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  1. Hairfall clinic.

    Hair coming out (unless it is from an illness), is normally seen as cosmetic treatment, so not essential which is why insurances will not cover it. 
  2. Then perhaps its a better idea if the cities only allow rallies in owned venues, that way he will finally have to pay what he owes.
  3. UK gas bbq meets German gas bottle

    I got one from Hagebau for a gas heater, you cannot just buy an adaptor though, it comes with the hose etc.  
  4. Even I managed to get the A1 test and I have vocabulary specific to my likes/hobby and not the more normal everyday chat! My grammar is bad, but the exam I did was tick boxes for the first parts, then fill in a form (basic name, address, amount etc) so no grammar needed. The writing was to send an email ordering food for a party with instructions as to what it should contain (I copied bits from the instructions to make sure it was better than my grammar). The spoken was very basic, from a sheet you gave things like your name, where you were from, your original country and language. Then you drew cards from a pack that was offered and had to ask the person next to you a question about the picture that was on it (travel, food, in the home type things). So if you have phrases like do you drink coffee, or do you have a sofa, do you use trains, and you can answer that sort of question in a few words to show that you understood it thats all you need to do. 
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    Have you seen this reply to his tweet   
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    There are also people saying that he was also coming to the end of an investigation about Pompeo authorising billions of $ of arms sales to Saudi. Apparantly he went against a majority in Congress (both sides/parties), and State department officials had been briefed on his findings. To me that sounds like more of a reason to want him gone, and I would be interested to know more about the truth it if journalists dig into it
  7.     Sadly for him he had to correct himself! on Fox News
  8. So sorry SP thats terrible  
  9. Hopefully they are all free to move around in their police or prison cells, and will be for many years to come.
  10. Retaining NE and Naturalization

    This thread is from 2014, I would guess that the situation is resolved by now?
  11. Coronavirus

    I would imagine that travel will first of all be allowed within EU/EEA, opening borders between countries with very low infection numbers and good health practices. Then eventually travel to other places outside the EU/EEA. The problem will be with people who travel through somewhere lwith current problems that are not considered "safe", perhaps they will be required to isolate for 14 days with a tracker bracelet or something - that may be going a bit far but its an outside possibility if it would work, although its not something I would want to see.  Whatever happens, until a vaccine that works is found that lasts I think there is going to be a new "normal" that needs to be found that will keep everyone safe be it the person travelling or the people they are in contact while away and when they return. Hopefully holidays within the same country will take off and at least hotels and other holiday related businesses can reopen even if holiday flights stop for the immediate future.  
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    They wanted someone with lab experience - I'll get my coat 
  13. UK state pension

    It still is to HMRC, I paid class 3 last week. I think Newcastle just deal with the actual pension rather than the payments towards it. 
  14. It is looking as if we will only need to declare to get the permenant residence permit, rather than apply for it which is good news.  Link to article
  15. I am only a witch when its a full moon, but never fear, I have spoken to the local fire house and they have assured me that bonfires are still only allowed at Easter, and that they will not allow me to be burned as I bring British beer back for them