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  1. 14 hours ago, Brockman said:

    Much appreciated.  It looks like I'll be going there.  I've actually all ready been there, but not in a while.   

    If it helps anyone in the future, they actually will do kids under 5 if you just make the appointment (my experience was the Berlin-Kreuzberg spot).  I have two kids, 2 and 4 years of age, and they tested both of them without any problem.  The 


    12 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    We got PCR tests at our GP last week and had the results and proof on our phones that evening.

    Do you know if your GP is part of any special program?  Or just because of the low traffic and timing?  Sounds like a normal PCR test to me, which I'd be fine with if the GP comforted me a bit.  I'll pay the extra €20 for the 3.5 hour guarantee until I figure something like that out though.  



    1 hour ago, Krieg said:

    PCR test taken 24 hours before arrival seems unreasonable.  Are you sure?

    Because you're curious, AMS Schiphol has tighter requirements (currently).  You can fly through other hubs like Paris (Air France) or Munich (Lufthansa) to get around this.  Even with Amsterdam, however, yes, there is a choice.  You can take a single PCR test within 24 hours of the flight or, alternatively, a PCR within 72 hours of the flight + an antigen 'schnell' test within 24 hours.  I don't think any other aiports are as strict, but I don't have a full overview.  


  2. Does anyone know if there are places in Berlin to get a fast PCR test?  it seems easy to get a “schnell test” but those are not PCR..

    I am flying through Amsterdam and they want a PCR taken less than 24 hours before arrival. 


  3. On 6/23/2014, 5:13:54, 2B_orNot2B said:

    Not living in Berlin I can't give you a personal recommendation but, by using the DAV (German Lawyers Society) lawyer search tool, and putting in the parameters mentioned below the following screenshot I turned up this short list of possible candidates for you.


    I was looking for something like that tool, thanks so much.   


    I've got a very naieve question-- what kind of fachgebiet/fachanwalt fur.. should i be looking for if I'm the victim of an assault (vs being the accused)?  I'm obviously new to this.  


    A few kids went on a joy ride in a stolen car, crashed into my bike, fled the scene, and then slashed me with a knife when I approached them.  


  4. I was assaulted about a month ago and now have a bunch of forms to fill out but feel it might be wise to talk with a lawyer about them before doing so.  


    Also, they're going to be handed in late unfortunately.  Do the deadlines result in any fines or legal ramifications for myself?  


  5. On 2/19/2021, 9:06:41, LukeSkywalker said:

    I'm not too sure...


    But nobody can see that on zoom!  

    You're definitely going to make mistakes like that at the beginning, but after several tries, you'll get the hang of it (presuming you're using two mirrors).  Do your best to fix it up and pay attention to the trap of cutting too much off, or you'll end up bald.  That should grow back in a week or so though, and you can have another hack at it.  It's often helpful to get someone's help with the back if you're beginning. 


  6. 5 minutes ago, karin_brenig said:

    Yes, I know, some people here think it looks "funny". I don't care.



    Commenting because you don't care-- I think it does look unique, but not unprofessional (or home cut).  And +1 on the double mirror.  As many mirrors as possible, and it takes practice.  In the end, OP will simply mess up a few times.  After 5+ times, you begin to get the hand of the hand-mirror-eye coordination and it starts to look more professionally done.  It saves a ton of money too.  I wouldn't know really, though, because I'm a penguin and have only feathers.  



  7. On 1/25/2021, 12:32:43, dessa_dangerous said:


    have you tried ebay?  Their prices on household and personal care items is almost always way better than amazon.  For some of my lotions and potions literally a fraction (as in, 1/2 or 1/3) of the cost of the cheapest option on amazon.


    It's too expensive there, too, but thanks for the tip.  It is cheaper on ebay and I'll keep checking on there before amazon next time!  


  8. ACAML, knowing nothing about the law, I just want to say that I'm with you on this one.  Though you're probably going to get nothing, their T&C means nothing if it's not legal in the first place, even if you signed it.  The legality of something is, at least theoretically, always up for debate if you want to take it there.  

    And just to show the other haters out there (you @catjones), I'll help you imagine.  I imagine a fair compensation would be the same respect paid to you.  They should apportion you €2.000 for eight weeks, and during those 8 weeks, you are not to spend a penny of it (unless you have written that it's ok in your T&C and the legality of that checks out).  After eight weeks, you are to give them the full amount back.  It would be more fair if you had something they actually were expecting and needed during those eight weeks, but they're a big corporation, so you probably won't be able to ransom them during the eight weeks.  

    I hope you found a better computer somewhere else.  


  9. 2 hours ago, dom said:

    I don't see why they should have been faked.


    I've no doubt now that the letter is real.  I've learned that one can google the iban and phone number themselves.  In retrospect it should've been my first move, but I ended up at iban checking websites which were less helpful in ascertaining the owner of the account as they were in ascertaining that the iban number was an extant and valid iban.  




    2 hours ago, dom said:

    This is not the UK! Slipping them a fiver will only make things worse. You are going to have to explain why you did not pay on time. Best to tell them that you are enquiring to check whether the warning was not a fake, due to the many mistakes in the letter!

    I'll call them.  But is it really ok to send me a mahnung without any prior invoice?   Seems odd.  


    14 hours ago, lunaCH said:

    What are the account numbers and who do the accounts belong to? 

