approx (gross pension - health ins) 20000€ therefore I am correctly not being taxed here on it, as the UK tax is higher, progression tax does not apply, as there is no DE income or pension to tax.   Assuming theat regulations stay the same as now, Do I get the Deutsche rente to apply for my UK state pension, or, can I apply for it myself and have it paid to my UK bank account?  Would a loss making rental house in UK affect the calculations?  If I made some self employed, kleine gewerbe income here in the next few years would that affect the taxation, I am thinking less than 5000€ a year total profit?   Edited to add, I am thinking that with the pension being from untaxed funds, it is not possible to move to DE tax, which would appear to be more favourable to me?