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  1. For anyone looking for these answers later, I found out I could e-mail the Finanzamt and they can answer general questions. 1.) They are only interested in what you do IN GERMANY, so the start date of freelance activity was the day I moved to Germany, in my case. 2.) Same thing here, they are only interested in the money you (and your spouse) expect to make your first year in Germany, and what y'all expect to make in the second year. 3. & 4.) Once again, only money made in Germany counts towards the threshold, and (from what I've read, I didn't get an answer from the Finanzamt on this) money not VAT taxable doesn't count towards the threshold 4. & 5.) If you have two completely unrelated freelance activities, they are still counted as one "freelance business" and you just fill out one questionnaire.   ALSO, getting a VAT number IS NOT the same thing as registering to charge/pay VAT. If you're a Kleinunternehmer and don't have to register for VAT, you still need to check the box that says you need a VAT number IF you do business with clients in other EU countries. If you only do business in Germany and non-EU countries, you don't need VAT number.   I hope this helps someone!  
  2. I've been freelancing in the US since December 2018. I just moved to Germany and need to fill out the Fragebogen zur steuerliche Erfassung, but I am really at a dead-end with a couple questions:   Clarifications: I am Freiberufliche   MAIN/GENERAL QUESTION: Do I count freelance work I did before I moved to Germany, or am I registering as a new freelancer in Germany?    1.) For the "Start of Activity" date, do I need to put when I started freelancing in America or when I started freelancing here in Germany? 2.) In Section 3.1 "Information on the determination of advance payments", it asks for expected income "in the year of opening" and "in the following year". This includes money my husband and I made in America, correct? 3.) If I made over €17,500 in freelance while living in the US earlier this year, do I need to immediately register for VAT? Or does the threshold only apply to money earned while living in Germany? 4.) Does the €17,500 threshold count money not earned from Germany, either? Some of my income was and is from companies in the US. 4.) My husband is both a freelance technical consultant and a freelance translator, does he need to fill out two separate Fragebogen zur steuerliche Erfassung? Or is it considered one "freelance business"?       4.5) Does the VAT threshold apply to his combined income from both freelance ventures, or are they treated separately?   Thank you for your help, guys. I have combed the internet for days trying to find solid answers, but I either find nothing directly addressing it, or, worse, conflicting answers.
  3. @RedMidge, they are a Australian Cattledog mix and a Labrador/Boxer mix. @lisa13, thanks again! That's exactly what I was looking for. That will be a great place to start
  4. Hey guys!   tl,dr; How would we go about finding an affordable lawyer in Dresden who will simply look over our future rental agreement and make sure we know what we are getting ourselves into? Does anyone have any suggestions?   Details: My husband and I are moving to Dresden for the first time and we are trying to find an apartment. It has already been a headache trying to find a place that will allow our two 60 lb (27 kg) dogs, AND will work with us on our 6-month visas until we can renew, but I want to be prepared for when we do find a place. I have read in many places that it's a good idea for people who aren't fluent in German (us) to hire a lawyer to look over the rental agreement to make sure we aren't getting scammed and to make sure we know what we are getting ourselves into, but I'm not sure how to go about that. I have, of course, found a number of general practice law firms in Dresden, but I feel those would be very expensive. Would that be the best way to go? Ideally I would love to find something like the law section on JustAnswer.com, which I have used for tenancy issues in America a few times. We are considering offering to pay the first 6 months of rent in advance, which might sweeten the deal for landlords wary about our 6-month-visa situation, but in this case we would DEFINITELY want a lawyer to read over everything first.   Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!