    If they belong to someone else the payment might be rejected.

    Part of the reason I was sketched out was that I've found that not to be the case.  You can write anything as the recipient and the payment will go through, at least with n26 and dkb.   I have tried many things, however I have never tried obviously red-flagged names (like North Korea or something that might get me in trouble).  


  10. 6 hours ago, dom said:

    did you copy the warning over completely? If so, it looks dodgy to me.

    Also statements like "Ich muss Sie daher mahnen" (I must warn you") is not use of formal language!


    How did you get it? By email? As far as I know, they send things only by post...


    Yeah, they wrote that. 


    It was by post, with the orange letter and everything.   


    Seeing now that you can google the IBAN and it's the same ones, I feel a bit sheepish.  I guess I thought that it'd be easier to find the phone number than the IBAN.  

    But yes, you can apparently just google the phone number.  When I was a kid, we used separate web sites for that, so I tried to and it said the phone number's owner was withheld.  


    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I owe them money.  I met with them in April or May of this year and the experience (around covid, white marquee tents and zero interaction) was very different than usual.  If they had asked for money, I would have paid, but I don't think they did.  It's too bad they didn't give me a normal bill instead of this which feels like a fine, but they made the visa process so much easier than it's ever been.  


    Anyway, since I haven't paid within the week-long date they gave me, should I just pay an extra fiver or wait until they send me another letter?  




  11. I got a Mahnung from the Landesamt für Einwanderung... I think.  It's not clear how to confirm that the Mahnung is real, so I was wondering if there's anything I should be looking for (also for Mahnung's in general). 

    What makes it odd to me: 

    I don't remember owing them any money (€59) though I did see them in June of this year.  

    Stated reason for the payment? : General Administrative fees

    They asked me to send them money to one of two bank accounts.  

    When I tried to reverse look-up their phone number, I couldn't verify that it belonged to the city of Berlin.  I used:  but is there a better site to do this?  


    I am contacting them via their website, but am wary to contact the numbers etc. included onb the mahnung because I can't verify that the phone numbers provided are real. 

    I've included the text below, because why not?  



    Die Nebenforderungen (Mahngebühr/Verzugszinsen) in Höhe von EUR 5 sind im Betrag enthalten auf Grund des Kontostandes vom November 2020.  

    Allgemeine Verwaltungsgebühren 
    (z.B. Abschriften, Kopien, Akteneinsicht) 

    Sehr geehrte,
    nach Ablauf des Fälligkeitstages konnte ich leider keinen Zahlungseingng unter Ihrem Kassenzeichen feststellen.  Ich muss Sie daher mahnen.  Bitte ¨berweisen Sie den fälligen Betrag innerhalb einer Woche an die Landeshauptkasse Berlin auf eine der folgenden Kontoverbindungen.  
    Sollte diese Mahnung unberechtigt sein, rufen Sie mich unter der oben angegebenen Telefonnummer an.  Sofern Sie verspätet gezahlt haben, überweisen Sielediglich die Mahngebühr, damit Ihnen weitere Kosten erspart bleiben.  Bei bereits geleisteter Zahlung bitte ich um einen Nachweis.  Senden Sie mir dazu eine Kopie des Zahlungsbeleges an die LHK Berlin, Klosterstr. 47, Berlin. 

    Diese Mahnung wurde maschinell erstellt und ist ohne Unterschrift gültig.  



  12. Please post any success you have.  

    I've never heard of this--even with Kita in high demand and people waiting a year or more to enroll to a kita.  You honestly should be able to get a gutschein if you're living here, though.  You can also look for a tagesmutter--they've usually got more than 1 family of kids (b/c you're probably hoping to get your kids socialized and not just babysat).  


    Remember, you won't be allowed in the country let alone on the plane to enter europe unless you've got a residence permit or are eu citizens (im sure there are certain other special cases but I'm no expert)..



  13. 37 minutes ago, tor said:

    you are gonna fit in well here...

    Many thank yous.  Sometimes to get a reaction out of internet denizens, you've got to give them a little pinch.  

    40 minutes ago, AnswerToLife42 said:


    yes, 112


    § 2 Aufgaben der Feuerwehr

    (1) Die Feuerwehr hat 1. bei Schadenfeuer (Bränden) und öffentlichen Notständen Hilfe zu leisten und den Einzelnen und das Gemeinwesen vor hierbei drohenden Gefahren zu schützen und

    2. zur Rettung von Menschen und Tieren aus lebensbedrohlichen Lagen technische Hilfe zu leisten.



    I almost prefaced my entry requesting something other than 112.  Thanks for the citation!  


    Does anyone know if I'm legally obligated to wait for emergency services to come or may I continue my life as usual?  Yes, this could definitely impact whether I call or not, unfortunately. 


    And just to be clear (and referring to Berlin specifically), do they save the animals or are they just gassing them?  In the latter case, if there's any other options for the little tikes, please interject.  



  14. Is there anyone to call who will help out animals in need, say the duck with a massive fishing lure attached to its beak, or the swan with the plastic line around its neck I saw the week before?  Or should I just be a good German and take it out of its misery (or maybe being a good German in this case would be to wallow in the Schadenfreude knowing the slow miserable death that awaits the little creatures?)  

    And if there is a number to call, do they actually find / save the animals?