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  1. Defendant Covers Face

    Thanks for the clarification.  Easy peasy.
  2. Defendant Covers Face

    I don't crime blotter that often, but most of the time when I do, I'll see a picture of the defendant sitting down or standing in the courtroom with a folder covering their face.  It spawns many questions.  How do you have a trial with a folder in front of your face for the whole time, do you get tired holding it there, is there a special photo op just for journalists to capture the vibrant hues of the folders etc.  But just now on the Toytown homepage, the 'ad' or 'newsfeed' if you will, shows a pic of the "man jailed for knife fight".  The man's face is blurred out!  While he's in handcuffs and is being led by an officer somewhere, I think he could multitask and have a selfie-stick folder or something on him.  Seriously though, where's the line here?  If the accused don't want their pics taken, do they have to cover themselves only during certain appearances or something?  
  3. Travelling with a 2.5 month old

    Not trying to fearmonger, but ask your doctor about Zika before you travel.  I skipped a trip because of it.   Your kid can't get a vaccination for zika afaik and won't necessarily have gotten any vaccines yet, but that's between you and your doc.   For those concerned about the airport, the security checkpoint trays are a hotspot for grime.  Every single person in the airport has to touch those trays.  I took my kids on international flights when they were just a couple months old.  They managed much better than we did tbh.  Don't know if it helped, but I've always made the little ones eat/drink during ascent and descent.  Seemed to help equalize the pressure in their ears, but I may have simply been lucky all those times.         On Toytown there is rarely consensus.  But there will always be someone here to tell you you're doing it wrong.  Welcome to deutschland Toytown.       On a more serious note, just ask your doctor.  They probably won't know off-hand but will be able to look it up.  Ask them what they'd do if it was their child.  And if you're really just looking for an excuse not to go.. just don't go.  Congrats!  
  4. miniGmbH profits

    Obvious pro of a miniGmbH is that it is much less paperwork than a full GmbH.  It seems that two major limitations are that  1) @ 100K€ in profits, the miniGmbH is required to become a GmbH (which requires much more paperwork) and 2) capital can only be accrued in cash.       1) Could a miniGmbH simply and prudently continually spend its 'profits' at year's end, making sure that profits are non-existent?  Don't all corps try to minimize profits so that they can pay less taxes anyway?  Simple example would be employee bonus, but there are unlimited creative ways to spend all revenue if employee bonuses don't count or something like that.   2) Does that mean that miniGmbH cannot have, eg a company-owned car, warehouse, or plane?  They could simply rent those, however, correct?  Makes the company more quick-on-its-feet anyway, however, as spacex was able to simply not renew the lease to the port of los angeles.  If spacex had owned the spot, they'd be stuck with more work in an industry they're not trying to focus on.  It does sound like real estate and certain other industries would be out-of-bounds for miniGmbH's, however.   Side note on 2): what's defined as cash?  Could company accumulate assets in usd, yen, and crypto, or only euros?   
  5. Good car sharing websites for Germany?

    Don't know if the deal is still on but Sixt was renting cars for 0.09€ Per minute last week. 
  6. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    I'm all ready having second thoughts about giving Toytown my secret pb hookup, but here goes, my act of kindness for the month.  vekoop dot de sells monki chunky peanut butter (organic) for cheaper than anything you can find on amazon.  You can often find monki in denn's biomarkts and some other biomarkts around berlin.  you've got to stir it once, but I can deal with that for the killer deal.  You've got to buy 50€ of goods to get free shipping, so I just get 50 euro worth of pb.  I go through about a kilo a week.  fyi they cost 8.91€/kg at the time of writing.  
  7. I just finished a course for neglectful drivers and the teacher hammered into our heads the only important thing regarding tickets--whether it costs over 60€ or not.  If any tickets are <60€, it won't affect your license except in rare cases where they catch you for the same offense 20+ times.  If it's >60€, it's a point on your driver's license.  So.. does anyone know how much the fine costs?     Helpful tip: riding a bicycle with a cell phone costs <60€ (though not so with a car).  Running a red with your bike will score you a point, and costs >60€.      
  8. Sorry, I don't fully understand.  Is the approval only that they don't go > 20km/h or is there another standard that's required to be met, and if so, how are we going to know if our model x that we're thinking of getting is allowed or not?     That aside, are we expecting the police to really be on top of what models are allowed, carrying a list or something of the sort, at all times with them?  only half-joking with the second question.  
  9. Replacing a lost German driver's license

