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  1. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)

    Just to update:   worked for me.  PCR (not antigen) test with results in hours.  
  2. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice)

    Doing the same move in the pandemic soon.   With the whole international container shortage hitting the news, I'm a little worried.  
  3. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)

    Because you're curious, AMS Schiphol has tighter requirements (currently).  You can fly through other hubs like Paris (Air France) or Munich (Lufthansa) to get around this.  Even with Amsterdam, however, yes, there is a choice.  You can take a single PCR test within 24 hours of the flight or, alternatively, a PCR within 72 hours of the flight + an antigen 'schnell' test within 24 hours.  I don't think any other aiports are as strict, but I don't have a full overview.  
  4. Quick PCR Test (<24 h)

    Does anyone know if there are places in Berlin to get a fast PCR test?  it seems easy to get a “schnell test” but those are not PCR..   I am flying through Amsterdam and they want a PCR taken less than 24 hours before arrival. 
  5. English-speaking lawyers in Berlin

      I was looking for something like that tool, thanks so much.      I've got a very naieve question-- what kind of fachgebiet/fachanwalt fur.. should i be looking for if I'm the victim of an assault (vs being the accused)?  I'm obviously new to this.     A few kids went on a joy ride in a stolen car, crashed into my bike, fled the scene, and then slashed me with a knife when I approached them.  
  6. Assaulted by a minor

    I was assaulted about a month ago and now have a bunch of forms to fill out but feel it might be wise to talk with a lawyer about them before doing so.     Also, they're going to be handed in late unfortunately.  Do the deadlines result in any fines or legal ramifications for myself?  
  7. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

      But nobody can see that on zoom!   You're definitely going to make mistakes like that at the beginning, but after several tries, you'll get the hang of it (presuming you're using two mirrors).  Do your best to fix it up and pay attention to the trap of cutting too much off, or you'll end up bald.  That should grow back in a week or so though, and you can have another hack at it.  It's often helpful to get someone's help with the back if you're beginning. 
  8. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

        Commenting because you don't care-- I think it does look unique, but not unprofessional (or home cut).  And +1 on the double mirror.  As many mirrors as possible, and it takes practice.  In the end, OP will simply mess up a few times.  After 5+ times, you begin to get the hand of the hand-mirror-eye coordination and it starts to look more professionally done.  It saves a ton of money too.  I wouldn't know really, though, because I'm a penguin and have only feathers.