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  1. No, we were coming from Amsterdam, so also internal arriving at Terminal 1. The airport website said there would be a testing area at baggage claim but there was just a sign about the test center in the MUC Forum building. I think they were consolidating with the August holidays winding down.
  2. When did you come in to MUC? We arrived on 1. September and the only test center we could find was in the MUC Center building, so we had to walk through most of the airport. But the staff were very helpful and efficient, they just didn't know about the phone number issue.
  3. That's been my experience in most of Germany, but here in Nürnberg there seems to be an abundance of scofflaws. I almost feel like I'm in Italy... :-)
  4. In fairness, at least we could get tested here. In the US state we came from, you can only get tested if you are symptomatic, and the results can still take several days to arrive.
  5. We recently arrived in Munich from the US and took the free mandatory Coronavirus test at the airport. (Posting this here because the same thing may apply at other locations) The results are sent by email, but the PDF is locked and the password is sent via SMS, presumably to ensure privacy. Problem is, the automated lab system will only send the password to a German mobile number. Further problem is, the very nice folks at the test center don’t seem to know this and the online registration form will take any country code. Since we were supposed to go directly to quarantine, we didn’t yet have German SIM cards. So we ended up in the frustrating position after 3 days of quarantine of looking at test results that would presumably free us, but being unable to read them. I sent an email as suggested in the results information, but also decided to call the lab since we were a bit anxious to actually leave the flat. The woman I reached was extremely unhelpful, told me to find someone with a German phone (hello, we’re in quarantine and not supposed to have contact with anyone), otherwise there was nothing to be done. So I ended up buying a PDF cracking program from a Chinese outfit for €30 which did the job. Later that day, I received a call on my US mobile following up on the email I sent, this fellow was quite nice and willing to give me the codes. He was amused when I told him what I did and apologized for the problem, said they were working on a solution.   Well, that was a long-winded way of saying, give them a German number if you get the free test for travelers!