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  1. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

      No. Please don't say any more. Just get help for your abusive paranoia.   I'm not your enemy. Methinks you are just an owner resident corruptly taking offence at the prospect of losing the corrupt benefit you corruptly enjoy. Why else would you be so irrationally outraged at me for pointing out that the international human rights rights of disabled people are being violated by Essen City's persisting in a constitutionally unlawful and corrupt yet extremely petty practice of selling visitor parking permits only to residents with vehicles? Is it not completely obvious to you that most disabled people do not own cars but rely instead on visitors cars for daily transport? Are you not aware that most disabled people do not qualify for a disabled parking bay in front of their residence because they are neither severely handicapped persons with an unusual disability or a blind person ? Are you so completely insane that you need me to state the patently obvious? And do you do this to everyone, or is it just me that fills you with an uncontrollable urge to vent your irrational rage for my bringing this issue to a public forum for such discussions?    Perhaps I should also articulate how the same discrimination is likewise being inflicted upon the elderly?   These are all rhetorical questions. Your reply is neither solicited nor required.    Please instead simply honor your claim that you had only one comment. You've made it. Now go and have a nice day with someone you love.
  2. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

      I'm sure, and thank you for your advice. However I'm well aware of the monumental and blind hypocrisy of German Laws. Perhaps you'll be kind enough to henceforth take your own advice and stop publicly insulting my intelligence. For your further information:   1. As you noted, the City of Essen has been found to be enforcing a law that is a corruption of the constitutional right to equality; 2. The defense that this law is "legal" is complete piffle intended to obfuscate its unlawful status under the constitution. "Legal" simply means the law was enacted via due process. That does not make the law lawful. 3. This law is blatantly corrupt, because it corruptly enriches property owners. Those who defend/enforce/uphold it are helping to hide this corruption in plain sight, and are themselves therefore, corrupt. 4. The law is unlawful/illegal/bogus/corrupt/void/illegitimate/fake/<whatever>, because it discriminates against disability; contrary to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. I wont even mention the case studies already in the media.   The people who do this and get away with it can rot in hell. Disability discrimination in the law is the hallmark of Nationalism. Need I say more?  
  3. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

      Hysterical nut? Then how much more of a fool are you for having no idea of what is right, and then see  fit to abuse me for doing what is right?   And whatever makes you think I need a lawyer? You have no idea who i am. Either get on board or get out of the way. 
  4. Unconstitutional Visitor Parking in Essen

      My situation is that I am a weekday resident in Essen but rent a car on the weekends to stay in Koln. I should be able to make use of public street parking for an hour or 2 on Fridays and Mondays but am not eligible because I have to own a vehicle to get a resident permit.    The whole problem in this practice of issuing residential parking permits is that high density residential apartments have been corruptly approved without regard to parking space for residents in the building plan. When it becomes obvious that the builders have exploited street parking to avoid building costs, the City then creates local laws to enforce this corruption by removing public access to street parking. In so doing they inflate the value of these corruptly approved buildings which would otherwise have less market appeal because these residential buildings were constructed without reserved parking for their residents.   Its crazy-stupid to not require parking spaces in high density buildings because even if residents don't use their parking themselves they can rent them out, and this is exactly what I did when I lived in the Melbourne CBD with a parking space but no car.   These unlawful laws themselves are also implemented corruptly with disregard for disabled and aged persons, residents who rent cars, commercial vehicles, and so on. The list is endless, because whoever is not a resident is discriminated against.   In Essen this unlawful law even discriminates against residents who don't own cars rather than doing it properly by only unlawfully discriminating against residents who don't have a driving license !!! The idiots cant even break the law in a non-discriminating way because disabled residents who don't own a car and most need only occasional street parking access cant even obtain visitor passes!!!! This is an absolutely blatant abuse of human rights of the disabled/aged and an absolute outrage.   I for one am not prepared to remain silent about it.   If anyone is likewise interested in joining a public awareness campaign to turn this corrupt practice around then please post a comment to that effect here.   
  5. I just read that in 2012 visitor parking in Essen was found to be unconstitutional. I know that this usually means its simply unenforceable in the courts, but doesn't stop the City from leaving signs up and imposing fines. You have to contest it in court before it means anything.   Does anyone know what the current status is of residential parking is generally in Essen, including the unconstitutional visitor parking?     See