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  1. Yes at some point I will get it. I am extremely lucky in that my life does not involve a lot of contact with "general public" so I was only within 3m of others once or twice a week before Covid and I aim for less than that now! That allows me to plan and avoid being anywhere that may bring me in contact with anyone infectious without too much hassle. I will be travelling to UK more often from spring and at least 3 people that I will see are high risk, so I do have to be very careful, so once what I think will be a big rush is over than I will have it, just that right now I am letting others go first and keeping myself as safe as I can until then.
  2. Probably to rendering plants, same as domestic and other farm animals that are not in the food chain.  Burying them in areas where they can contaminate water or close to playgrounds was never going to be the best of ideas :(
  3. I am staying here and keeping as far away from people as possible. Not a big problem as I am not the most sociable or christmassy person, but as its easy to do and its warm in my house, I will stay here and have a much more relaxed time than I would otherwise.  I do feel sorry for those with children who have not seen (or been seen by) their grandparents, but hopefully there will be much more relaxed travel with no quarantine allowed as soon as they get the vaccine out to the public, and then children and non resident family can meet.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    UK have said that people who are living here before 31 Dec will still have the S1, however there is nothing saying that people who move after 1st Jan will get it. Gov site
  5. Residency for Brits after Brexit

    The law was only passed yesterday, so a lot of places will not have read the documents yet. Yes some places are set up and ready to go but others are not, so contact the AB and let them know about you, but surely you cannot expect all of them to have procedures in place already? Considering the Covid working restrictions that they will undoubtedly have and the fact that the law was only passed yesterday I think giving them a week or so to all get the systems in place is not asking too much. I can totally understand that for a lot of people there is a huge rush to get everything in place, but for the German authorities there is no urgency as they have until 30 June - and no doubt some will not be relishing the influx of calls from British  
  6. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

    Close, you can drive with an international licence for up to 6 months, but then you need to change it. Changing is very easy with a UK one, there was no problem changing my old paper one as it was a straight swap with the categories. 
  7. I took a friend with me. We went through the contract before the appointment, and then when he was reading it she followed what he said, and one point was slightly different so she stopped him and checked with me, then he continued. Its mostly standard things and easy enough to go through with your own lawyer if you want to before the actual day.
  8. That is what I was pointing out, (but using a different part of the law) my reading is that it is not a requirement, will be interesting to see how others see it though
  9. In addition to the above,  Section 44  (3) 3 states it is not required if you have sufficient German language. I think if you look elsewhere, sufficient German is A1 (thats why I did mine for insurance against a no deal late last year), therefore if you have B1 you already have that proof, so could quote that clause as well as the ones that PandaMunich highlighted. 
  10. Making Brexit switch (just arrived in Germany)

    You are from UK, therefore you do not need a visa or a stamp in your passport to stay after 31.12.2020. That also means you do not have to think about the schengen days.  All you need is your anmeldung which you got when you registered your address, health insurance and when parliament decides what the new status will be called  and what form it will be you have until 30.6.2021 to apply for it. Therefore, you sit and enjoy the lockdown, and at some point you can apply for the whatever the new permit will be called.  
  11. I try not to see too many people when there is no virus, I see even less now  Once the shutdown was announced I checked what food I had in the house and decided that I can make do by using frozen veg, then I can shop after any rush to stock up before and immediately after lockdown and avoid most of any extra people who may be around, yes I may be a bit paranoid considering there are very few people infected in my immediate area, but for very little effort its one less person who may spread it.
  12. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Depending on how long it will take to get to and from the airports, waiting time and time of day you travel, you may be able to  not drink too much the day before and just have a very small drink a few hours before you travel, then it is possible to go 6 hours without needing the bathroom. I did that before my last trip (drove and used eurotunnel so only got out of the car to put petrol in from a can I took), and I managed 9 hours but I was lucky in that I only had a short drive the other end!  Obviously it will depend on your metabolism but it may be possible with care. You could also take plastic covers for the seat, and use gloves for the doors do that you do not touch anything.
  13. selling provision free

    It sounds as if he wants to sell without using a makler/agent as they will take x% of the sale price, usually from buyer and seller.