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  1. If I were the landlord, I would certainly not be thinking of throwing you out, and would be very careful to be nice to you, as I would not want you talking to other neighbours or the mietverein and saying the nasty landlord is making your life hard, because they are not paying their tax bill so the finanzamt made you pay the cold rent to them direrctly. In their position I would be keeping my head down and hoping you keep quiet about it.
  2. B1 should be ok for having lessons, go and watch a few to start to understand the terminology, and you should pick things upas its often easier when its something that interests you rather than "structured book learning"   If you have enough very basic german for everyday life, or someone else who does, that should get you through the first conversation - sprachen sie bitte eine kleine Englisch" will be a start, and you will probably find that once they discover you speak less German than they do English, they will have someone who can help. Go and try to talk to them as best you can, they may have someone with enough english to teach you, asking is the only way to find out  
  3. It may be better to go with a German speaker to one of the places that is nearest to you, and ask if they know anywhere that can teach in English. There appear to be a reasonable number of riding schools in the area, so you should be able to find one, although you may need to have a private lesson, as a class would be taught in German. It will also be a good way to improve your German by mixing with the other people who ride there.  Riding schools in Dresden area
  4. When I bought my house the old owners gave me a file with everything from planning permissions for various things to the waste treatment system  and heating installation. It also contained the insurance documents for all the policies they had on the house that automatically transferred to me, they only missed one policy and I was able to cancel that as soon as I wrote to them. Sadly it seemed at the time there is no way to know what insurance has been taken out unless the previous owner lets you know.
  5. The einburgerungstest is the orientation course test, so you are quoting the same thing   People who do not know German culture, history, structure, way of life do an orientation course to learn these things and at the end of the course they take the einburgerungstest to prove that they understand German society. 
  6. Not your area, but I did the exam a short time ago and there was no need to do the course, there were several others who had not done it either. Just call the local VHS (or wherever its being done) and ask if you can have an application form for the next exam and see.
  7. Slow German internet

    Thanks, thats the little darlings, it will get here one day!
  8. Slow German internet

    I am west of Nienburg, there is work going to be starting in the area next year sometime, but there are conflicting things on the letters and leaflets that have come round that the geminde need to answer! It will happen at some point,  
  9. Have you tried a wanted advert on kleinanzeigen or local shops in the area?  
  10. Bank no longer accepting my iTan numbers

    Its not for internet banking as I get text conformations from my bank on the little flip lid type phone, but for getting whatsapp and sending photos quickly to clients, I got a cheap old smartphone, and a sim card that is for data only (I use it mostly from the house wifi so very little other data used), that cost 2€ a month. It is on a Congstar tarriff if that helps tou :)
  11. Slow German internet

    I read this thinking there may be a solution to my internet, only to find that the speeds most people find "slow" are actrually faster than I get  Seems as if I need new cabling (I doubt that will happen with my location), currently my speeds are averaging 4.19 download and 2.64 upload - lucky me  
  12. Neighbour boundary issues

    I think if you were to talk to them asap and say you understood that part of it would come to the boundary, but not that it would overhang by so much? That way you are not going back on your under duress agreement to it, but equally you do not expect it to be encroaching on your garden, therefore please move it, then if they do not agree then you can go to the bauamt and they will have to move it further back.
  13. ITV3 losing signal in the evening

    Thank you very much, No obstruction, and as the other channels are ok I guess its probably the spot beam/signal, so I will just live with it and maybe get the dish checked out some point in summer when I have the other 1 thats for German tv reconnected and aligned  
  14. I have looked at a couple of other threads, but they seem to be from the changeover in 2014 and my problem has started more recently. I have Sky from UK, no HD just the basic package which gives me all the channels I need. After the storm in 2018 I had to have the tv man out as the dish or something had moved, and I lost pretty much all the programmes. I am west of Hannover and If it helps, from the invoive when it was first installed in 2011 I appear to have: Hirschamm Offset-parabolreflektor mit Masthalterung FESAT 85 HQ sgr WISI speisesystem Univ.-twin LNC 1gr OC 02 A In the evenings (it seems about 5pm) I start to lose some channels ITV3 is one of them as an example as a friend was watching it last night! Other channels are not affeced and are perfectly normal with no pixelisation at all. It is not when there is a storm, as it has been happening when its very clear and there are no clouds or storms around. Its a house in the country, and was happening when the trees around had no leaves, but even when they do the signal used to be good. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get this sorted out please, or do I just live with it?  
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    If it helps, the Einburgerungstest took a bit over 2 weeks for me to get the result (arrived last week), so you should have at least that before the appointment :)