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  1. Immigration lawyer in Regensburg or Munich?

    john & jeba, thanks for the leads. I just now noticed your responses, I neglected to follow the topic earlier. I will start by contacting Herr Auer.
  2. Retirement in Germany

    Germany and the US allow dual citizenship, according to the US state Department web site. But the German requirements for regaining citizenship in my situation appear to be rather stringent. Permanent residency seems more possible, but still not automatic by my interpretation.
  3. Retirement in Germany

    Thanks, bramble. I have my original birth certificate and I recall it having my parents' names and occupations but I'm not sure it stated their nationality. It's in a safe deposit box so I can't confirm right now. My mother is still receiving a German pension so I would assume she had to prove her eligibility at some point. (She has to prove she's still alive periodically!)  She may also have my father's birth certificate somewhere, unfortunately he passed away quite a while ago. I will contact my brother soon and see if he can locate it. If not, the information you gave may prove helpful.
  4. Retirement in Germany

    Thanks, jeba. I have researched this with the German consulate and it appears to be not that simple. Adding to the problem, the nearest consulate is rather far from where I live in the US. I think it might be easier to meet with someone knowledgeable in Germany when I am there and have lots of free time.
  5. Can anyone give a current recommendation for an English-speaking immigration lawyer in either Regensburg or Munich? My wife and I are investigating retiring to Germany from the US and we will be visiting the Regensburg area in May, so I would like to make preliminary contacts soon.
  6. Retirement in Germany

    Yes john, you are of course correct. I guess I meant I would make an initial contact soon via email (once I find someone), then arrange for an in-person meeting in May. I hadn't thought about my parents' birth registrations, that might be tricky.
  7. Retirement in Germany

    Thanks for the info. I do speak some German and it generally improves the longer I'm over there. I had assumed that we would need to purchase private insurance since we won't have an employer to pay in their share to the public system.
  8. Retirement in Germany

    I was born to German citizens. I suppose I must have held German citizenship since I was born there to Germans? But I lived in Germany for only about 3 years, I think 5 years is some kind of magic number if I remember correctly.   I am thinking we should perhaps meet with an immigration lawyer when we visit Bavaria in May.
  9. Retirement in Germany

    Unfortunately no. However, I was born in Germany and emigrated to the US with my parents as a child. As near as I can tell from the German government information on line this might give me a fast track to permanent residency if I can get over the language skills hurdle.
  10. Retirement in Germany

    My wife and I are considering retiring to Germany from the US, possibly in a year or so. While I see a lot of information online for expats, most of it is oriented to students and persons relocating for a job. I would appreciate any pointers to information oriented toward retirees who have US-based sources of income and don't plan on working in Germany.   As part of our research, we will be in Bavaria (Regensburg area) for a week to look around. Any suggestions on specific things we should look into while in country would be appreciated.