    For the necropost, I was wondering if anyone knew if you need to have any papers confirming that you've got in touch with the police reporting your license as lost, stolen, or anything of the sort.  I don't see it on the website, but you never know with these places.  fyi I haven't reported with the police that it was stolen.
  10. Tax on loan

    Sounds fishy.   I'm assuming that you can't be guarantor because they're outside the country and have all ready tried.  Maybe you can arrange multiple people to gift money to the person?  Also, family can gift more I think, but don't have a source.   I'm no lawyer and this isn't advice because I've no idea if what I'm saying is legal or not.    
  11. Tax on loan

    3. Pretty sure it's 10 years, so you reset every 10.   2. unclear how you're getting 'additional income'.   person a lends to person b.  Does B pay interest?  What is 'monthly rate'?  loan repayment?  Are you the bank who charges fees?  You're making it sound shadier than it needs to sound imo.  But maybe it is actually really shady, who knows.   1. good question.  probably.  
  12. Streaming Laws in 2019

    My understanding of the situation: Netflixing / Youtubing - aka legal streaming, where you have paid for the content (netflix, amazon video, hbo, etc.) or are paying through ads (youtube, vimeo, etc.) Streaming - Almost always 'ad'-based (like youtube is) but, you think, probably not allowed.  The site you're watching this (just released!) film might change url's not infrequently, and sometimes advertises alternative url's directly on their home page.  They have high quality videos of all the new films and some cams, perhaps, of videos still in theaters.  The web site owner (think kim dotcom playing video games in his mansion) is benefiting from the ad revenue while not giving any of that money on to the original content creators (dustin hoffman).   Torrenting -  is where you swap the file with a whole bunch of other people.  So essentially, you're sharing the film to other people while you download it.  This is done between individuals, and doesn't utilize a web site which pays for the bandwidth.  There is no money being made, but the viewer is still not paying dustin hoffman to watch his film.   Streaming is definitely not allowed.  As in illegal.   I've never heard of a prosecution for it, however.   I have heard of a prosecution (fine), for torrenting.  'They' get you for torrenting b/c the mpaa guys and girls are actively sharing their own videos.  If they're part of the network, they can see who (which ip) is also sharing james bond 7 or whatever, and then get some lawyers to send out a letter to demand the person with the internet connection behind that gets a fine.  This takes a long time and then the back-and-forth between the 'accused' and the mpaa or film makers takes a long time too.  I'm not sure the initial period between torrenting and a letter demanding payment for illegal activities, but someone I know just had to pay off a 2014 'torrenting' fine (of almost 2000€).   That's the scoop as far as I know it.  
  13. Waldkita Experience?

  14. Waldkita Experience?

      Thank you for your input.  I fully understand that the decision is not to stroke my own ego.  I am sorry that you feel your mother wronged you.  
  15. Waldkita Experience?

    Thanks for the sanity check.  As a parent I think we come up with enough shit to worry about, and siding with convention is often easier but not always important or well-grounded.  My other legit fear was whether they'd get lyme disease.  Probable, but we can spend a couple minutes checking for ticks as part of our daily routine.  Went to the open house and it looked great.  We've got our fingers crossed.   While my kid will choose to like or dislike the experience, I wish I could've had something similar, and I think it's too cool of an experience to pass up on.  Speaking to my father, it sounds more in line with what kids of his generation did.  Outside, he said, everything you touch can be yours.  Whilst inside, everything around belongs to somebody and is permissioned.