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  1. Entitlement to an S1 Form

    If you are resident in Germany (or any other EU country) get a pension from UK, and also a pension from another EU country, then they work out which country you paid into the pension scheme longest to work out who is responsible for healthcare.  Example 1 Resident Germany but no pension from here Worked in EU country for 15 years Worked in UK for 30 years UK responsible for S1   Example 2 Resident Germany but no pension from here Worked in EU country for 30 years Worked in UK for 15 years UK is NOT responsible for S1
  2. I think its worth checking , as I think it is children over 12 that need to quarantine, but I would not want to be trying to keep teenagers in quarantine for 5 days, I imagine there would be some tempers fraying very quickly!!
  3. I am going to wait and see what happens with France, no point having to quarantine just for travelling through it for possibly 30 mins to get to Calais. Hopefully by the time I want to travel things will have improved a bit.
  4. Exchanging UK license

    Seems a bit random! Mine has the gultig von (10) as the date when the previous licence expired (that was the old provisional one), instead of the date the test was passed, which was about 6 months before that.  The old green licence does not have FAKE showing on a photocopy, seems they decided to progress a bit when the pink ones came out, and tried to stop naughty people copying them for naughty reasons - not suggesting you are in that category though 
  5. As far as I am aware, you had until 30 June (except in Berlin where they have extended the time) to change from a UK to DE license. You were allowed to drive on a UK one while part of the EU, but when they left you had 6 months to do the change. You do not say when you started the process here, but since there is currently no agreement, if you did not start the exchange before end June then yes sadly you will need to take the test again here.
  6. Do you know if this person had funds available to pay for a funeral? Is it possible that they had nothing other than day to day money and there is no estate to claim against?
  7. Politics Gen XYZ

    Interestingly the cases were filed at near enough the same time Ghislane Maxwell had all/some of her personal/private documents ruled to be revealed by the court. It may not be anything about him but he was known to attend private parties with them.  I think (stand to be corrected though) that before he won the election there was something about a case against him and Epstein by a girl - could that be ressurected?
  8. Early settlement of mortgage

    At the end of the term you simply pay whatever is remaining. The mortgage will go to their variable rate if it is not repaid which will not affect you since you will be repaying it. To repay you simply advise the bank and transfer the funds to the IBAN of the mortgage.  
  9. Police brutality in the USA

    Good news, Chauvin has been sentenced to 22 years. I hope it may make some others who let the good police down think twice about their actions
  10. To play devils advocate, it could be that the other person is doing a different job, has different qualifications,  or has different skills to you. It could also be that they are percieved (rightly or wrongly) to be more flexible in their work, more thorough etc.  There are many reasons that one person will get a particular position and another will not and pregnancy may not have entered the thought process when they offered the other person a position. Sadly, while being on a time limited contract may get you close to the head of the list when a position becomes available, it does not always mean that you will be the person to get the job.
  11. Obscure question regarding dating sites

    If nobody can help you, one of the wayback search engines may pull something up for you.
  12. We had drumrolls and flashies in the early hours, at least there is a bit of a breeze and its not as hot as the last few days!
  13. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    I am a long way from Berlin, but this heat and reading that is making me think about clearing the shelves out of the cellar and making it somewhere I can sit when its this hot. Working outside is no fun when I am leaking all day, and the house is almost as hot as outside now so at the moment there is nowhere to get any respite
  14. Brexit, New residence permits

    Although there is a lot of paperwork in DE, its times like this that (provided people have complied) it makes it easy to prove you were registered and living here prior to 31 Dec. Plus DE has a declaratory system, whereas in France I belive you need to apply which is a lot harder, and there not being a minimum income requirement here. I do feel for those in places like France, who have lived according to the rules and are now having big problems though
  15. Brexit, New residence permits

    Typed a long answer but forum lost it when I hit enter, will try again in a moment. The EU regulations state that the card must be issued with a validity of between 5 and 10 years, if your passport expires before the date on the card you can either renew the card, or, wait until the card expiry date and just carry your old passport with it to prove that the card relates to you if that is needed. The WA status does not depend on the card and does not expire, but the card is needed if you ever have to prove that you were in Germany before the exit date. This could be very important in the future for things like pensions.