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  1. Transferwise have started to offer bak accounts. I use them for transfers, and they are good at that. They use Barclays for holding client money so I would certainly consider them were I in a position to need an accunt.
  2. I think some banks do not allow accounts to be held by people outside the EU, and that may be why yours have contacted you. I spoke to mine earlier this year and they said that they had no intention of closing accounts held by existing customers, but were not sure if someone from EU would be able to open one until Brexit was done and transition period was over so that they knew what was going to be in any agreement.  There are accounts that can be held by 3rd country residents, so it may be worth looking into one of those and seeing if you can switch?
  3. President Donald J. Trump

    Perhaps it was supposed to be Nobble Pence Prize 
  4. Are we obliged to pay the last month's rent?

    This post is from 2011, probably sorted by now 
  5. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

    Fire alarm went off here (Niedersachsen) at around 11.15am with its normal sound so IF there had been a catastrophe setting it off,  the fire teams would have gone to the firehouse and nobody else would have taken any action.
  6. Save down payment vs pay off debt

    If the bank (or some other institution) is going to lend you money to buy the house, they will add the loan into their calculations to see if they think you can afford the property. In your example they would probably also question the fact that you have a big loan to pay off. Depending on the bank it could be a lot better to pay a big chunk off the loan before you buy a house, but you would need to talk to your advisor to get their opinion on what sort of offer you could get with, part paying and without the loan.
  7. A basic photo editor

    Another for Irfanview, its got clone etc and has a grid for cropping - and its good for batch resizing as well so covers most things
  8. Online library for English books

    Thank you, I looked at a couple in UK, but will check theses out as they may be better for some of them 
  9. Online library for English books

    Have you tried amazon with at the end? They will have books in English.  I have the opposit problem with loads of mine and inherited books in English to sell   
  10. If he has investments it is well worth you letting your solicitor/lawyer know about them. If he does not declare them when asked about his financial affairs he will be in big trouble if your solicitor then turns rouns in court and says he missed off 123€ (millions!!) in investments. If you know about them (better still have an idea where they are held and the current value) always let the solicitor be in a position to say in court that you are not wanting to have any part of this value of investments as it put them in a much stronger position.
  11. Tax on money transfer from UK

    I use transferwise to move money, and have fornd them very good.  As to the tax, doing the transfer will not in itself be taxable in Germany, but that will depend on where it came from, as in was it earnings, from sale of a car, sale of a house, a business, a pension - more detail would be needed for anyone to say. However, normally if it was taxed in UK it would not be taxed again in Germany but it may lead to you paying a bit more tax on your German income.
  12. I am having a huge clearout and offering here first, if they are not sold they will go back to a friend in UK to sell for me. John Lewis and Debenhams single and double bed sheets, base and matress valances, new as in never slept in, but they were used in a show house, and have been washed since.   Next lined skirt, trousers + jacket suit Black, Contrasting stitching waist.. Skirt and jacket size 14. Trousers 14R - 15€ inc postage Next dark grey lined skirt, trousers + jacket suit with discrete pinstripe Skirt and jacket size 14. Trousers 14R - 15€ inc postage Next Long jacket Navy with pinstripe. Size 14 - 1€ inc postage M&S Cream jacket, lightweight wool new. Size 12 EUR 40 - €30€ inc postage 2 x Next skirts size 12, below knee and quite full, not really for work but 1 is new, other worn for a few hours. Dark blue with white print   New Look sandal/strappy shoes black. Size 6 New   M&S shoes size 6 1/2 Black. Covered toe, thin straps at ankle. They are filled in underneath in front of the heel to where the sole is on the floor.   If you are interested pm me for photos
  13. I think it would be better to drop all labels and use the words like citizen or person, but then I am a weird like that.
  14. Corona and travel insurance

    It could well be! Trying to work around driving to Calais and other side to my mother and friend without stopping for fuel is interesting in itself without the rest of it!  For info, the Hanse one looks midway between the others pricewise and looks as if it covers quite a lot with no excess
  15. Corona and travel insurance

    This was around 10 years ago - with addons!   I havejusy looked at reiseversicherung (or whatever its called) and they say 29€ a year plus 4€ for coronacover. Chec24 starts at 85€ so you can understand why It takes me ages to work out why things are so far apart in price! I will have a look at the Hanse one and see where they come into it, maybe just do a single trip for now and look later when things are more settled!