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  1. Entitlement to an S1 Form

    If you are resident in Germany (or any other EU country) get a pension from UK, and also a pension from another EU country, then they work out which country you paid into the pension scheme longest to work out who is responsible for healthcare.  Example 1 Resident Germany but no pension from here Worked in EU country for 15 years Worked in UK for 30 years UK responsible for S1   Example 2 Resident Germany but no pension from here Worked in EU country for 30 years Worked in UK for 15 years UK is NOT responsible for S1
  2. I think its worth checking , as I think it is children over 12 that need to quarantine, but I would not want to be trying to keep teenagers in quarantine for 5 days, I imagine there would be some tempers fraying very quickly!!
  3. I am going to wait and see what happens with France, no point having to quarantine just for travelling through it for possibly 30 mins to get to Calais. Hopefully by the time I want to travel things will have improved a bit.
  4. Exchanging UK license

    Seems a bit random! Mine has the gultig von (10) as the date when the previous licence expired (that was the old provisional one), instead of the date the test was passed, which was about 6 months before that.  The old green licence does not have FAKE showing on a photocopy, seems they decided to progress a bit when the pink ones came out, and tried to stop naughty people copying them for naughty reasons - not suggesting you are in that category though