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  1. Sadly they are still closed in Niedersachsen although some let you order and collect it, hopefully they will open properly  soon.
  2. Yes, I have it here regularly as a wormer for the animals - I can assure anyone who wants to try it that the taste is vile 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    They should have written the article better as the "two out of three" would be 66% and could be easily compared
  4. English inheritance law

    Can you ask your solicitor to act on your behalf? That would make sure that she starts to act correctly and does not just take everything? I most certainly would not be signing or agreeing to anything giving her too many options. 
  5. Lovely dogs I have one here for a charity who is from Greece, she is a huge lump of hairy dog but really sweet and is up for adoption. I am hoping that someone comes for her soon as she deserves her own family to love. 
  6. Gas Heizung Wartung

    Mine has been done twice in the last 10 years, and every 2 tears before that. It has not needed more than the equivalent of new normal filters on a car!
  7. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    Then top up your Aldi phone with plenty of € before you leave, set it to wi-fi only so that you are not using a lot of data, and you will have plenty until you are set up and everything is transferred.  Things really are simple if you switch off panic mode   Keep a book where you can write a list on pages 1 - 3, with things to do in Germany one end and turn it upside down and have things to do in UK at the other end. Then add and cross off things as you think of them or as you do them. If you think in straight lines rather than ever decreasing circles it will all be a lot clearer.  Something like for germany, sell stuff here, give notice in time if you are renting, take meter readings when you leave, get cleaner in so its all sparkly when you go.  Tell finanzeamt you are going, deregister at geminde, set up post forwarding. Close any insurances, gyms subscriptions in writing and signed for letters (keep copy of letter and sendungsnummer just in case).  
  8. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    No, I was suggesting that you leave the money in your German bank where it is very safe. Then open a transferwise account and use that to hold a small amount of sterling, so that you can pay for things until you can open a UK bank account.  GaryC has given a very good answer, but Starling Bank require you to have a UK address before you can open an account with them
  9. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    1. If you are moving and selling things it should not be a huge problem, but the more you can prove with adverts, kaufvertrag etc the better.    2. Opening a bank account in UK right now will need a UK address and you to be resident there. The best I can suggest is using somewhere like Transferwise who will give you a UK sort code and account number, then when you are in UK you can choose a bank account with a high street bank. Personally I would leave the money where it is, open a Transferwise or similar account, and only put the minimum needed into it so that you have the money where it is very safe. That way you can access it in GBP in UK, you will have a UK sort code and account, and can also transfer money to UK at better rates than a bank would offer.    3. Depends on too many things like where is it from, why is it for you.  
  10. Exactly how many "someone" cookies have you eaten 
  11. Taxation on gifts from family

    If it is restricted I would just use  Geschenk von Oma (Opa) so that its clear its a gift. If any more clarification is needed then you can explain. Most transfers do have the name of the sender, so that would be shown, just not in the  Verwendungszweck
  12. Coronavirus

    The only extra risks I can see are 1.they may not understand the hygiene (and possibly to a lesser extent since they do not protect the wearer as much) the mask rules and why they are important. 2. they may not realise they have symptoms until too late. Other than that I cannot see that they are any more at risk than anyone else.
  13. Any small-time one-off advisers out there?

    There are advertisers if you look in business.  Paul at CR&Cie answered a question I posted, and I believe is helping my friend, so it may be worth contacting them to see if they offer that sort of service or know anyone who does.
  14. It may be worth adding a question to the effect that if you have to buy 50% then must your ex pay you back 44% of that due to you taking on the debt/mortgage. That would leave you both back in the position where you only actually pay the 6% you have agreed on.   
  15. UK state pension

    I did question it, but it is class 3 for me. It is only a few years that I need to pay, and it will all be done by the end of this year then I can relax!