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  1. Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavours

    I miss plain old strawberry.  I can only find Strawberries and Cream in berlin.  Frustratingly inferior.  If anyone knows any spots with Strawberry, please let me know.  
  2. my name is victoria saw your profile today and i became interested in you and if you can email me here ( i will be waiting for your respond victoria,

  3. Please post any success you have.   I've never heard of this--even with Kita in high demand and people waiting a year or more to enroll to a kita.  You honestly should be able to get a gutschein if you're living here, though.  You can also look for a tagesmutter--they've usually got more than 1 family of kids (b/c you're probably hoping to get your kids socialized and not just babysat).     Remember, you won't be allowed in the country let alone on the plane to enter europe unless you've got a residence permit or are eu citizens (im sure there are certain other special cases but I'm no expert)..